Frozen coconuts for a cause at the NYC Cupid’s Undie Run!


Well, Hola Everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted here as things have been in flux with my life. Job has been a bit stressful lately, but that seems to be the story with most of us toiling in the corporate world. Still waiting with bated breath for that big Powerball win. What’s up with that shizz anyway? Sparky wants to get paid, dammit!

Anyway, I decided to get back to writing here and offering up my chicken scratch for your consumption. Just about a month ago I ran in the Cupid’s Undie Run for charity. It was damn cold that Valentine’s Day weekend with frigid temps and wind gusts that would make even Santa Claus freeze his snowballs off. Even so, we persevered and ran along the West Side Highway on that cold but thankfully sunny day in our undies. Sure, I did sport my red heart decorated boxers, red Deadpool shirt (because it was a love story!) and red top hat, but I also cheated a bit and wore a terrifically warm fluffy red robe that I earned as an award for my fundraising. Heck, as long as I earned that thing I was going to wear it! No freezing my coconuts off for this kid! Needed any heat source possible on this day.

Team “Baby, It’s Yelp Outside” finished third overall in NYC with our fundraising efforts.

I looked like a demented red clad Cupid pimp. Or a villain on the old Batman TV series. Pow! Wham!

Which also makes me want to thank everyone for their generous support and donations. You all helped out the team I was on, “Baby, It’s Yelp Outside”, to finish in third place overall in NYC with close to $8,000 raised! Individually I made it to the $1300 mark and was very appreciative to all those who donated to my cause. By the day of the event on Feb 13th more than $3.5 million was raised for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. We had a terrific group of teammates who really cared and went all in for the cause. I was humbled to join them as many had run this before, and they welcomed me on board for this year’s team. Way cool peeps.

Damn, it was frigid that day but I was stylin’ with my robe!

One of the very cool things about this event was the party the organization threw for us from 12-4pm. Unlimited cocktails and beer, a DJ spinning great music, dancing, and total shenanigans over the four hours. So many people in marvelous costumes, undies, sleep wear, and lingerie. Eye candy for all types to peek at. That was part of the fun.

Yeah, check us out. Eye candy.
A bunch of good-hearted people together for a great cause.

I have to offer big props the organizers for such a well run event. From check in at noon, to the giveaways, to the actual run at 2pm, then back to partying it was first class. Along the months leading up to this day there were plenty of emails and communication. At the venue itself they kept it going. Even all the bartenders at Stage 48 were pumped for this and did a kick-ass job serving the hundreds of us that were on hand with non-stop unlimited drinks. I drank a lot of whiskey that day, and believe me, it was much-needed to down some booze, and warm up the cockles of my frozen nuts after we got back inside!

Some teammates such as Nadia were made for this weather.


Pimping ain’t easy! But it sure was a fun day!

Hey, what’s a few frozen nuts and some shrinkage for a wonderful cause? So worth it. Thanks again to all who donated. Your generosity rocked!

12 thoughts on “Frozen coconuts for a cause at the NYC Cupid’s Undie Run!”

  1. I love it! Looks like you had a great time and raised money for a good cause. I used to do the Polar Plunge here in Chicago, and that was an icy blast, as well!

    1. Hey Chrissy!

      I’ll run in the frigid cold for charity but no way am I jumping in for a Polar Bear plunge. I draw the line at that!

      It was a great time and we all raised a lot for charity.

  2. Congrats, Phil, on the amount of donations and not wearing an outfit that would scare small children. I was going to say I love Nadia’s outfit, but I’d really just prefer if I looked that good in that outfit. Anyways, I would be wearing long underwear in that kind of weather…Brrrr.

    1. Hey Mary!

      Yeah, I needed to keep my outfit kind of PG rated! Nadia is from a part of the world that lives in that cold so she was in her element!

      Damn, even I wished I looked that good in her outfit!

  3. OMG! I was there that weekend and will testify that it was indeed the coldest day ever…ever … ever!
    For the record my fist thought was “Cupid Pimp” … hahaha!

    Kudos for all of your efforts for this great cause and getting that robe.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      We lucked out as it was just frigid and windy during our run. In the 20’s I think.

      The next day it hit 0 degrees! Yes, Cupid Pimp all the way!

  4. Oh my god you look great. What a crazy idea for raising money for charity. But the crazier the better raises the most. And 3rd out of all of NYC wow, darn impressive!

  5. Seems to me that freezing your coconuts off would be worth it for that fun party with all the costumed runners. But I’m glad you wore your red fuzzy robe so your coconuts would live to run another day.

    1. Hey Karen!

      It was so worth it. This was like a great sexy party interrupted by a short freezing run then back to partying with everyone in their undies. Plus, it was for charity!

  6. Excellent work, Phil. Glad you got it done and how much money you raised. Always a good thing. Was happy I was able to give to your cause, too, and here’s to you freezing the snowballs off every year for a good cause!

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