Easy guy breakfast on a rainy couch potato day.

Today was one of those rainy Sundays that make you feel like lying around all day in your sweats. Sometimes you welcome Sundays like this in New York. Overcast. Wet. Raw outside. We are always in a rush to go out and do things that days like today are a welcome reprieve. It just feels good to decompress and couch surf for a day. Watch some TV. Get some laundry done. Put on a pot of coffee and kick back. Couch potato time. One of the things I like to do on a day like today is cook a good tasty breakfast. I’m no chef, but I know enough to get around in my little NYC micro kitchen.

Rolled chocolate chip pancakes filled with blueberry preserves. Oh baby! Perfect choice on a day like today. It’s actually pretty simple to prepare. I’m the kind of cook that does most everything by eye and rarely measures anything. I know what ingredients to use, how long to cook on the stove and in the oven, and what to add to flavor it up. It’s all about experimenting and using instinct. After many times repeating these meals I have it down pat. Yeah, I’ll never be confused with being a real chef, but I get by.

Pancake mix with just the right amount of water added to it. Make sure it’s mixed enough to get those pancakes fluffy. Rev it up! Even though I use a non-stick pan I still coat with some PAM to add that extra slickness so nothing sticks. Medium flame is my choice. Sprinkle some chocolate chips on the pancakes as the one side is cooking and flip over when you start to see some bubbling. Only leave this side on for a short time so as to not overcook. Makes it easier to roll them too if one side is a little softer.

Spoon in a good amount of blueberry jam or preserves on each pancake. I prefer the preserve style as it has full blueberries. I have also used cherry and raspberry preserves. It all depends on what’s in our cupboard at the time. Roll tightly and make sure ends are on bottom. Top off with another spoon full of preserves and a dollop of Cool Whip or any whipped cream available. I also like to cut up some fruit to go with it such as strawberries or a pear as I had today. Good stuff! Sometimes I won’t even bother with syrup on these.

Chill out on the couch with pancakes and coffee. Life is good. What else is there to do on a rainy Sunday?




16 thoughts on “Easy guy breakfast on a rainy couch potato day.”

  1. Looks fab, dahling!
    I am a sucker for an old fashioned pancake. Buttermilk. cooked in melted butter. Crispy edges.
    like the idea of rolling it with preserves!

    1. Thanks hon! Don’t you just love pancakes! Rolling with preserves and adding whipped cream – love it! So easy to make for us “cooking challenged” people!

  2. Yeah, nom nom! Reminds me that I should cook something special just for myself sometimes. Hard to do with a big family in a small house.

  3. Nice. Love pancakes. Best of the breakfast foods ;)\
    Phil, your blog is fun and easy reading. Very nice……………

    Billy V…………

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