I don’t get what all the Wicked hype is about in NYC.

In between all my gallivanting to bars, drunken escapades, gym endeavors, and general tomfoolery I sometimes do try to incorporate some culture in my life. Living here in the heart of NYC offers us easy access to many events and the bright lights of Broadway minutes away. Just so happens that we caught the musical Wicked recently. Broadway Week tickets for great seats in the orchestra for the win!


Good show, maybe way overhyped, but still one to experience as a pure Broadway production spectacle.

The cast was fine, along with some nifty songs and funny moments, and the actress portraying Wicked Witch Elphaba ( Rachel Tucker ) was solid in the role since she came from London’s West End where she was the longest consecutive running Elphaba. The song “Defying Gravity” is the show stopper here and she nailed it

Plus, the Gershwin Theater is a great spot for this production. Roomy, great AC, and a lot of history to look at in the lobby and hallways. The stage set, costumes, and artwork for the show are terrific. You can tell a lot of thought went into the staging for this show. It’s basically a character in itself.

Basically, Glinda is an annoying self-absorbed “Mean Girl” with no real talent or powers other than her looks, Elphaba is the outcast “Nerdy Girl” who yearns for love and to be accepted but hidden inside has all the talent and power, while her sister is a handicapped brat, her father is a douche, the Wizard is just a shifty politician which little ethics and no power, and Madam Morrible is a power-hungry opportunist using the Wizard to stay in control over the townsfolk. Yes, it’s pretty much the script for every teen flick and TV show we have seen over and over on the CW network and on the big screen.

Glad that we got to finally see this after all these years, but once was enough. No need to see it again. Again, its way overhyped and not as good as I thought it would be. Some parts were kind of boring and the writing was on the simplistic side. I’ve felt as if I have actually seen better off-Broadway this year. Yet, if you’re a Wizard of Oz fan it will suit your taste just fine. I know some will argue with me on my opinion of this show but I call it as I see it!
Still, it beat the heck out of Cats which absolutely sucked! Yeah, I said it!

Wicked – http://www.wickedthemusical.com/



How all those who love it react when you tell them Wicked wasn’t really that good.


The Gershwin Theater

As Wicked is performed here I was very impressed with this theater.

One of my pet peeves has to do with the AC in most Broadway playhouses. I am always hot and many are just never cool enough. It was literally a breath of fresh air to walk into the lobby and feel cold AC. Even better is when we entered the actual theater and it was also cold and comfortable! In my comfy seat with nice leg room I could actually feel the AC blowing on me in the orchestra section. It felt amazing. This place gets 5 stars from me just for the fact that I did not end up with swamp ass in a cramped tight seat with my knees banging the seat in front of me as most playhouses offer. The colder the better!

I also enjoyed walking around the halls and viewing the hundreds of pictures of Broadway greats and luminaries, along with the museum pieces in glass cases of past performances over the years. So much history to view as a Broadway fan.

Getting our tickets scanned and entering was easy. It’s a very modern era looking place. Again, the seats were very comfortable, and the sight lines are very good. Even the sound was clear and crisp. This place is gigantic, and there are rows of escalators to get to the upper balcony area. Large bar areas too to grab a boozy drink and some snacks. As usual, be prepared to shell out some dough here, but that is the norm with these places. Restrooms were clean and had some modern faucets and dryers in them that were motion activated.

One of the best theaters on Broadway! Huge, comfy seats, good leg room, friendly staff, fine acoustics, and kick ass air conditioning!

Gershwin Theater – http://www.yelp.com/biz/gershwin-theatre-new-york


22 thoughts on “I don’t get what all the Wicked hype is about in NYC.”

  1. I liked Wicked and have seen it a few times. I’ve even seen Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth perform their songs from the show. But I can see how it’s not a good fit for everyone and Glinda really is a “Mean Girl”.

    1. Hey Emily!

      It seems more aimed at the younger teen crowd to me, or those who love the Wizard of Oz movie. Good show overall, but a bit overhyped. Idina and Kristin were probably the best at it.

  2. I’m with you Phil. Hated it! It’s for teen girls. And worse, I got tix as a gift & had to go with the person who bought them so I couldn’t leave early or make fun of it the whole time. I was in my head though! Suckfest.

  3. I took my youngest, Alex to see this play with 2 of Alex’s friends and their mothers just before entering high school. We absolutely loved Wicked and it was such a wonderful memory. Later, Alex even read the book, and of course, the girls purchased the music. Maybe it is a girl thing, but I shall always look on this play with the fondest of memories.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I am sure plenty of people enjoy it such as yourself and younger kids. I was never a huge Wizard of Oz fan, but had to see this at least once. It’s set up wonderfully on the stage, and the theater is great. For me I’m more into Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, Kinky Boots and such. So much to choose from!

  4. Oh no!! Phil…why?! My Wicked Fantasy Bubble has been officially popped. Haha Just joking. I’m a huge musical theater fan and I’ve been hearing from all my friends that Wicked is a must, but I’m more into Rent and Sweeney Todd then cutesy shows. Although the theater sounds gorgeous.

    1. Hey Inion/Mathair!

      Oh, we saw Rent and Sweeney Todd and they were amazing shows. If you’re a musical theater geek then by all means go see it. Jersey Boys is also terrific. I thought the story line to this show was kind of thin though.

    1. Hey Gary!

      Ha! At least they serve booze at the show!

      Les Miz is not for me. Both me and my gal have absolutely no interest in it. To each his own I guess.

  5. I saw it with my daughter when she was in high school, which was appropriate. I think women resonate more with this show since we experience Mean Girl bull shit while guys are just all getting along throughout high school..lol. I must say I am with you 100% on the leg room in that theatre which is sooooo rare.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Yes, I can see it relating to women and yond girls more. Yet, my gal hated it actually. She’s not a Wizard fan to begin with. We did love the theater though!

  6. I think you’re the first person who’s had the guts to say “Cats” was terrible. That’s kind of interesting. Glad that the theatre’s air con made up for “Wicked.” 🙂

  7. I’m with you Phil.. I took my wife to see it last year, dropping over $400 for a pair of FRONT ROW tickets! The seats were incredible, but I was bored out of my mind.. And like you, I didn’t think it was worthy of all the hype.

    She liked it though, so that was something I guess.

    1. Hey Sujeet!

      Wow – front row! We did Broadway Week and got a great deal in the orchestra seating area and paid half that. I think the show is way overhyped. It’s ok but not all that. At points I wanted to take a nap.

  8. Hahaha! I really enjoyed this review, Phil, you made me laugh! I saw it way way way back with Idina and Kristin and loved it, but once was enough thank you very much.

    And Cats totally sucked.

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Yes, once was enough. Idina and Kristin were great from what I have seen and read. The leads were good in this version too. It’s the story and writing that had me a bit bored. It’s a show more meant for younger kids to me.

  9. Great review Phil. You say it as you see it! Go girlfriend!
    I haven’t seen Wicked as it’s as over-hyped over here as it is on your end. And, please don’t send me away but I didn’t like the “updated” Hollywood version either. It just looked all wrong. Honestly, I don’t know why film producers do these things. Where’s Dorothy ruby slippers when you need them?!
    p.s. I’ve heard really good things about the Gershwin Theater. It’s got to stand for something surely LOL!

  10. One of these years, I’ll get down to see a Broadway show… and hopefully it won’t suck! Sounds like this is the place to watch one, though!

    1. Hey PJ!

      There are so many great shows on and off Broadway that you can’t go wrong. Off Broadway has some that are low cost and very entertaining too.

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