I conquered Tough Mudder and lived to tell about it! Hoorah!


Well, that was something out of the ordinary! When going away on vacation the majority of normal people out there do something relaxing and fun. You know, the normal stuff like laying on an island beach, going on a cruise, doing Vegas or Disney, maybe even jetsetting to Europe to see the world. Some even do the staycation thing or hang out visiting family. Nope, not me being the mildly disturbed individual that I am. For some idiotic reason I decided to train for months to start my vacation off with a Tough Mudder which is one of the more grueling events one can partake. They even make you sign a “Death Waiver” to be allowed to participate. Not only is it physically demanding but also mentally taxing especially when running it solo as I did. I targeted the July 12th Upstate NY event. For months leading up to this my nights and many mornings included jogging for miles, lifting weights, and basically living in a gym. Eating healthier. I can’t say that it was a total waste of time as it sure paid off! In fact, I had a blast at the Mudder and actually did pretty well. Other than some minor injuries, bruises, and scrapes I walked off that course feeling like a champ and exhilarated. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I succeeded doing something I set out as a personal goal, and overall not many people can claim to taking on the challenge of this event and conquering it. Definitely not a walk through the park.

I am now a proud member of Mudder Nation!

Proud to wear the official finisher shirt. I earned this one!

That beer which was handed to me after I crossed the finish line was one of the best tasting ever! When that cold Dos Equis hit my lips the reward for all the hard work I put in was extremely satisfying. I nursed that beer a bit and relished it. Along with a much needed protein bar. Then a few slices of pizza! Along with a few more cold brews. Heck – my vacation was just starting and I deserved some bad eats after all that! Still, I sat there on the field in Mudder Village area, took a deep breath, and finally exhaled a bit as I took it all in around me. Other participants getting ready for their run, family and friends watching others do some of the obstacles in view of the area, and those like myself who had completed their runs and were basking in the glow of victory. It was a bit surreal as I could not believe it was actually over and I had really done it. At times I had my doubts and questioned my ability. I’m not a 20 something kid anymore. I’m still a big kid at heart and in mind, but my body definitely reacts and recovers differently now in my 40’s. Yet, as the Tough Mudder finisher headband was placed on my noggin, and the special finisher tshirt was put on, I felt 20 years younger. It’s as if I turned back the clock for a short while. Back to my more athletic days. Back to a time when I could put my body through all kinds of stuff and get away with it. Nothing wrong with sipping from the fountain of youth now and then. Too bad the next few days afterwards brought me back down to reality as the pings of soreness and exposed bruises reminded me that I ain’t a kid anymore.

You know what? It felt great! I enjoyed the pain. I felt alive and so glad I did it!


As I stated before I ran the course solo. Being by myself had it’s own set of mental obstacles to overcome. All around me were couples, groups of friends, teams, older parents and their children, among others. They had built in support systems all along the path from start to finish. Attacking Tough Mudder by your lonesome can feel quite isolating at times, and during the run the mind plays some tricks on you. Can I really do this? Why do my legs hurt? Why am I doing this? Will I be able to get over that wall? Am I crazy? Seven more miles? Is that a bear in the woods? You have to build up motivation from within and keep going. Don’t give up. Never give up. Just keep moving forward. With over 10 miles of length and 20 obstacles to maneuver around overcoming your fears and perceived shortcomings are an absolute must. You must believe in yourself. As each mile and obstacle disappeared behind me I felt empowered. I actually felt stronger as the course went on. What was surprising to me is that I slowly started to pass those much younger than me in my wave and left many in my dust by the time I reached the finish line. Many of them started out fast. Maybe too fast. It’s a marathon not a sprint. I also saw a bunch of them puking along the way, holding up to rest, or cramping up bad and limping along. This is where all my training paid off. No cramping. No puking. By the end I was not even breathing too heavy. Slow and steady wins the race as they say. Eat my dust kids!

Teamwork at Tough Mudder is part of the fun!

