Holy Gastronomica Batman! Carb Loading at Carmine’s in NYC!

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Holy gastronomica Batman! Family style gigantic portions for my huge appetite!

One of the few reasons to go anywhere near Times Square in NYC. If you are a real New Yorker you never really want to be in this part of town unless you’re there for a Broadway show or some sort of special event. As we were seeing Rock of Ages (awesome rocking show) not too long ago we decided to make reservations and eat here before the performance. Side note – sad to see the show bow to its final curtain. We saw it a few times and it was always a blast. Great music, plenty of laughs, wonderful memories, and a fun show to boot! Extra side note – never eat this much again if you plan on sitting in a small cramped Broadway theater to attend a show afterwards. I just wanted to lay down in the aisle and sleep after this carbo coma!

Carmine’s is known for ginormous family style portions, and they surely did not disappoint. The place itself is huge and boisterous. Plenty of pictures on the walls featuring Broadway celebrities and well knowns. Loud and full of people happily chowing down on some very decent plates of Italian style food. I would guess that 80% of the diners here that night were tourists. It probably is most of the time as it is located in tourist central, and many are in the area to either see a show or sight see. One thing for sure is that everyone comes here with an appetite and leaves satisfied.

l (2)I have to admit that we enjoyed our feast. Basket of breads were placed on the table, but no butter or oil? That was odd. We started with the stuffed artichokes which were larger than softballs and filled with a breadcrumb stuffing. Delicious and filling as an appetizer. The plate came with two of them. As a main course we split the pasta special of the night and when the plate came we laughed in fear at how monstrous it was! A mix of sweet and hot sausage, pastas, mushrooms, and a light cream based sauce. It was really terrific but way too much for two to eat. I did my best on it but had to wave the white flag and submit. I honestly felt as if I were going to explode from pasta carb overdose. Then it hit me that we had to get to the show after this and I almost wanted to cry. I really wanted my couch!

Service was attentive and friendly. Food was tasty and prepared as ordered. Prices are as can be expected in this area considering it’s Times Square, but not overly horrible. This is the kind of raucous place that is a good choice to dine at with a group, friends, or with a large Italian family like my mom’s side. Yes, my mom’s side were loud eaters, and the yelling, screaming across the table, heated arguments, and crazy laughter and joking was something to experience. I do miss those days, and they would have felt at home here.


l (3)Carmine’s – http://www.carminesnyc.com/


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26 thoughts on “Holy Gastronomica Batman! Carb Loading at Carmine’s in NYC!”

  1. Oh my goodness, I just ate dinner, this look like a lot, a lot, a whole lot of food! Whew, food coma at a play- I would die before making it to the theater- looks like a place though of good times and memories.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      This was a ton of food. I almost passed out while watching the show. Delish but won’t do that again! Unless we have four other people with us to share.

  2. Gigantic portions are the best thing!… maybe you can share with me a little bit? LOL…
    Have a great friday & weekend ahead, dear Phil! All the best to you. Aquileana 😀

  3. I laughed out loud at “Then it hit me that we had to get to the show after this and I almost wanted to cry. I really wanted my couch!”

    But I didn’t feel sorry for you. It was envy, pure and simple.

    1. Hey Barb!

      I even have to look back and laugh at my gastronomic follies such as this. Don’t fret as I think I ate enough for both of us. Now back to my couch for a nap.

    1. Hey Holli!

      They were the size of softballs. When this was placed on our table as the appetizer I knew we were in trouble. Delicious trouble.

  4. My hubs would love this place—the larger the portion, the better! But I don’t think after eating all of that food that we’d be able to go to a show afterwards. I would DEFINITELY head for the couch!

  5. That’s really a big plate of pasta! Looks like enough to feed several families:) Bread without butter or olive oil sounds weird. Do you think they forgot it? Though who would eat bread anyway, when there’s so much delicious food on the table. Maybe the bread was just a decoration:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Yes, it could have fed us for days! Yes, we did eat the bread too. Bread is way too good to pass up. It’s an evil thing. Also, that pasta was terrific too!

  6. Mmm now I’m hungry, thanks a lot man! When we lived up there we avoided Times Square at all costs, mainly because it was always crazy and full of those people, you know tourists. I don’t recall ever eating at this place, but maybe next time we’re up there we’ll stop by and name drop…you know Phil told us about you. I greatly miss the culture up there, suck ass Florida has none of that, what a shame.

    1. Hey Michael!

      We usually avoid Times Square too. Way too many tourists getting in the way. But there are a few good spots there to eat. At least you have every fast food and chain resto ever created down there!

  7. Phil,

    The title of your post made me giggle 🙂 It’s great that you had thoughts back to your fun family memories with loud voices and crazy laughter. I like how certain environments remind me of people (well, usually, lol, except when we are reminded of people we don’t want to remember!) ~Happy Friday!

  8. I don’t usually like going out for Italian (I’m not entirely sure why – but I think it has something to do with making my own very delicious pasta dishes at home)…

    But holy hell, Phil, this looks amazing.


    1. Hey Chrissy!

      If I could cook good Italian at home I would never go out. Wait, that’s not totally true. I’d rather have someone else do the cooking, serving, and cleaning up. Worth it for the price! We hardly cook here in NYC!

  9. “not overly horrible” is as awesome a description for food prices in that area as I’ve ever heard!
    Looks like a great place.
    I’m waiting at the edge of my seat for Vegas pics!

    1. Hey Joy!

      You liked that huh? Pretty much most things in Times Square are horrible or horribly overpriced to begin with. This place gives a lot of food for the dollars.

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