Crispy foodgasm drumsticks – Bon Chon Chicken NYC!


Mmmmm….soy garlic chicken drumsticks! Kim Chi coleslaw! My taste buds and head were swooning in foodgasm over this crispy delight!

I don’t give a damn what anyone else has to say about this Bon Chon Chicken location. Really, I don’t. Just stop, please, stop your whining.

I did not have any problems with the service when I dropped by here for a late lunch today. In fact, everyone was quite nice, attentive, and my food came out quickly.

I didn’t use no stinking Groupon or Living Social deal or any dang coupons. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and pay the real price. Wahhhh – they did not want to accept by coupon. Wahhhh. Oh, just shut up already before I beat you with a chicken bone!

l (1)Yes, it’s a few dollars cheaper if you get it to take out. Great – if you want to eat it at your desk at work, and it’s cold and soggy by the time you get back to your office. For my first experience eating Bon Chon I wanted the full fresh out of the kitchen hot, fried, and crispy meal of drool inducing tastiness. Worth it to sit there and take my time with each delicious crackling bite.

Word of advice – skip the wings and go right to the drumsticks. I noticed a few people eating close by and it just seemed that with the drumsticks there is more meat to the bone, and they are big. I ordered a medium plate of five Soy Garlic Sauce drumsticks, a side of Kim Chi coleslaw, along with a Fanta orange soda to wash it down. Hey, I have to watch my figure!

The drumsticks were just ridiculously flavorful and crispy. My breath will melt steel for the rest of the afternoon, so I hope no one comes near me. Loved it! The coleslaw had a spicy tang to it that was oddly addicting and I almost wanted to drink the remaining sauce out of the bowl. Free refills on soda – yes please! Punch card with $10 off a purchase after five visits – heck yeah!

5ave_gallery_1The only thing that holds me back from giving it five stars is the cost. Before tip the check was about $20. It is a bit pricey for what it is, and will only be a spot I hit up for an unhealthy lunch meal when in a splurging mood. Plus, I liked the music they were playing today. A mix of old school jams, rap, and top 40 dance/club hits that you used to hear at Webster Hall back in the day. Also, they offer a decent selection of beers and specialty cocktails too.

I might have to sneak in here once in a while for a pre-dinner snack before going home for dinner!

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  1. That coleslaw looks delicious. That doesn’t sound too pricey for a large meal, if those drumsticks were big. I’ll have to remember this place when I’m around there again. Nice work!

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