Yet, one of the major things about Tough Mudder is the camaraderie. Everyone is there for the same thing. There is a feeling of teamwork and it was very easy to chat with other participants along the way, and many were more than ready to help out and lend a hand at some of the tougher obstacles where a boost was necessary. In turn, I also did my best to help out others along the way when needed. It seemed as if everyone wanted to see everyone else cross that finish line and succeed. Tough Mudder is not about achieving the best time, as it’s more about working together to establish a common goal and driving each other to succeed. If I could do it so could you. For anyone on the fence thinking about trying an obstacle course race my advice is to just go for it! As long as you’re healthy, able, and have the inner drive then just do it. Hoorah!

The Most Interesting Mudder in the World!

I will admit that I was sore, bruised, and a bit scraped up by the end. This event is no joke, and being in good shape is key to survival. Some obstacles I did pretty well at, and others I totally sucked at. Nature of the beast I guess. I gave it my best at each one and at least have comfort in that fact that I attempted each one. Some things I breezed over and some I kerplunked into the mud or murky waters below. I got up at each one and kept going. It was fun getting muddy, wet, and a bit dirty. As it was a beautifully warm 80 degree sunny day out it felt refreshing at times and gave me a lift. There was always the option to avoid certain obstacles and walk around them but that never crossed my mind. I went right at each one and gave it a go. At mile eight I landed badly on my right foot jumping down from the Berlin Walls obstacle and hurt it. Had to pretty much limp-jog the remainder of the two miles and also get through the last three obstacles that way. No way was I going to give up at that point. Not with the finish so close. No quitting in this kid!

The spoils of victory!

Another thing that helped motivate me was that I was running this for charity and raised close to $2000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. I am humbled and extremely grateful to all those that donated and supported me over these months leading up to the Tough Mudder. It meant a lot to me to receive that kind of support. I was honored to run this for those that have served and given so much for our country. Thank you all so very much! I also have to give props to those volunteering at the event and helping run it. The Mudder at the Tall Pines ATV Park was a well oiled machine and the staff on hand were more than friendly, attentive, and encouraging. They really help make this event such a huge success. Just seeing them at each obstacle clapping hands and keeping us motivated was great.



Now the question remains if I will attempt another obstacle course race. After a Warrior Dash last August, and now a Tough Mudder this summer I might take a break for awhile and chill out a bit. Plus, I need to let my bumps and bruises heal up. People have asked if I would do it again. Hmmm….maybe. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely! It was an amazing day that I will always remember.

I raise a cold brew to all those mudders out there!

48 thoughts on “I conquered Tough Mudder and lived to tell about it! Hoorah!”

  1. PHIL! WAY TO GO! You really were not alone as all of your supporters were cheering you on from our distant places. Congratulations on succeeding in that extreme personal challenge and for raising money for such a worthwhile cause. I’m proud to have supported you! Next year? Why not? Sending a {{{{{{{{{{gentle hug}}}}}}}}}}} !

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Thanks for the kind words and for your support! I appreciate everyone’s love and support durung this. It really helped me succeed!

  2. Well done, Phil!!!! From one Mudder to another, congrats! I can’t imagine running it alone but you are right, it’s all about comradarie and helping total strangers do incredible, crazy things. I’ve done 2 and that’s enough for me. I’ll stick to regular running but I’ve got the headbands, t-shirts and scars showing I accomplished something that not a whole hell of a lot of people can accomplish.

    And you’re also right about passing people younger and in much better shape than I was and blowing right by them. Made me feel really good about myself.

    1. Hey Teri!

      Thanks! Running it solo was not easy but there were some great people in my wave that helped out along the way. Now that I have done a Warrior Dash and a Tough Mudder I might go for the trifecta and do a Spartan race.

  3. Congratulations, Phil. Not only was this a personal triumph, but to have raised so much money for the Wounded Warrior Project just takes it over the top.

    1. Hey Cowboys!

      That beer at the finish line tasted so very good! The week vacation after that featured a lot of eating, drinking, and no running!

  4. Kudos, Phil!

    I had the privilege of photographing the Tough Mudder in my area last year (my station was the Funky Monkey) and it rained for most of the first day. I was so impressed by the determination of the athletes…you guys are amazing!

