Atlantic City – the idiot cousin we all love close to NYC!


It’s like the idiot cousin I need to take care of once in a while that gets me into all kinds of trouble. But I still love him. Even if it means jail time and restraining orders.

Hey, if we had a choice most would always pick Vegas over Atlantic City. Vegas is glitzy cheesy wacked out fun. AC is like it’s crazy family member you hide in the basement that reminds us of Chucky in the horror movies. Yet, Vegas for those living in the NYC area is thousands of miles away. AC is but a few hours by car or bus. You do the math. It’s much easier to do a quick weekend gambling party getaway and be back at work by Monday morning than flying out to Vegas and dealing with the hassle of travel.


Many of the casinos are older and can use a renovation. There are some newer casinos like Borgata, Harrahs, Golden Nugget, and now Revel that rival those out in Vegas. Terrific clubs to dance and party at. The shopping outlets they built here (The Walk) are terrific and offer a huge amount of places to go on a shopping spree. Plenty of entertainment, concerts to see here, and events to participate in. AC has a terrific oceanside boardwalk that is historic in itself with amusements, shops, and comfort food, along with beaches to enjoy, and now the casinos even have their own beach bars out by the water to party at during summer season. Also, White House Sub Shop is a must to experience an old school sub just as they made it in 1946. Plenty of great restaurants all around. There really is a lot to see and do here. Just don’t expect a Vegas-like experience. Hey, if you are into gambling there are more than enough tables and slots just like in Vegas. They have “The Strip” and we have “The AC Boardwalk”. Vegas is bright lights. AC has an ocean. Both places have their share of weirdos walking the strip and the boardwalk too.


Sure, it’s still a grimy place with many shady characters lurking around. The area is still a bit crime ridden. You don’t venture out to walk around many of the side streets off the main drag in front of the casinos late at night. Yet, Atlantic City has a certain gruff personality to it that is unique and screams east coast all the way. If you just stick to staying around the casinos and walking the boardwalk and streets of the outlets there is a great time to be had here, and actually pretty safe.

Big $9,000 win playing $5 Triple Diamond !!!
Big $9,000 win playing $5 Triple Diamond !!!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the one main reason to actually come here – Gambling! I can’t help myself as I love it. Usually, Blackjack is my game of choice. Roulette if I am feeling adventurous, but I will venture over to video poker and the occassional high-limit slots.  Oh, those one arm bandits are the bane of my existence. To me they are goofy fun and you don’t have to think much. Plus, they serve you free drinks when you play them! Over the years I have had some decent successes here, to go along with the many losses. My biggest was a $9,000 win playing a $5 Triple Diamond machine. I almost crapped myself when that one hit!


There is nothing like seeing that “Welcome to Atlantic City” sign on the AC Expressway as you are getting close. Or, arriving late at night seeing all the casinos lit up in neon. The feeling of excitement is still a rush to me knowing that in minutes I will be sitting at a gambling table with a drink in my hand, a tasty dinner at a fab restaurant, and a fun weekend in store. As long as I don’t lose my shirt, and pants, all in the first few hours it will be a fun weekend getaway!

Well, I’m off on another AC weekend adventure! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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38 thoughts on “Atlantic City – the idiot cousin we all love close to NYC!”

  1. Well said. The analogy between both is on point. While Vegas is a hot love, we still like to sly on the side for a day or two with AC. I must say, as long as you hit big; it doesn’t matter where you gamble. Money is money and winning, well winning makes the trip back home a little sweeter.

    1. Hey Jessica!

      That was an exciting win for sure! It was a few years ago and I am still trying to hit it again! Can’t wait to get down there later today. Have a great weekend!

  2. Enjoy! I’ve never been to Atlantic City, dying to go, though. Wanted to go the last time I was on the East coast but had too many other things lined up.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Hey Teri!

