I lift things up and put them down!

I have to admit to being a slug lately. With all that has been going on here in the city – hurricane, nor’easter, power outage, slight cold – my workouts suffered and I definitely dropped off my routine. I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I’m starting to resemble him. After looking in the mirror this morning I decided to drag my pudgy ass to the gym and get back to my workouts.

It’s always tough to get back into the groove. After a short layoff normally it comes back quickly within a week or two – “muscle memory”. I’ll admit, I felt sluggish at the start and a bit weaker but performed pretty good overall. Had the ipod cranked with my favorite metal tunes. Slammed a cup of coffee right before to get the juices flowing. Drank a lot of water throughout. After all these years I still love the feel of the steel. I also still enjoy a good run on the treadmill and working up a sweat. I have been at this for many years including a stint as a personal trainer, so it comes naturally to me. Which also makes me feel even more guilty when I slide into an abyss of fatty foods and alcohol while skipping exercise.

One thing I notice all the time at gyms are guys doing crazy workouts. It’s as if they just read every muscle magazine on the stands and think that if they do the steroid freak bodybuilder routines it will garner results. Dozens of sets and hundreds of reps. Dudes, get real. Even to this day I stick with mostly heavy compound movements mixed in with some machines and shaping exercises. Especially coming back from a layoff I go with the compound movements for building mass and power. Usually three sets each with 6-10 reps per movement.

Example of my training after time off working two body parts a day. As I’m not a young kid anymore and have been fighting a few injuries I try to keep it simple. It works for me and gets the results I want.

Chest – Incline press on smith machine, flat dumb bell press, pec deck or cable crossovers, dips.

Back – Front cable pull downs, seated cable rows, t-bar rows, bent over dumbbell rows.

Shoulders – Behind neck shoulder press, dumbbell side laterals, cable upright rows.

Legs – Leg press, leg extensions, lying leg curl, seated calf raises.

Triceps – Cable press downs, skull crushers, rope extensions.

Biceps – Barbell curl, seated or standing dumbbell curls, preacher curl machine.

Abdominals – done every other workout day with a mix of crunches and leg lifts.

Cardio – treadmill 3-5x a week for 30 minutes a clip.

That’s it. I use the old adage “KISS” – keep it simple stupid. Along with cutting back on the calories and booze a bit I usually slim down and tighten up after doing this kind of routine for a few weeks. After a while I mix it up and add on a few exercises, train with higher reps, increase cardio time, go heavier, switch up sets and reps, etc.

As everyone’s body is different you have to go with what works for you. Many factors come into play – training schedule, diet, body type, work schedule, age, injuries, etc. Do what works best for you. The results will come if you keep up with it. As for those guys doing the steroid routines featured in the magazines they are wasting their time as I have hardy ever seen anyone’s physiques really change much because of it. Unless they go on the juice themselves. That’s their dumb choice, not mine.

As for me, I need to keep getting my marshmallow butt into the gym and stop eating cupcakes and ho-ho’s. Damn NYC, why you have so much good food here?

13 thoughts on “I lift things up and put them down!”

  1. Earlier this year I decided I was going to get fit. I jogged every day between 3-5 miles, then went home and worked out with a punching bag along with some free weights. I also did crunches and some other girlie things. I kept up the daily routine for almost 4 months. Then one day I woke up and said to hell with it. I guess with all the yummy Holiday foods right around the corner I better get back into the groove also. I don’t want to look like the stay puft marshmallow gal!

    1. LOL! I know how you feel. Every day now there are goodies at the office all through the holidays. It’s all about willpower and determination. You did it before and I bet you had good results. Also, its really 80% diet and 20% exercise that work best. Just get back at it.

    1. I think the way we all eat and drink we might be in trouble! Time to put away the skinny jeans!

    1. I like cupcakes, pizza, bacon, ice cream, fries, ummmm…… pretty much anything that tastes good! Hard choices! 🙂

  2. Good to see things returning to normality in NYC and you are getting back into your routine. I don’t envy your workout routine. I find it a struggle getting back into an exercise routine. I also much prefer sport with immediate goals rather than work outs. Fair play to you guys though for your dedication and commitment. I also agree with your steady as she goes routine, no need to overdo it, your body won’t like it.

    1. Yes, things here in NYC area are almost back to normal. Those poor people in parts of NY and NJ that lost their homes and businesses are still struggling and will be for some time. Yes, I am a gym rat and love working out. I have also played team sports but have always loved doing my own thing too. It’s a good stress relief activity. Thanks for the comment. Have a great week.

  3. I’m in a similar boat. I just got my breasts redone October 16th and I haven’t been able to work out either because I’m not medically cleared yet. I’ve been going out for walks with my trainer but I really miss lifting things up and putting them down, LOL. Plus, having surgery makes you crave comfort food so I’m sure that didn’t help my Stay Puff Marshmallow self any. I know exactly how you were feeling.

    I like your new blog! Congrats! 🙂

    1. Hi Bobbi! Thanks so much for reading and liking my blog! I’m sure you will jump right back into weight training when you’re healed. With the winter weather coming up in NYC there is so much craving for comfort food here too! Plus, I think Yelp makes us all gain weight! LOL!

      Hey, I liked your facebook page and followed on twitter. Hope you can do the same. I appreciate the support!

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