Heading into 2016 at Ludicrous Speed! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! It’s been one a heck of a ride in 2015 hasn’t it?

Well, here we are fresh into the New Year and with 2015 in the rear view mirror I am looking forward to see what awaits me in the next twelve months. This past year has been one of many ups and down in my life. The passing of loved ones, completing another mudder race for charity, many food and drinking adventures with friends, travel abroad, work stress along with work success, attending concerts of my fav bands while seeing some play their last shows, Broadway events, friends getting married, along with many laughs, tears, trials and tribulations along the way. As always, my rock along the way keeping me honest, and on the straight and narrow has been my gal Stacey. Sometimes I wonder why she still sticks with me as I must be a lot to handle, but for some reason she puts up with my stubbornness and shenanigans. Guess she loves me and my crazy ways. Here’s to more fun in 2016!

Eat more salads. Yeah, I know it’s pretty basic and kind of cliché when Jan 1 comes around to start a diet but I really need to cut back on the meat and crappy food eating. Gotta get those greens in even if it means sacrificing my love of greasy crispy delicious bacon. Sigh.

Jump out of a plane, climb a volcano, surf in shark infested waters, complete the NYC Marathon, run with the bulls, kayak over a waterfall, have an extreme enema, find Waldo. Screw it. I’ll just have some deep-fried Oreos and a nap.

Stop fretting over the little things. As long as I remember that we are all surrounded by assholes it will be ok.


Realize that no matter what ridiculous words are sputtered out of my mouth nothing will be as ludicrous as those spoken by Donald Trump recently.

Get drunk at Medieval Times and go streaking across the jousting arena. Photo op!

Keep up my streak of participating in a running event for charity for the fourth straight year. This February is the Cupid’s Undie Run. While not as long in length and minus the crazy obstacles of a mudder the thought of running through the streets of Manhattan in my underwear is kind of scary. What if there’s a wardrobe malfunction?  If you want to donate to my charity to help fight children’s cancer here is the link – https://my.cupids.org/PhilipHoltberg

Stop drinking beer, booze, and going out as much……….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah, right.


Explore the world. Time to get out there and get that passport worn out without ending up in a Turkish prison.

Pizza. Because……Pizza.

Close my eyes and blindly point to a spot on the map to drive to for a weekend getaway. With my luck I’ll pick Camden. Or Newark. Or somewhere in New Jersey other than AC.

Get lost at the Mall of America in Minnesota. All I know is there is a Dairy Queen and A&W somewhere inside. Yes, my fat ass could survive on just ice cream and root beer for a few days.


Stop acting like one of those people featured on the show “Hoarders” and actually make a real effort to get rid of all my junk. Piles of clothes, bags full of stuff, and boxes everywhere make our apartment feel like a booby trap waiting to happen. I swear if we had cats they would eat our bodies buried under the rubble.

Wear pants less often. Bottomless is so freeing. I just need to remember to not be that way when I head down to the public laundry room.

Cross over to the dark side and run a few 5K’s this year. Just plain old 5K’s. No long distance runs. No mud. No obstacles. There are beer stands along the way on these right?

Go see Star Wars. Yes, I’m probably one of the few in the universe who hasn’t seen it yet. Whatever, I like Star Trek better anyway and I’m also more excited to see Deadpool in a few months! Swoon – Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s to a terrific, healthy, fun, and safe 2016!


24 thoughts on “Heading into 2016 at Ludicrous Speed! Happy New Year!”

  1. Loved Leo’s last comment! It seems to be it’s the most realistic! Carry on and do your best … and good on ya, Phil, for the charity run you are doing. I just went and donated. Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      I’ll never change who I am! I’m lovable and a bit dirty!

      I do so appreciate your donation! Thanks so much. I try and do one of these a year as it’s for a good cause!

  2. Which is exactly why I enjoy reading your blog – I can vicariously feed my wild side! Have a happy new year and wear tights underneath. Never a spammer! Have a great week.

  3. Happy New Year Phil! I’m dying at the Cupid Run … only in NYC.
    Your list of do’s & don’t’s sounds solid. I especially like the more more travel part. I’m trying that myself.
    Cheers to our adventurous side and living life!

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Happy New Year! Here’s to more fun, food, and travel adventures in the year ahead. I might even post some pics of me in my undies for the run!

  4. You scared me with that “stop drinking” thing and you’re not the first person to do that to me. My new year’s resolution is going to be to get my friends to stop saying they’re going to stop drinking!
    Happy 2016, looking forward to more of your fun posts.

  5. Best wishes to you Phil and your good lady Stacey.

    It sounds like 2016 has lots of potential this coming year if you keep all these vows. Especially with all your great reviews of locations in NYC. I wonder if you could spend a whole month just reviewing restaurants where you only eat salad???…….. 😉

    Good idea with the running. I took up running a while ago and got to a point of running 5km three times a week. Great for weight loss.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Happy New Years to you and yours! Yes, gotta keep up with the gym and running so I can keep eating and drinking in 2016. Lots more fun to be had.

  6. I have spent the last few weeks on a relentless quest to rid my home of crap and clutter. Everything must go! It feels so good every time I get even so much as a single drawer cleaned out. Other than that I have resolved to make no resolutions…

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Jill!

      Happy New Year! No new resolutions. Just do it. I finally started to clean up and now only feel like I live in a small garbage dump.

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