Christmastime Calamity and the Essence of Ecstasy!


Christmas has come and gone once again. It wasn’t too bad this year, and no one was injured during the family get together. No blood was spilled or limbs torn off. That’s a plus I guess. When it was over we were able to escape into the darkness of the evening, and head home to the pure bliss of silence while sitting on the couch with a bottle of wine. Now, don’t get me wrong as I really do hate tolerate  want to deport love my family members.

Yes, Christmas brings out the best and worst in families. Surviving the holidays is the ultimate in ecstasy. It’s exhausting, and leaves you lying in a puddle of sweat while panting and out of breath. Like sex but more satisfying! Yet, it seems like it takes way more work to get to the end. Satisfying or not. Is the effort worth it?

All in all it was a pretty good time, as the family units kept talk of politics and religion to a minimum, if any at all. That was a good thing, and a must considering what is going on in this country lately. In the past few months heated words were exchanged, opinions were argued, and zingers were thrown with witless abandon. Heck, I lost a few morons family members and associates who de-friended me on social networks. Screw them That is their loss. I just find it the cowardly way out. To not even try to have a discussion, and maybe just agree to disagree, while staying civil and remaining friends, is to me such a petty way to end it all and say goodbye. Jeez – what do these types of people really do, and how do they react, when facing a major emergency situation and not some words on Facebook or Instagram?


What else? De-friend, talk about them behind their backs, then head out to Walmart and go Christmas shopping! That, or hit the Cheesecake Factory and stuff their faces. Well, at least I was able to cross those people off Santa’s gift list! No soup for you!

Speaking of shopping I’m now at that point where it’s gift cards all the way! Gift cards or cash for everyone! Or nothing for those who piss me off a small token of my love. I do admit that for my special someone I am one of those last-minute shoppers that hit the stores on Dec 23 or 24th to get her presents. I know it’s crazy but my kind of crazy works! I found the stores to not be that crowded during mid-afternoon, and many places had ridiculous sales going on as they were desperate to push merchandise out the doors to hit numbers. Even better sales and discounts than on Black Friday.

Seriously, you must have a screw loose to shop on Black Friday. That’s a hard NO!


Yeah, I’m also a typical guy. I know what I want and zero in as I head to the store. In and out quickly. Like sex! Wait… what? I’m not going to wander around aimlessly. I also don’t do much on-line shopping as I’m the type that needs to see it in person, feel it, then decide. Hate the process of ordering on a website, then having to return the item if it’s not really what was wanted. That works for DVD’s and cooking tools, but not for jewelry and clothes. At least not for me. I did just fine, thank you, and only knocked over a few little old ladies getting to the register. Just kidding, only one, but she had it coming as she was big and nasty and scared me.

Did you also see the craziness that occurred in malls across America? All out brawls, people running in fear of gunshots. General mayhem. The good old Christmas spirit!

Also, the year of 2016 just can’t end fast enough. Let’s please end this year of the Grim Reaper and move on into a hopefully better 2017. Way too many deaths this year. Way too many hardships personally and professionally. From music – Bowie, Prince, George Michael to sports – Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Gordie Howe to film/TV – Alan Rickman, Patty Duke, Doris Roberts, Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson, Gene Wilder to world leaders/politics – Fidel Castro, Nancy Reagan to true American heroes – John Glenn. There are too many to list. Too many to think about and comprehend here. Too sad.


Perhaps 2017 will be a little more forgiving, and not take away as much as it did from us this past year. We can only hope. We have one week left.

8 thoughts on “Christmastime Calamity and the Essence of Ecstasy!”

  1. Always entertaining, Phil. Had a quick read on your Post the other evening but really I’m just coming up for air from all of the festivities which were terrific but hard work.
    Wishing you and all of your family a fabulous holiday season and a Happy New Year ahead! You’ve done an awesome job over the year and it is great to see you are pleased with the outcome!

  2. A lost a few FB friends in 2016 over politics. Meh, who cares? Onward and upward. Time to kick 2016 to the curb and move forward. Hey, sorry it has taken me so long to get back over here to leave a comment—-I was completely swallowed up by the holidays!!

  3. The new year is upon us and here’s to a fresh start and a good year ahead! Maybe this can be a year where you won’t have to know down any old ladies when shopping!

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