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  1. Hi Phil,

    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:

    I encourage you to claim your blog, which allows you to add a picture and change some settings. The blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Here’s how to claim:

    – Make sure you’re logged into Urbanspoon

    – Go to your blog page on our site: http://www.urbanspoon.com/br/3/10427/New-York/The-Regular-Guy-NYC.html

    – Click “Claim your blog” in the left sidebar

    After you submit it, we may contact you to verify your claim. Check your spam email folder if your claim hasn’t gone through in a day or two. You’ll also find some interesting badges and widgets on your Urbanspoon blog page – look in the right sidebar.

    If you have any questions, please contact me via email.



    1. Hello Greg,

      Thanks so much for the update. I’ll head over there shortly to set up my blog account with Urbanspoon.

      I appreciate the confirmation and look forward to being a participant!


  2. Why did you remove all 22 of my comments on your stupid “Girls Don’t Poop” article? I spent a lot of time on all of that, but for some reason, they’re all gone — WHY IS THAT?

    Very Angrily,

    1. Hello Veronica,

      I wrote that post as a spoof. It’s an age old subject. It was just a humor thing and everyone that follows my blog knows that, and in fact most all of the comments I received were from women who played along. I meant no harm or malice.

      Problem is I received multiple messages today from many that complained about your comments aimed at each of them. Many long time readers and commenters. People felt as if they were being attacked. That is why I removed them.

      I have not really seen you before on my blog. Of course, I welcome people to comment, but at a reasonable degree. I hope you understand that. I did also check out your blog and some posts you wrote (very well written I might add), and I do see it is a subject you have an opinion on, so I apologize if I offended you.


      1. Okay, thanks, I get it now. Sorry I contacted you so many times. I did spend all morning on those comments, though, because I found this blog precisely BECAUSE of that subject matter!


        1. Hey Veronica!

          No problem! It is kind of funny how some people find my blog. I guess my scribble shows up now and then through some crazy keywords.


  3. Hi Phil!

    So glad you tried Gilligan’s! You hit the nail right on the head with your review! My hubby & I love that place. FYI the name is after the Show Gilligan’s Island, hence the decor & certain menu item names….The Three Hour Tour!(which you must try with 3 others & be hungry!) I love their lobster bisque, creme brulee & their family size calamare….which they prepare 1/2 buffalo style with blue cheese & the other 1/2 traditionally with marinara sauce on the side. They also have a special Take out Tuesday Menu….you get bread, salad, & the dish of the day (penne ala vodka w/chicken or shrimp over rice etc.) all for $21.62…feeds a family of 4 + depending on appetite size. You can’t beat that price & after a hard day of work, you can’t go wrong with this! No cooking, but a great priced, fresh meal! Yum! I know….we’ve done Take out Tuesday too many times to count! Just call ahead or get on their email list & you’ll know what the dinner for the day is. Anyway, loved your review & wanted to concur with it!

    1. Hi Carmen!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! So glad you liked my blog post on Gilligan’s. We really liked it, and I wish it was closer to where we live in Manhattan. It was a cool find while drivng home from a weekend getaway. Good food at a good deal!

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