A Bloody Hell of a brunch at Machiavelli NYC!


Oh Bloody Hell! Now I discovered another spot for brunch on the Upper West Side with a resto called Machiavelli.

Hey, I must admit it was a solid choice for brunch after competing in a 5K race with a celebratory cocktail! Look, after a few months now of eating right, cutting calories, eliminating red meats and processed junk, hitting the gym more frequently, and running my ass off at three miles a clip multiple days a week I deserved a damn alcoholic drink!

On this Sunday morning I had just competed in another 5K race (and did quite well, thank you) over in Queens and decided to meet up with a friend for some brunch to celebrate another successful run. Why not? The NYC weather was cooperating with a beautiful sunny Spring day, and brunch is like a weekend sport here in this city when multitudes of people stand in long lines and jockey for position to score some prime outside sidewalk seating.

Photo credit – Machiavelli website

The verdict? Good food, nice service, tasty cocktails, piano player, artsy grandiose decor, outside seating on a warm sunny Spring morning. Small bar inside with some Game of Thrones looking seats in front of it. Love the murals on the walls. Cozy spot that you can spend hours at. Winner!

Of course I had to go with a cocktail called a Bloody Hell. Basically, it’s a Bloody Mary made with tequila. Nice and strong and spicy. The way I like it! Yeah baby, I had two.

To chow on I had the Fritatta Casereccia – open face Italian omelet with smoked mozzarella, pesto and oven-dried tomatoes. Came with some mixed fruit and salad on the plate. Delectable. Especially with the smokiness of the cheese. Couldn’t I have just been able to order a bowl of that cheese? I love most anything smoked. Cheese and pesto. It’s a weakness. Too bad my breath afterward could have knocked out a water buffalo.

Basic UWS menu prices overall but worth it for a relaxing meal. Not bad at all and I would like to come back here in the future. Menu with many Italian favorites and specialties. They hand-roll their pastas here so it’s all made in-house. Maybe before my next race to carbo load. That, or just to feast on a cheat day meal! Gotta have some foodie enjoyment in my life.

Machiavelli is affable, a bit eclectic yet traditional, and a terrific place to meet up for dinner, brunch, or just a cappuccino over conversation. Open from 8AM to 1AM daily, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Machiavelli is one of those kinds of restaurants that I wish were up by where we live on the Upper East Side.

Photo credit – Machiavelli website

Oh, and it beats the heck out of waiting for a table at Good Enough To Eat across the street. Let’s face it, on a sunny warm Spring day New Yorkers love to come out of hibernation and attack the popular brunch spots. Why wait on line 45 – 60 minutes for some pancakes when you can grab a spot here quickly, have a cocktail, and be entertained by a piano player tickling the ivories?

Originally, we got on line over there but came to our senses and headed across the street to Machiavelli. We scored a splendid outside table immediately while we waved at those suckers stuck on line across the way. Then raised a drink at them in their honor about a half hour later as their line hardly moved.

Yes, we are evil. Life is good. Bloody Hell let’s order another brunch cocktail!

Machiavelli NYC  – http://machiavellinyc.com/


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8 thoughts on “A Bloody Hell of a brunch at Machiavelli NYC!”

  1. What a great selection Phil and a true indulgence 🙂 Seems a lot more appealing than my post morning run feed with a protein shake.

    Good on you too for whipping yourself back into shape.

  2. Oh man, that brunch sounds outstanding. I love the Italian omelette thingey. I may have to try something like that to serve here at the inn. Wonder if there’s a recipe posted somewhere in cyberworld. Hmmm. A good project for me to find.

    Congratulations on all the running. Keep it up.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Yes, this way a delish take on the all too normal omelet. I’m sure your inn patrons would enjoy it.

      Oh, I’ll be sticking with the running as long as my legs hold out!

  3. With a heart breakfast like that, one woukd NEED to be a runner to get sone of thise calories off! Haha which I definitely am not. But I do like good food and that looks deeelicious! I love the wall murals too. Beautiful.

    I wrote about food OFTEN. Post upcoming soon all about overdosing on gelato!

    1. Hey Peta!

      If I did not keep up my running and workouts I would be in trouble. Especially with all the food in this city!

      Mmmm……gelato. Now I gotta jump back on the treadmill! Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked my post.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Thanks! I’m setting up a new blog post about what has been going on with me lately. Will be back into this blogging thing again soon.

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