    1. Hey Smack!

      Thanks my friend! I lucked out as it rained all day on Sunday and I heard the funky monkey was almost impossible. So glad on Saturday it was a beautiful day out. So glad I was finally able to do this great event.

  5. Phil – I am in awe of your accomplishment, I am just beginning to try to work back into shape and am having a difficult time of it… you are a young buck, you’ll bounce back and be stronger than ever. I have been looking forward to reading about your adventure. Congratulations.

    1. Hey Clay!

      Thanks for the kind words. This old kid still has some crazy in him. Just stick with it and persevere. Slow and steady wins the race. Once you get over that beginning hump and get into a routine it will get easier. See you on the Mudder field!

  6. Damn, you did that! I don’t even do marathons and this thing looks tough as hell. I bet it’s stuff like that that will keep you young and healthy in your 40’s and beyond. Very cool pics and charity. Congrats, NY guy!

  7. Many congratulations Phil.

    I remember you doing the Warrior Dash last year so it doesn’t get much easier this year!

    As someone of a similar age I can only envy your level of fitness. I can imagine your sense of pride and feeling of achievement for what sounds such a grueling course.

    All that hard work really did pay off. To hear you never had cramp and weren’t too out of breath at the end is testimony to knowledge, experience and dedication to your fitness.

    Many congratulations again and what a fabulous amount you raised too.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Thanks so much! Yup, the Warrior Dash last year was challenging but Tough Mudder blows it away. Both were fun though and I had a great time running them. I did come away with some bumps and scrapes but surprisingly was injury free. I guess all the training did pay off as you said. I thank my lucky stars that I did not cramp up as I saw many who did and it looked painful!

  8. Congratulations Phil!!! I am so proud of you. No better feeling than surpassing your own expectations. I did a mud.foam race a few months ago, which was not nearly as challenging as this race, but I left feeling complete.
    Awesome job!
    ps. You gotta love the “Death Waiver” …. seriously…..lol!

  9. Phil, I am SO proud of you!!! This is such an accomplishment and I cant imagine how that feels to have completed such a rigorous challenge all while raising money for a great cause. I’m sorry you did that alone and didn’t have your own cheerleader there to encourage you. Now just take it easy and rest your weary bones. 🙂
    Oh and you look fantastic!!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Thanks for the great compliments and kind words! Even though I ran it solo my gal Stacey was cheering me on from the Mudder Village area and saw me tackle a few obstacles up close. It was a great day!

      Resting for sure!

  10. You’re awesome, Phil! What an accomplishment. I’ve seen the pictures from Tough Mudders and Spartan Races and I think to myself, “Hell freakin’ no!” And then I read the stories of those who participate and think, “Maybe.” Kudos on a job very well done and a well deserved Dos Equis for the Most Interesting Mudder in the World!!!

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Thanks so much! If I can do it so can you. I also saw those pics and reports on the events and had some doubt but as long as you train for it and believe you can do anything. Another Dos Equis please!

    1. Hey Beth!

      Thansk! I thought Warrior Dash was hard but Tough Mudder was three times as long with 20 obstacles! My feet are still sore. I need a good foot rub!

  11. so which one did you like better, Phil? Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder? One of the things I’d like to do in my quest to get healthier is to aim to do one of these one day.

    1. Hey PJ!

      I liked them both for different reasons. Warrior Dash is basically a 5K (3 miles) with around a dozen obstacles. It’s a good one to start with if looking to get in obtacle course mud runs.

      Tough Mudder at 10-12 miles and 20 obstacles is definitely much harder and to tackle this you really need to be in decent shape and be able to run a lot. Takes not only upper body strength by leg stamina. I really enjoyed both but Tough Mudder was way more challenging.

      I would suggest looking into a moderate challenging event of 2-3 miles to test the waters. Good luck.

  12. Oh… and I hit send too fast.

    Congrats to you on finishing this and doing so well. Especially by yourself. In the end, you can look at this and know how much you accomplished. Well done. And stay thirsty, my friend. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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