Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna under the Grand Chapiteau in NYC!


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Both my gal and I have seen many Cirque Du Soleil shows over the years and I can undeniably say that I am a big fan. So when we were offered the chance to attend the premier night event and afterparty of course we jumped at the opportunity as we had not seen Amaluna before. We knew we were in for a special evening for as soon as we stepped inside the big top tent were were greeted by servers in costume handing us glasses of champagne. Yes, please! Sure, I’ll have three or four of those. There was a terrific mix of people in attendence to see the show and everyone mingled among the exhibits, performers, and interactive showcases for the hour before showtime. There was a feeling of excitement in the air, and as we were led into the main seating area surrounding the stage everyone was taken in by the colors and sounds our senses were treated to.

We were now in the world of Amaluna – a mysterious island where beauty and courage await!

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A brief synopsis of the show –

Amaluna invites the audience to a mysterious island governed by Goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon.

Their queen, Prospera, directs her daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony in a rite that honours femininity, renewal, rebirth and balance which marks the passing of these insights and values from one generation to the next.

In the wake of a storm caused by Prospera, a group of young men lands on the island, triggering an epic, emotional story of love between Prospera’s daughter and a brave young suitor. But theirs is a love that will be put to the test. The couple must face numerous demanding trials and overcome daunting setbacks before they can achieve mutual trust, faith and harmony.

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Almost every Cirque show we have seen brings us into a fantasy world of shapes, colors, and sounds. The storylines are sewn together to include incredible feats of strength, balance, agility, dance, acrobatics, comedy, and overall incredible talent gleaned from all corners of the world. I must say that the music in a Cirque show is the driving force pulsating like a heartbeat as if it’s a character itself. Living and breathing as the soul that guides it. The music is ethereal with amazing singers and musicians. Every show I have seen the music has moved me. So much so that we have a bunch of CD’s from past shows. A refreshing twist is that this show’s music was performed entirely by a female band, and the songs had a decidedly rock edge to them. As I’m a rock guy I really loved the vibe of the music at this show. Again, amazing talent as these gals could really shred and the women who sang just nailed it with soaring vocals. Yes, we purchased this soundtrack too.


As with many Cirque shows the storyline is interwoven with discovery of love, inner awareness of self being, the world and environment around us, and a deeper understanding of the Earth and it’s elements. The show itself contains a flair for the dramatic, along with imaginitive artistry, totally amazing athleticism, and sprinkled in with a touch of comedy interspersed throughout to help liven the mood. Highlights of Amaluna were the characters, and as in past shows, offer many different colorful personalities, costumes, and makeup. They personify many different specialties to watch and listen to. Groups launching themselves soaring on a teeterboard, flying around the tent on aeriel straps, bouncing around even bars and poles, performing feats of strength and precision, among others. As always, the choreography and dancing were on-point and beautifully executed. The clowning offers some good laughs. This is a must see show for adults and children alike.

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Inside the main tent there is a souvenir area with some pretty nice items to purchase, along with snack and refreshment stands. The smell of popcorn invades the air and is an appropriate munchie to have in your lap during the show. The half hour intermission offers just enough time to make a purchase, stretch your legs, and also use the well taken care of bathrooms that are on the grounds. The organizers of Cirque miss no beats here.

The evening’s performance was nothing short of amazing and we left totally entertained with smiles on our faces, not to mention a few choice souvenirs. I would suggest getting tickets to this show soon as it’s only playing for a limited engagement until May 18. If in the NYC area it’s easy to get to by subway – the #7 train to Citi Field/Willets Point. You’ll see the big blue and yellow tent in the parking lot. It’s suitable for all ages with different price points determined by seating sections. Be prepared for a magical experience!


Amaluna  – March 20 to May 18, 2014

A few pre and post-show festivity pics in and around the Grand Chapiteau –

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28 thoughts on “Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna under the Grand Chapiteau in NYC!”

    1. Hello Reese!

      It was a terrific time! We love almost every show we have seen from Cirque. Such amazing performances and athleticism. So lucky we were able to see this on premier night!

  1. I have to admit that I’ve never been quite this jealous of you before. You are SO lucky. Cirque du Soleil performances are all such a feast for the eyes.

    1. Hey Karen!

      We have seen a bunch of them in NYC, Vegas, and Florida and they never disappoint! Such a great show and a lot of fun. Sorry to make you all green eyed with envy!

  2. Oh man, I love these shows. I finally saw the one at Disney World – La Nouba. My husband gets all freaked out when some itty bitty girl folds herself into a square, but I think the performers are true artists.

    And it’s so cool that the wait staff donned costumes as well. All part of that party atmosphere. Sounds like a terrific evening!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      I saw La Nouba with my family. That was a terrific show. Would go back and see it again. Yes, the performers do some amazing things don’t they?

      Since this was a premier they went all out. The staff there was great, and the show was a lot of fun.

    1. Hey Michelle!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

      The performers are all very talented and do things that I would not even try! It’s amazing how good they all are.

    1. Hello Nonsense!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

      I also wonder that at times as some of the acts are dangerous. I am sure many have gotten bumps and bruises along the way, but they are so good they look effortless. Great talent!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time Phil.

    I’ve never seen Cirque Du Soleil but everyone I know who has raves about them. I nearly saw them in 2000 but it was cancelled at short notice due to a friend’s illness.

    Hopefully I’ll see them soon. I’ll look out for them in the UK and on my travels.

    1. Hey Guy!

      It was a terrific evening!

      If you have a chance go see a show. They have different shows touring around the world. Such a fun show to see.

    1. Hey Beth!

      You must go see one show they do. So many to choose from. I took some of the pics while others I was allowed to use by the PR agency that I touched base with for this.

  4. I have never seen Cirque du Soleil in person, only on television, but one day I really hope to change that. That’s one of the bigger things I miss about living up in the New York area, all the shows and special events. Awesome post my friend.

    1. Hey Michael!

      It is so much different in person, as the small screen does not do it justice. They put on a terrific performance. Worth seeing again and again. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    1. Hey Mother!

      I have to admit, it is a lot of fun living here! So you want to switch places with me so I can take your husband out clothes shopping? That might not work out well!

  5. Extraordinary pictures Phil!!! Can’t wait to check one of these shows out as you’ve got us all psyched into going!! I want to ask what Bethie did: “Did you take these pics yourself?” Cuz if so…clearly you have another talent you’ve been hiding!! 😉 Great post, great pics, sharing now!! 😀 <3

    1. Hey Inion/Mathair!

      Thanks! The Cirque shows are so amazing. I took some of these and others were from their press page as I was allowed to use them for the review. I’m not that good of a photographer!

  6. Hey Phil! These pictures are great. Makes me want to skip and jump up with the performers. I have never seen the Cirque du Soleil live and from your description, I’m totally missing out! Nice one!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      One day you and your family need to see one. It’s amazing what they do. The music, sounds, colors, sights are all terrific. They tour around the world. Glad you liked!

  7. I saw one of their show on my trip to Las Vegas and i only can say that this people are truly amazing artist with impressive physical skills.

    My husband and me really enjoyed that night, it was full of amazing moments.

    1. Hey Kirby!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yes, the people who perform in Cirque shows have amazing talent. Each show is so different too. I have seen a bunch and love them all.

    1. Hey Hazy!

      I have seen so many of their shows, but “O” is the one I have yet to see! Next time in Vegas I need to go see it, as everyone says it’s great.

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