Fleet Week, Letterman, NYC News, and $30 hot dogs.


Sometimes you read and come across some strange things during the course of the week.

I just read a news article about a hot dog vendor here in NYC that is selling those dirty water dogs along with hot pretzels for $30. Yes – thirty freaking dollars! Are you kidding me? Now, I can see paying maybe $2 for one of those belly bombers but this insane. Obviously, he is feasting upon visitors from overseas that know no better, and even though I’m not a huge fan of most annoying tourists, along with the bridge and tunnel suburbanite crowd that piles into the city on the weekends, even I would put a stop to this jerk if I saw him trying to rip off someone like this. Heck, even I have a bit of ethics in me believe it or not. Maybe sell it for $10…….

Another thing I read today was the story of how a girl’s sweet 16 party was bombarded by flying poop out of the sky! The family and friends were having a get together for her big birthday when feces just came out of the heavens and rained down upon them. They are assuming it was from a plane that had passed and somehow unloaded it’s crapper. Now, my mom and older relatives would always say it’s good luck when a bird poops on you, but I wonder if that would also hold true if big ‘ol Billy Bob dumped his bowels on your head from way up high?

It’s that time of year again here in NYC where our streets are filled with seamen. Get your minds out of the gutter people, as I am referring to the men and women serving our country who are in for the annual Fleet Week celebrations. This is the 27th year of this great happening. We will see those of the maritime services – Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen – all on shore experiencing all that is great about NYC. Be sure to thank them for their service if you see some, and it’s also a big week for those gals and guys that dig a person in uniform. Just don’t get caught stowing away naked in their bunks or someone will be court-martialed!


Spring is finally in the air and we have been receiving some terrific weather so far for the season. Warmer air, sunny skies, flowers in bloom, and couples in full relationship implosion! Yeah, it’s the annual rite of young couples who destroy their significant other’s souls by breaking up just as the Summer season approaches. I have seen it time and time again, and in fact, have already witnessed a few in all its glorious horror over these past few weeks. For some reason they do it in public. Maybe it’s because they feel safer with others around them. Better than getting dumped by a text message I guess. On a street corner, in a Starbucks, during dinner, etc. The girl is usually crying and yelling at him, or the dude looks broken and in shock. Hey, Summer is coming! Beach weekends. Hamptons and Jersey Shore house rentals. Everyone out and about. Rooftop parties, and so many other reasons to want to be single and not burdened down with a ball and chain. I’ll even admit to doing this back in my younger and dumber days. Now, I’m just older and still dumber.


It’s the end of an era as David Letterman is signing off tonight with his last show. I remember watching him right from the start with his quirky brand of humor, and then over the years occasionally watching if I was up late and he had a good segment going or interesting guest. He always gave me some laughs, and was way more funnier than Jay Leno. I never got the appeal of Leno. He never seemed funny or engaging to me. Cheesy maybe. More like a big bully who pushed his way back onto the late night scene after his prime time show bombed miserably. Dave was always there – humorous, focused, inventive, considerate, and respectful of his audience. He knew who he was playing to and loved every minute of it. Jay was more like a holdover to the older population of viewers who were still hanging on from the great Johnny Carson days. Dave was more cutting edge, youthful, and was being watched in college dorm rooms and on tv while frat parties were doing bong hits and beer funnels. To me Jay was like the distant stepdad who married your mom when you were 12 and you tolerated him until you grew of age to move out, while Dave was the crazy fun uncle you couldn’t get enough of when he came by to visit. Enjoy retirement Dave. At least we now have the terrific Jimmy Fallon to watch.


Memorial Day is coming up. Looking forward to that long holiday weekend to kick off the Summer. Some good eats, maybe a movie or two, fun with friends and loved ones, and just basically kicking back. Avoid all air travel and long car trips if possible. One of the worst times to travel. Road rage city. Goes by way to fast. Enjoy but also keep in mind the real meaning of the day as for many it has deeper significance than just a party weekend.

24 thoughts on “Fleet Week, Letterman, NYC News, and $30 hot dogs.”

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, everyone has their favorite late night tv host. Leno just never tickled my funny bone, plus Letterman was right here in NYC so we related better with him. Enjoy the long weekend!

  1. OMG, that sweet 16 party story is amazing, how did I not hear about that?!

    As for the $30 hot dog, that’s pretty messed up. But even a tourist should be able to do basic math and figure out that something’s not adding up there. Buyer beware!

    1. Hi Sujeet!

      I read both in the Metro NY newspaper while on the subway this morning. True stories. That hot dog vendor got busted by a news crew. What an idiot!

      It’s one thing for a little bird poop but when someone dumps on everyone now that’s a party!

  2. So this hot dog vendor? Don’t knock it, til you’ve tried it. If he can get $30 for a dog, more power to him. Maybe you should open a popcorn stand next to him and sell bags for $40. Oh wait, they already do that at the movie theaters. Dill pickles maybe? Cotton candy?

    You did way it was fleet week. Maybe those lonely seamen (and women) are trying to impress the landlubbers with an expensive dog on the shoreline. Or maybe it’s one of those folks with a newly broken heart who are so engrossed in their own misery that they have no idea how much money they’re dishing out for left over animal parts. Who knows.

    As always, fun stuff from the Regular Guy.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      I can see making a living selling weiners but it’s not like they are made of gold and served by a butler! I don’t know if those seamen can afford these hot dogs so hopefully the uniforms will do the trick.

      Glad you enjoyed my musings!

  3. Great post! Good beef hotdogs were almost impossible to find over here in Scotland until Costco and Five Guys started their spread. Plus they both have free soda refills, another American import that has NOT caught on here…

    1. Hey Barb!

      Glad you enjoyed! At least I hope they sell them for less than $30 a dog!

      Soda refills should always be free, as it’s a huge markup and doesn’t cost that much for the businesses.

    1. Hey UP!

      Dave was an end to an era of the many great late night hosts. Now we have a bunch of new contenders taking over the reigns. Time will tell if they last as long.

  4. I also never really got Jay Leno, but Jimmy Fallon must be the best talk show host ever! As for the hot dog story I’m inclined to think that if you’re stupid enough to pay $30 for a hot dog, you deserve it, and I won’t feel sorry for you:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Jimmy is really funny, and creative. Hope he stays around a long time.

      I also agree about the hot dog. Who would be dumb enough to pay that?

  5. Ah, selling stuff to the dumb tourist are they. But for $30.00. That’s steep by anyone’s standards. What was in it? Caviar!
    Anyhow, yeah Letterman. Not so much a fan I’m afraid I considered him to be quite boring…. I’m a Jay Leno person. I always thought he was funny and we love him in Britain. He knows a bit about cars!
    As for Jimmy Fallon. He’s doing very well. Very well indeed! More hotdogs please.!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I read today that they guy git fired and the cart over was also fined for some other things. Serves them right. I like a good hot dog but only for a few bucks!

      Yuck! Jay Leno? Sure, he is a car guy which is cool but so cheesy and boring. At least we agree on Jimmy Fallon who is terrific.

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