Happy St Patty’s Vomit Day NYC!


Here we are again at another St Patrick’s Day in NYC.  Being that it landed on a Sunday this year it offers a full weekend of drinking revelry. Yesterday was the actual parade during a crappy rainy and snowy day. Still did not stop the drunken revelers from bar hopping last night. Now today it’s a beautiful Sunday morning and the amateur hour will be in full effect all day up and down Second Ave where I reside on the UES. All the idiot bridge and tunnel crowd will come out from the burbs to bar hop all the frat boy and sorostitute bars that line the area. The locals will stumble home and pass out. There will be drunken hook ups galore. There will be a few intoxicated fights. Maybe a few people passed on on the sidewalks. Mostly, there will be vomit. A lot of vomit. Just walking up the street to my local coffee haunt this morning I had to maneuver around a few puke puddles dotting the street. The bars love this day as they make a killing on green beer and mediocre corned beef & cabbage plates. People that live here such as myself just laugh at these morons. Now, not to say I have not been a drunken moron myself on this day when we all pretend to be Irish, as I have partaken in the party a few times too, but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s not worth the pain of getting up the next day for work and feeling like ass all day.

There are some good bars in the area to party at I do admit. Living on the Upper East Side / Yorkville area for many years holds a big advantage on St Patty’s day is that you really have no reason to leave the area to get your drink on. The bars and pubs up here easily serve their purpose on this day. Here are a few suggestions if out and about up in my neck of the woods. Just avoid the vomit bombs on the streets while wearing the green and bar hopping today!


Biddy’s Pub – a hidden gem of a local’s bar that is one of my local watering holes.


Third Ave Ale House – a newcomer to the hood that offers a terrific selection of craft beers.


Reif’s Tavern – one of the oldies of the area. Kind of divey and a spot only the real locals know of. Old school.



The Parlour Yorkville – another relative newcomer to the area. Solid bar with a decent clientele, but trapped behind 2nd Ave subway construction.


The Pony Bar – another terrific beer bar that serves up only NY craft beers. Always crowded and will probably be a shit show today.


Kinsale Tavern – really nice Irish bar with a great local crowd that hangs out there.



Heidelberg – one of the last great German bars left in Yorkville. Still a great place to get your Irish on today with great beer and food.


Ryan’s Daughter – nice low key place to grab a brew.


The Gaf -non pretentious little bar hidden away on 1st ave on the UES. Darts and beer bar.



Baker Street Pub – great spot to watch international soccer matches.


Trinity Pub – cozy and quaint Irish pub which will be rocking today.


Caledonia – yeah, it’s a Scottish pub but they have good beer and whiskey selection.


Credit -  icanhascheezburger.com
Credit – icanhascheezburger.com

Jones Wood Foundry – amazing British pub/resto that is always crowded but so worth it.


Phil Hughes – one of those bars that you can hang out with the cranky old timers and hit on drunken cougars.


Rathbones – great locals bar with terrific wings. Always a good choice.


Genesis Bar & Restaurant – another really nice bar that actually has a great burger selection.


via  - http://www.cafepress.com/burntees
via – http://www.cafepress.com/burntees

Brady’s Bar – pretty generic but nice bar that serves up a damn good bloody mary.


Dorrian’s Red Hand – douchebag central, and if here on St Patty’s I feel sorry for you. Popped collars, preps, trust fund kids, and annoying former frats who still think they are in college.


The Stumble Inn – this will be vomit central. The bar that all the frats and sorostitutes will be at today. Actually a fun bar with lots of cheap drink specials, and a tasty stuffed burger.


Damn, there are a lot of bars I have downed a beer (or ten) at in my part of town! There are actually so many more I could mention here but this post would end up being a mile long. This is just a short list of spots that will probably be jumping today in my hood and worth a hop in if looking to get your Irish on today.

Hoboken-Leprecon-St.-Patricks-Day-green-vomit-no-paradeJust don’t be this guy today. Never be this guy. If you end up being this guy it better be worth it.

I have been this guy, so what the heck am I talking about?

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Happy Drinking! Be safe and don’t vomit on my shoes.

22 thoughts on “Happy St Patty’s Vomit Day NYC!”

  1. I am getting too old to do what I did in my twenties… oh the tales I could tell of the Embarcadero of San Francisco and St. Patties Day… or could be told about me! Have a fun day and enjoy a pint or two!

    1. Hey Clay!

      I hear you on that. I still try but the recovery time is a bit longer nowadays. Sometimes not worth the hangover at work!

      We all have our drinking stories of course. I’m sure you have a few too! I’ll raise a pint in your honor today.

  2. Lips that touch wine will never touch mine! Tea-totaller here!

    Have a happy and safe and sober St. Patty’s!


    1. Hey UP!

      I give you credit for not being a drinker. I still like a little tipple now and then. Also, there are some good spots UP here to get some good tea too.

      Have a great St Patty’s Day!

  3. That just sounds like an ordinary Friday night in England. And I think I dated that guy in the 2nd pic, back 1n 92…I lie of course. 🙂

    1. Hey Lily Jo!

      So, that was your boyfriend? Was that him proposing to you? Hope you let him down easy!

      If that’s a normal Friday night across the pond I need to get over there! 🙂

  4. I always heard of the St Patrick’s celebrations of New York being a big deal. Such a shame that the reality you paint is tainted with ugliness. I hope it all passed well this year and you weren’t disturbed by too many misbehaving drunks.

    What annoys me are all these Plastic Paddys who claim to be Irish but truly aren’t. At least I am genuinely half Irish. Both my parents and one of my sisters are from Dublin plus I’m entitled to an Irish passport. I like celebrating St Patrick’s Day because it is part of my heritage, not just because it is a time to have lots of fun.

    1. Hi Guy,

      It is a big day here in NYC with a wonderful parade. It’s just that there are many people that come into the city from the outer boroughs and trat it as a drunk fest. That, and the younger locals who can’t handle their booze! Still, it’s a fun day, and as you know me by know I cover these things with a sense of humor in my blog.

      Hope you celebrated a wee bit yourself yesterday! 🙂

  5. Hee Hee! My last at work hangover, was my LAST at work hangover. It is funny laughing at the drunken crowds.
    I love when you give a list of spots to check out. I’m keeping a list for my next NY visit!


    1. Hi Carica,

      There are so many more I could mention. Check out my Yelp page and all the lists and reviews I have written.

      Hey, I have been the hangover guy at work too! 🙂

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