Choose small biz in time of need


In the foodie world there are so many choices to dine at with multiple restaurants everywhere serving up all types of fare. With the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused in the New York area perhaps this is a good a time as any to dine out for a few days, but instead of hitting up the bigger joints why not try out some of the smaller mom and pop establishments and support local biz?

The smaller places suffer more than the larger establishments with the big money behind them and the celebrity chefs in times like these. So many areas that were without power lost a ton of revenue over the last week. If going out to eat I would rather give my hard earned cash to a smaller local restaurant right now than one of the big powerhouses. Nothing against them, as I am sure they lost out too during the blackout, but they have more backing to recover from Sandy than a small bistro or cafe that is barely getting by to begin with.

I guess it’s all about choices. No one can tell you where to dine, but are you really helping the cause by eating at a huge chain restaurant or a big name chef place in the areas that were without power for days on end? Hey, we all love the fancy shmancy spots now and then, the trendy gastropubs and such, but the little guys need more love right now. Take a few minutes to look up these spots and see if they have reopened. I am sure they can use the biz.

Choose wisely, and keep the little guy in mind.

Also, one last thought. Give blood people. Sandy victims need blood and platelets. Blood centers need donors. I’m donating tomorrow. There are locations throughout in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and LI too. See list below.

2 thoughts on “Choose small biz in time of need”

  1. You are right! I went out on Saturday night to a friend of a friend’s restaurant and it felt great to contribute! That’s one of the many reasons we all live in this great city–it’s the small businesses.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the comment. Yes, the small biz is really the backbone of our city. They took a beating with the hurricane and need our support. I love our local small joints as much as the bigger spots.

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