Holy falafel Batman! Mamoun’s Falafel in NYC is the shizz!

Holy falafel Batman! Photo credit - Mamoun's Falafel
Holy falafel Batman! Photo credit – Mamoun’s Falafel

Holy falafel! How can something this cheap taste so good? Part of me is happy to have finally tasted this Middle Eastern goodness, and another is saddened, perhaps even flabbergasted that I had never eaten here in all my years in NYC. After a night out around Greenwich Village abusing my liver with a bunch of friends we happened upon this falafel mecca to chow down. I was instantly hooked.

Mamoun’s Falafel is one of those hole in the wall places that has been around since the 1970’s and certainly looks the part. Decor is non-existant, as is any real seating other than a few cramped tables and a bench out by the front door, and the walls are covered by worn out wood paneling and faded pictures. To me it’s part of the charm here. Honestly, no one really cares as evidenced by the non-stop line of people coming and going the night we were here. I observed customer after customer arriving hungry with a yearning for falafel goodness, and when handed that sandwich left with a fanatical look in their eyes.

If there is one thing they do here they do it exceptionally well – and that is make a kick ass falafel sandwich! Only $3.00 – I kid you not! An excellent bargain for a most enjoyable taste sensation. The guys behind the counter are super quick no-nonsense types that keep the line moving. Order your food and it comes out in about two minutes. Lentil soup was also very tasty at $3 and an ice cold Poland Spring water was only $1. You can’t get any cheaper than this – and it’s hella good!

Delish falafel sandwich! Photo credit - Mamoun's Falafel
Delish falafel sandwich! Photo credit – Mamoun’s Falafel

Like it hot and spicey? There is a squeeze bottle of hot sauce equivalent to liquid flame that is usually by the counter or sitting on one of the tables. This dark red sauce will surely tingle your taste buds. Or fry them off!

I’ll be honest – I’m not a lamb fan. Won’t normally eat it, so the shawarma is something I can’t comment on. I did see others eating it. Still, there is more than enough here with the tasty falafel, chicken kabobs, and hummus on the small menu of offerings.

Mamoun’s is cash only, but it’s so cheap and delicious that all you need is a few bucks to enjoy a quality bite. Now with six locations throughout NY, NJ, and even CT to satisfy any falafel craving!


Mamoun’s – http://www.mamouns.com/


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39 thoughts on “Holy falafel Batman! Mamoun’s Falafel in NYC is the shizz!”

    1. Hey Maggie!

      You must check them out! It’s a little hole in the wall but the falafel sandwich rules. There is also one on St Marks Place. Cheap and tasty!

    1. Hey Brickhouse!

      I wish they would open one up in my hood so I didn’t have to travel downtown for it! Yeah, I’m lazy, but I have been known to take a subway just to have some!

  1. Who needs decor when you make a kick-ass Falafel Sandwich? Haven’t had one since I was in Israel, but I suddenly have a craving.

  2. Sounds great. Further testimony that it is the food (quality & price) not the decor/extras that determines the number of visitors a place will get – and that’s the way it should be.

    You write some classy restaurant reviews – is this one of your specialisms?

    1. Hey Gary!

      I find that many times the small pubs and hole in the walls have the best food. Usually on the cheap side too! It’s all about the food after all.

      I write reviews on everything as I am a big Yelper. Maybe I just have a knack for it. That, and I probably eat out too much!

  3. It’s about time, Phil! My husband is originally from Syria and, trust me, we find the best falafel places wherever we travel. It’s got to be great or it’s really not good. Mediocre falafel is M E H. And next time you go, check out the shwarma because usually there is chicken and beef too. It sounds like this hole in the wall is a great spot for the real deal. Shukran!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Sorry to keep you waiting! I’ll take your word for it and try out the shwarma next time, along with another falafel sandwich! Gotta have both!

  4. Falafel…sounds like a sex act. I do miss the food in New York, the stuff you would buy off a cart on the street is better than pretty much everything I’ve eaten down here in Florida.

  5. That looks sooooooo freakin good. It stinks up the house when I make it so I never make it but I am tempted to make it TODAY. Thanks Phil. That is a serious deal. They’d see me everyday.

    1. Hey Kenya!

      That’s one reason I’ll never cook it at home. Also, because I have no clue how to make it. Easier just to head there and have them do all the work!

  6. Well hot damn, I had a falafel Sammy on Saturday! Love falafel….and hummus….and tabouli….and baba ganouche….you’re speaking my language, Phil. Yummmmmm

  7. Mmmmm. I love falafel. We’ve got plenty here in Germany as Berlin has the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey so you guys are lucky!!

    Yep! You’re out on the town and you feel a little peckish and what do you see, a kebab shop. Here, we call it “döner”. There’s a place in a particular quarter and near some of our gay clubs and OMG, at 04:00, you still have to queue and the queues are long. You can even have a vegetarian “döner” and it’s sooooo yummy!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I did not realize you have such a big Turkish community there. We also have some of those kebab/doner carts here in NYC that are on the street corners until the wee hours of the morning. Great drunk food!

      1. Oh, we’re famous for having a Turkish community and all the lovely food that goes with it. However, my students tell me that falafel isn’t in fact Turkish but of Arabic origin! Whichever way, it’s all good!

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