Draught 55 in NYC lives up to it’s name!


So much beer. As soon as I walked into Draught 55  in NYC I knew this joint lives up to its name. The beer list itself takes up two pages. I might have to revisit this place over and over to try them all!

I recently dropped in here with a friend to catch up on things. Epic beer list! $5 happy hour with a select list of brews, cocktails, wine until 8pm daily. I do wish they offered a more robust selection for the beers during HH, as only having a few available considering the monster beer list was kind of a big tease. With the amount of beer on tap I am sure they could add a few more for happy hour. Hey guys, make it happier!

So many brews on their list!

Yet, we found a tasty amber ale that we ordered and even went for seconds. After the bartender offered me a sample of the Empire East Coast Amber Ale I knew I found my brew for the evening. Good stuff.

Happy hour offerings.

Terrific atmosphere, decor, and outside back patio. It has a classic rustic bar feel to it. The service was friendly enough. There is a long bar with plenty of seats, but to sit at a table in the dining room area, even the 2-person high tops, food is required to be ordered from a server. Hey, that was not a problem as we were ready to have some good bar food munchies.

Terrific decor and atmosphere.

Eclectic menu of food items with some made with beer as an ingredient. Oh yeah! We just wanted a few snacks so went with the mozzarella sticks which came with a smoky flavored sauce dip – yum! Also got the hummus and pita plate. Pretty good and the pitas were warm which is always a plus. Our server checked in now and then, and took nice care of us. Prices seemed decent overall.

Tasty pub snacks and food items.

Gets crowded and noisy after work hours. We arrived at 5pm and it was empty. By 6pm it was jam-packed! Best bet for locals is to hit it later at night, or on weekends when the work crowd is not around.

Oh, and Pro Tip – for the love of all that is holy do not order a Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Coors beer here! Just don’t do it. Ever. Give your taste buds a treat and explore a different type of quality libation. There are more than enough to choose from at Draught 55!

Draught 55 – http://www.draught55.com/



4 thoughts on “Draught 55 in NYC lives up to it’s name!”

  1. Looks like a quality list of beer selections… despite needing more choices for happy hour. Snacks sound good. Nice enough service a plus. Nice place.

    Next up, how about a share on some healthy food with cocktail options? Would love… Mirror some places to your new lifestyle. Where to go? Would love to know!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Overall, a great after work spot with a solid beer list.

      That is a good blog post suggestion. I will work on that.

  2. What a cute place! I will definitely have to check out their happy hour – going to add it to my list of places to check out this fall 😀

    1. Hey Chanel!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Worth a stop in after work. Very busy but has a nice vibe. Classy but not too pretentious and a good beer list to boot!Outdoor back patio too.

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