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Now, I know most people who live in Manhattan or Brooklyn travel up past midtown for anything. Oh, God forbid, they actually get on a subway and venture up past 14th street. Well, I’ll tell you this – not everything good is on the LES, Brooklyn, and Queens. That is all fine and dandy – I’ll keep great places like Milk Burger to myself!

Shake Shack be damned there is a new playa playa up in El Barrio/East Harlem NYC looking to lay the smack down on ya!

Not too long ago I had some time to kill so I decided to take a walk. As I was entering a barren stretch of land along 2nd ave where there are just a few bodegas and stores I saw this gleaming structure in white shining like a beacon calling me home. It was as if I was in a dream and Milk Burger was this bastion of burger meat that kept calling my name. Hunger pangs were in effect so lunch meat baby here I come!

Now, when I first dined here the actual location itself used to be a bar or lounge. Everything was in white. The counter space used to be the actual bar top, there was a small stage area still there, and even the bathrooms had that club look to them. I expected a guy to be in there handing out paper towels and candy expecting a tip. The seating was in white leather. It did work here though if somewhat odd. The lone waitress that was working that afternoon told me they were getting ready to move across the street to a better spot in a few months. They should be, as a burger this good needs to be displayed in a proper home. They are now there in their new spot across the street and doing quite well so far.

Photo - Milk Burger website
Photo – Milk Burger website

Oh yes, the burger here is delicious! I went with a single bacon cheeseburger and surely did not expect how salivatingly good this was. I ordered mine with the works – onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles, cheddar, and crispy bacon that was cooked perfectly. It was on this amazingly soft potato roll. The black angus burger itself was mouth watering tasty. Just the right char on the outside and a bit pink on the inside. Burgerlicious!!!!!

I also ordered some french fries. I was mildly surprised to see these are the crinkle cut type. Love them! They were nice and crispy, and not under cooked. Plus, they were not greasy at all, and it was a pretty big portion. The Fat Man in me approves!

Photo – Milk Burger website

There are about  a dozen burger styles here to choose from, some salads, regular/cheese and sweet potato fries too. Milk shakes and malteds, lemonade, soda, and iced tea. I had a large house brewed iced tea to quench my thirst. Total bill came out to under $12 and it was well worth it.

Staff here is friendly, and they will also deliver pretty far too. I hope this place lasts as they have taken a big chance choosing the location they are in. The afternoon I visited it was empty but I did see a bunch of regulars come in for takeout orders. Support of the locals is key and it seems like they have it. I am now one of them for sure and will be back!!!

All the rest of you who snub your noses at going uptown can just stay in your own safe little enclaves. We are all doing quite fine up here, thank you. Milk Burger is the real deal. Hey, even Anthony Bourdain and his wife love it. Good enough for me!


Milk Burger – http://milkburger.com/


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  1. I don’t really eat all that much meat, never have never will, but on occasion I’ll eat a burger but it has to be done the way I like it. And, I can tell from the pics and your description that these guys know that they are doing and if I was there I’d have to check it out.

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