I ain’t no chef. Easy guy cooking.


I am kind of a lucky man. I am surrounded by terrific cooks and friends that can whip up delicious tasting meals and delicacies with a snap of their fingers. It’s both a blessing and a curse I tell you. On one hand, you just know to expect when we have a pot luck or get together somewhere. The food is amazing and quite tasty. Drool worthy at times. On the other hand, it makes me feel like the kind of person that can barely make a bowl of Cheerios. Monique is a ridiculous cook and can pretty much open up her own bistro if she wanted. Kristy is a pastry and dessert maven. Since she is diabetic she also bakes up some great low-sugar treats. Chef Ben is, well, he’s a trained chef and can make anything taste awesome. It’s a ridiculously talented group. We never have to worry about going hungry around these food magicians.

Now, myself, I have been living on my own for a long time and pretty much had to learn how to cook simple meals to survive. I ain’t no chef, but I get by. Back in the day I was a personal trainer and did not make a lot of cash so cooking at home was a cheaper option. Also, much healthier than eating fast food and junk all the time. I prepared food in bulk that could be stuck in the fridge and eaten over the course of a few days. Simple with easy prep, and on the healthier side. Pretty much “guy approved” meals. Here is one I still make to this day. Full of protein, low fat, tasty, and good for after a workout to help rebuild muscle and replenish some carbs.

Low Fat Turkey Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe mix packet

99% fat free ground turkey (usually sold as 20 oz )


Red kidney beans and can of tomato paste

Seasonings ( onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt, ground cinnamon )

Wine ( to drink while cooking – a few glasses! )

For me it’s all about the prep, and can make the whole cooking process much more bearable. Gotta chop up those onions and break up that turkey block. Drink wine while doing this. Start crying over the onions. Stupidly rub eye with finger and start crying even more.


Place a non-stick pan over a medium flame. I like to put in a little oil to give it some extra non-stick. Maybe a tablespoon full. Place turkey in it. Simmer until turkey is thoroughly cooked. Drink wine. Place onions and sloppy joe mix along with tomato paste and stir up to combine all ingredients. Follow instructions on packet to add water and timing.

Next, drain can of red kidney beans and add into the pan. Season to taste. I like adding in a good amount of garlic and onion powder, along with some Italian seasoning and a touch of cinnamon. Usually a sprinkle of salt is added near the end, but I try to avoid adding a lot of salt to anything as I feel it’s not really needed as much as people use it nowadays. Drink more wine though.

I will usually add a bit more water as it’s cooking to guard against burn and time around 10-12 minutes simmering on a low flame while stirring it every few minutes. Prepare some steamed broccoli or veggie of choice and serve. Enjoy with more wine.

It makes for an easy meal that is pretty darn tasty, as total time to prepare and cook is around 20 minutes. Plus, there is enough made to place extra in Tupperware bowl and have multiple servings throughout the week. Great for when working late or just having a busy week with no time to cook.

There you have it. I ain’t no chef, but do know my way around a kitchen enough to make a meal or two. Also, wine always helps!

24 thoughts on “I ain’t no chef. Easy guy cooking.”

  1. Excellent blog! I’ve lived alone and know exactly what it’s like to have to learn to cook and have a balanced diet, especially difficult when having to balance a tight budget.
    Guinness Stew is one of my favorites to cook for guests and I replaced potatoes with parsnips. They are healthier and taste remarkably like potatoes when oven roasted.

  2. i’ve tried these.
    Rib sticking! I like the change up here… nice break from all your complaining!
    And thank you for the compliment… however, i would much rather share my food with friends and family for fun.

    1. We all love your cooking Mo! I don’t complain – I just tell it like it is! If you want to share then cook for us all the time – we’ll give you weekends off!

  3. Love it (especially the wine part). I’m a wife but bachelor meals are about all I can handle. Of course, in my case, I don’t even do that and instead eat my dad’s cooking.

      1. That sounds like a plan. The Mac n Cheese was delicious in case anyone wanted to know. Best Box of Kraft I ever had! It must have been a good batch of cheese powder

    1. Hi Andy! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, it’s one of my “easy guy” recipes that I have used for a long time. Easy to make, easy on the wallet, and easy on the waist line! Healthy too.

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