Hey BRAH! Get your BRO-TEIN at Fuel Grill & Juice Bar NYC!

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Hey BRAH! I found another good spot to get in some excellent BRO-TEIN when trying to eat clean and healthy!

When you are pumping the iron your GUNS need PROTEIN to rebuild massive muscle BRO! Mammoth amounts of PROTEIN, wrapped in PROTEIN, and then even more PROTEIN. Dude, it’s all about the BRO-TEIN!!!

Hellz yeah! I am so stoked to have stumbled upon this Fuel Grill & Juice Bar location recently after a night hanging out in the Hells Kitchen NYC area. After some bar hopping and debauchery I needed a fix of BRO-TEIN to replentish my depleted massiveness BRAH!

FUEL is a tiny little place with a few tables to sit at but they pack a pretty large menu of low-fat, low-carb, healthy, and vegan choices to choose from. Wraps, Salads, Energy Plates, Low-Carb Energy Plates, Smoothies, Shakes, Fresh Squeezed Juices, Sandwiches, Salads with lite/fat-free dressing, Low-Carb/High Fiber, and All Day Breakfast! There are so many ways to get in your BRO-TEIN! Dude – they even had a lage flat sceen showing It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas when I feasted here. That BRO is still the man! He needs to lift though and lay the smack down on Lucy. Just Sayin’.

I had the BRO-TEIN filled Grilled Chicken Breast with Sauteed Spinach and Low Fat Mozzerella in a whole wheat pita. Fries are this BRO’s downfall but order it as a deluxe and it comes with air baked seasoned fries and a bottle of water. HEALTHY BRAH! Good stuff and tasted great. I felt my muscles sucking it in and with each bite the BRO-TEIN was fueling my enormousness!

Nice staff here. The place is clean and bright. Accepts credit cards. This BRO likes that when eating his BRO-TEIN.

Don’t be scared to show off those SWEET GUNS and RIPPED ABS at the beach this summer BRO! Be huge BRO! Just eat here to FUEL up your body with healthy eats, and BRO-TEIN!

357439Fuel Grill & Juice Bar – http://www.fuelgrillnyc.com/


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22 thoughts on “Hey BRAH! Get your BRO-TEIN at Fuel Grill & Juice Bar NYC!”

      1. She is going through a lifestyle change and has lost about 80 pounds, so this food would be perfect for her!

        P S She exercises quite a it every day.

        P P S She can probably body slam my skinny hiney!

  1. Lucy is a cow and Charlie needs to drop kick his own dog Snoopy. Just watched the show the other night. A Christmas tradition. Also, once the boys were older, The english version of “Men Behaving Badly” Christmas episode. 🙂

    1. Hey Shelley!

      I see it every year, even it it’s by accident. This Bro is more of a Heat Miser / Snow Miser and Christmas Vacation type of guy!

  2. I did go through the whole menu but the Muscle Wrap would be the one for me. Only I would substitute in salmon and also add some cheese, Phil 🙂

  3. Bro-tein. So get this right now as one of my kids is all about his protein intake these days. This one’s going on my NYC list. We’ll be up there soon and can’t have him falling behind on his bro-tein. 🙂

    1. Hey Coleen!

      Gotta make sure the little Bro’s get enough BRO-TEIN, right? This is a good one and there is also another location in town to Fuel up! 🙂

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