Bryant Park Cafe & Bar – an outside oasis in NYC.


Enjoying my Funemployment with a beer sitting outside on a beautiful warm Summer NYC day at the Bryant Park Cafe patio bar!

Yupper, I have had some major life changing developments over these past few weeks, and I now have some free time on my hands to fill my days, but that is a blog post for another time. As for now let’s just say that I’m taking some much-needed “me time” and exploring my options. Why not do it while enjoying what the city has to offer during the terrific weather we have been blessed with lately? Beer me baby!

Yeah, during the work week happy hours this spot can be filled to the Bro-ski brim with corporate shirt & tie d-bags, old suits desperately trying to chat up younger gals their daughter’s age, cougars hoping to compete against woman half their age, along with former frat boys and sorority chicks reliving their flip cup drunken hookup college days while playing “stare at the eye candy” before realizing they need to catch a train back home to their spouses and their drab suburban lifestyles out in Jersey and Long Island.

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Wonderful patio seating and views of Bryant Park.

Yet, during the weekday afternoons in Summer and early Fall when all these people are trapped in their offices working away at their jobs this place is a nice hang with a chill vibe. Smaller crowd, and much easier to grab a table or spot at the bar. It stays open until October, so there is still ample time for me and my friends who also have some free hours during the day to kick back here. They offer a decent bottled beer selection and some cold brews on tap. Full bar too so cocktails can be part of the plan. Ahhhhh……day drinking is so much fun.

Feels good to drink some cold Coronas while sitting at the bar relaxing and people watching across the park lawn while knowing your ex-coworkers are slaving away at work. I certainly don’t miss the cubicle farm. This time off might actually be a blessing in disguise. De-stressing already.

Life is grand. Cheers!

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Enjoying life with a cold Corona.


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12 thoughts on “Bryant Park Cafe & Bar – an outside oasis in NYC.”

  1. So glad to see you de-stressing and enjoying your time off. You sure know how to relax in style. Maybe you should write a book about it . ..

    1. Hey Karen!

      Well, after over 20 years working my butt off now I have time to write, travel, and drink. Let’s see where the winds take me the rest of this year.

  2. I much prefer drinking in the afternoon these days, so a pm visit to this place would be just what I need. And I like the summary of the assumed motives of the cougars, shirt-and-ties etc.

    1. Hey Gary!

      There is nothing wrong with day drinking! It’s an art form.

      Oh yeah, happy hour is a glorious exercise in futility with some of the patrons here. Fun to watch.

  3. Hey Phil,
    Remember…all things happen for a reason. At least that’s what I continue to tell myself five years after I lost my job and started my blogging thang. Shoot me an email if you want to meet up and discuss the funemployed lifestyle. 🙂 Cheers to day drinking!!!

    1. Hey Tracy!

      Not sure I believe in all things happen for a reason but hopefully things will turn out well when I am ready to return to the rat race. After 20 odd years I need this break to de-stress and travel a bit. Only been 4 weeks now so I am just starting to relax a bit. Thanks for the note.

  4. ‘Beer. ‘Sunshine. ‘Chilling. ‘Sounds like a plan.

    This is how we do things in Europe!

    ‘Have been hopping all over Europe so a bit out of the loop. ‘Hope all is well with you? xx

      1. ‘Nice one!

        If you’re in Germany, come to Berlin and I’ll take you out for a few cocktails..!

        Totally understand the chnging field. My British/American company (sigh) decided to move out of Germany, and I’ve been working there for 17 years (Eek)! Luckily, I got offered another job on the spot!

  5. Whoa… Funemployment? Yikes! I’m searching to see what I missed, but it seems you’ll have a blog about it at some point. Hope things are looking up!

    I have never been to this cafe. I know I love Bryant Park in the winter, but honestly have never been there in the warm months. Looks like it would be a fine place to kick it!

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