      Wow – so you know all about AC! We always stay at the Ceasars/Harrahs casinos. Greet comps and promos. Free rooms this weekend! No big wins this time though. 🙁

  3. Have a great weekend! I am still laughing at the thought of the family member in the basement…there is one on every tree. Eat, Drink and be Merry!

  4. Hope you are having fun, my sister and brother and law are former Atlantic City and Vegas executives, and now they live in Vegas. Our shore house growing up not to far from there, the surrounding area is the Philly shore spot. Still love walking the boards down there though things have gotten a bit run down. Good Luck hitting the Jackpot of winnings!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I love AC as it’s close but Vegas is my love! Nice weather and we walked the Boardwalk a few times. New casinos to see too. No big jackpots but free rooms helped!

  5. I used to drive down to Atlantic City a lot when I lived in New Jersey. It was one of my favorite places. Have you gone in Trumps casino? I need to go back there one day. Sounds like you had a fantastic time at this place.

  6. Holy cow!! 9k is a crap load of money to win. I would die. The good news is that you can afford to buy yourself some new pants! Have tons of fun and good luck. I’ve never been to AC but its on my list.

  7. I remember taking bus trips from Allentown or Bristol, Pa to AC just to play $100.00 on the Blackjack tables. Now here in Arizona there is a Casino right on my street. My friend Howard (originally from NJ too) and I have walked to it, smoking cigars on the way.

  8. I love to play the slots, but I just can’t bring myself to play the “high-end” ones. Two quarters is the maximum I can bet at once without breaking into a sweat. Which means I’ll never really hit the big jackpot. Oh well, at least it’s a few minutes of entertainment.

    1. Hey Suzanne!

      I love the slots too – I just can’t help myself. I’ll play the pennies to the higher end ones. That’s how I hit that jackpot. It was $10 a pull. I find many of them fun especially with the bonus rounds. No big wins this time though.

  9. I love love love AC. Love all the free booze they serve if you’re gambling. And as far as Vegas I am going there this month for the first time! Can’t wait how it compares.

    1. Hey Holly!

      AC is fun and close by. There are so many casinos there and good shopping too.

      Vegas is my true love and have been there many times! It’s a fun city and you can drink in the streets! So many shows to see. Do a Cirque show if you can. Vegas is much better than AC but it’s the type of vacation to do once a year while AC I can do every month by 2.5 hour drive!

  10. The Vegas strip will fool you. I’m 29 and went to Vegas 15 times in 9 years. There was one specific time I went and almost got jumped by three guys who lived in Vegas. There was a point in time, the rift raft in Vegas, decided to rear it’s ugly head on the strip. I held my own ground, nothing happened, they were just acting menacing; however, a tourist and a worker in the casino got beat down one year in Vegas. I’m not sure if AC has had their crime spill over into the tourist spot, but Vegas was losing control; a lot of gangs from LA were spreading out into Vegas and a lot of the shootings that occurred were a result of LA gangs having problems with Vegas gangs. They controlled it now but fuck, that shit was a MESS at one point. I wasn’t even hanging out in shady spots, most of this stuff would happen in a place like Paris or the Luxor…. =/

    1. Hey Dean!

      That is crazy! As with most places I am sure there are good and bad spots. So glad they cleaned Vegas up a bit as I have not seen any of that element there. I just want to go and have fun! And feel safe.

  11. Love reading about gambling. But the Internet seems sensitive, like it’s bad or something. It’s just risky, so if you choose your stake limit beforehand, and stick to it, gambling is as fun as the stock market!

    My game: craps. People think it’s hard to learn. I think it’s just hard to decide to learn. The game is not so complex a drunken cowboy can’t understand it. I’ll make it simple: make a line bet and max out your odds. The stuff in the center is for suckers.

    1. Hey Corky!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      I just learned craps myself last trip to AC. Yes, that is what I was told too. Line bets, and a few specific numbers are the way to go. It’s a fun game! It’s not hard to learn, but kind of intimidating to many. I love it now.

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