In the wake of Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy we have all seen so much destruction and human suffering. Everyone we know has some family and friends all affected by this storm in one way or another. Power outages, homes burnt to the ground, mass flooding, deaths, and more. It is just unreal, and something none of us really expected.

Watching all the reports on tv all week made me reflect a bit. It’s easy for all the politicians to give their speeches, and most have been doing a great job throughout this. Even the MTA bosses (whom we normally hate) and the ConEd bosses (whom we also normally hate) have been saying the right things to the public and seem to be really trying to get things up and running in wake of many obstacles. Still, with power out and so many still living in darkness, businesses closed, and the city losing millions per day, one has to wonder why this is taking so long? Where were the contingency plans? Where is the accountability? They all have seen storms disrupt our systems. They have seen our city in a blackout not too many years ago. Granted, this was a megastorm, but they should have been more prepared. Planning people, it’s about planning! Did they not learn from Katrina and New Orleans? At least FEMA is better prepared now.

I really had to cheer at NY Governor Cuomo’s press conference this morning. He was visibly angry and agitated with the electric companies, and pretty much called them out. Good for him! Go Andrew Go! It’s about time one of our elected officials blasted ConEd and LIPA and held their feet to the fire. They keep wanting more cash from their customers. Well, now is the time to earn it!

Not to be forgotten are the workers in the trenches who are trying hard to get the city up and running. These people are working around the clock in the subways, manholes, streets, holes in the ground, in trucks and vehicles all throughout NY, NJ, and CT. They are desperately trying to get the power and transit systems back in order. These people should be applauded as most are exhausted and working many hours. The FDNY, NYPD, medical and emergency services have also been amazing during this natural disaster and should be given big props. Don’t forget the many volunteers out there too giving their time to help out. So many are pitching in, but we need to be patient as this is a slow arduous process and things won’t be back to normal for a while. All have performed valiantly in these trying times.

The Red Cross is always such a wonderful organization and are taking donations to help out with recovery efforts. If you can afford it please donate.

Text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. As in the case with other donations via mobile, the donation will show up on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your balance if you have a prepaid phone. You need to be 18 or older, or have parental permission, to donate this way. (If you change your mind, text the word STOP to 90999.)

4 thoughts on “In the wake of Sandy”

  1. I’m glad Cuomo put those companies under fire to emphasize the sense of urgency but I also believe the electric companies have been doing what they can non-stop all week and have put out notices that they require additional staff. I’m not defending a company I normally bash all year long but like you said, they were not prepared – I don’t think the city’s infrastructure was built to handle this type of disaster.. something they need to consider for the future.

    On a lighter note.. I’m happy to see the folks in this town come together and do what they can to help!

    1. Hi Lizz! Thanks for liking and reading my blog. Even if we all do just a little it will help. What a mess this storm made. NYC officials really need to bring our city into the 21st century more. Thanks for liking my blog.

    1. Thanks Mel! Glad you like what I am writing. We all have to do what we can now to help, even if just a little bit. I appreciate the links.

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