Ice Cream Joy at Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown NY

The smell of freshly made waffles and sweetness in the air is intoxicating as you walk in the front door. You get in line and anxiously wait your turn to view the multitude of inventive flavors. Diet? What diet you think. I ain’t on no diet today!

There are so many great flavors to choose from here at Main Street Sweets! I counted over thirty, and all are homemade with natural ingredients. You almost try to convince yourself that you are eating healthy! I could tell this is a well liked local place by the lines I constantly saw here over the weekend we spent up in Tarrytown, NY. Yes, I have to admit that I ended up on that line twice. Bad, bad, bad boy!

I love that they offer a sampler cup which is an ingenious way to try out five different flavors of mini scoops. It’s like a pu-pu platter of sugary goodness! Cheap too at only $3.25 and totally worth it as this cup offers just enough to satisfy the ice cream cravings. Oh, who am I kidding, as I could have eaten three of these at a sitting! Still, it was crazy good.


Toasted coconut, cookie monster, fairy dust, rum raisin, cake batter, mint chocolate chip, Oreo bomb, raspberry chocolate truffle, and pure pistachio were some of the awesome flavors that landed in my cup over the weekend. Their ice cream is just so creamy and flavorful.

Plenty of eats and great service. They happily hand out samples when asked. The place is clean and fun looking like an old timey main street ice cream shop. There are old school retro signs all over the walls, and a giant mural along the main wall depicting the Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown landscapes along with historic points. Also, its cash only here, so bring a wad and indulge.

I just can’t resist ice cream. It’s like Kryptonite to my Superman. Hey, nothing an extra hour on the treadmill won’t cure, and totally worth the extra delicious fatty calories!

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22 thoughts on “Ice Cream Joy at Main Street Sweets, Tarrytown NY”

  1. Perfect for the weekend!…. By the way, which flavour is that light blue cream?…
    Have a good saturday dear Phil!. Best to you. Aquileana 😀

  2. Ah ha! Finally a post that doesn’t inspire jealousy! I will put our local Massachusetts farmstand ice cream up against any ice cream in the world. If you ever visit the Boston suburbs, definitely check out Kimball Farms or Bedford Farms. They will cause you to reevaluate your definition of ice cream.

    1. Hey Cassandra!

      Oh Yeah? I got a few better than those! Seneca Farms ice cream by the Finger Lakes and a place called Snowflake out on the east end of LI. Damn good ice cream.

      Who we kidding? We’d eat at all of them!

  3. *Cleans drool from chin* Oh my god! Please excuse me while I stop myself from salivating. Oh, who the hell cares. It’s why Mathair and I love coming to your blog, Phil. You always give us the best food porn. Ice cream would have to be mine and Mathair’s biggest weak spot and while she’d veer towards the raspberry chocolate truffle, I would be inclined to snatch an entire gallon of the mint chocolate chip and GO TO TOWN!!! I would have it finished in record time then deal with wallowing in self-loathing gluttony and one killer brain freeze. 😉

    1. Hello Inion N Mathair!

      Oh, yeah, food porn is the best! Unless you’re starving and have nothing good to eat. I can eat a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. With no shame!

    1. Hey Jessica!

      That sampler cup was a great idea, except I could have eaten three of them. The fairy dust tasted like cotton candy and Disneyworld!

  4. Hey you,
    It’s been way too long since I stopped by your place. Bad Maria!! I am on a dreaded no carb program until I lose some much needed weight and I am suffering. WHY is everything GOOD so BAD! If I could climb onto this post and dive head first into that ice cream, I would. Sigh. 🙂

    1. Hey Brickhouse!

      My blog might be a bad influence on you! It’s so true that all the best tasting stuff is fattening and bad for us. Moderation is key, but I threw away the key!

  5. Ice cream is the bomb and when you find spots with superb selections, it’s a must visit! This sounds like one of those places. The flavors sound fantastic … and $3.25? What a deal for that item!

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