You can Bite me anytime in NYC!


A sandwich almost as good as an afternoon sex session that you don’t want to end, but you know that you have to get back to work after slipping out for a little afternoon delight!

Such is the allure of Bite located in the Gramercy part of NYC. Small funky sandwich nook that offers up big flavors. Dropped in for lunch one sunny Fall day and fell in love with this place instantly. Nice amount of sandwich options, soups, combos, hummus, panini’s, salads, bruschetta, and Mediterranean tinged delights. Friendly guy behind the counter took my order, told me to take a seat, and he would bring it over when ready.

I ordered a soup and sandwich. Sitting at a table in front with the windows opened up wide it made for a comforting warm meal with a nice cool breeze blowing in. The soup was terrific. Nice sized bowl of hot mixed vegetables and bread on the side. The sandwich was just awesome. The Exotic Tuna with curry, golden raisins, red cabbage, baby carrots, organic greens and plum tomatoes on whole grain bread. The tuna was just delicious, and the bread was firm, crispy, and covered with seeds. Love soft as an easy chair…..

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Wow – wow – wow! I think I have lust at first sight with Bite. Fresh and tasty food here that leaves you all hot and bothered!

Along with a bottle of water this whole meal was $12 and worth it. Plenty of food offered for that price. Staff here have a chill vibe, the place is low key, and not pretentious at all. Papers and magazines to read and they don’t make you feel rushed to finish and get out. It’s another one of those little gems in the city in which a tiny nook of  place with only a few tables and chairs offers a big taste sensation.

You can Bite me anytime! I’m easy!

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20 thoughts on “You can Bite me anytime in NYC!”

  1. The Exotic Tuna would have been on my radar too! Next up for me would be the Middle Eastern Mushroom sandwich or the Proscuitto & Mozzerella Panini. Most definitely bring on the soup. I love having a meal out with windows and being able to people watch. Oh, and if there is great sex going on in the afternoon I am not making it back to work. Good post, Phil! 🙂

    1. Hey Mike!

      They have a great menu that is perfect for the colder months. Very filling and tasty!

      Then again, if the afternoon delight is that good most people won’t be heading back to work!

  2. Interesting tuna sandwich. There is nothing I appreciate more from a sandwich shop to an upscale restaurant than good bread- great bread. Love sitting by a window with the breeze blowing in, or even not, its still a great way to dine with open windows. PS.I think I need to get those little snowflakes passing around some blogs- my grandson is wild over them.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      This little place has a bunch of different kinds of sandwiches out of the norm. Yeah, it’s always nice to have that window seat to people watch too.

      I think the snowflakes are a wordpress thing. It can be activated by going into the dashboard in the general settings folder.

  3. That sandwich looks goooooood! Though I’m not really sure I get the golden raisins part? But then again, I’m not really a raisin-person:) Looks like a very cozy place:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Love me some raisins! Gave the perfect accent of sweetness to pair with the curry, and it actually pairs well together! I can get this sandwich every time. Great little shop!

  4. Just had a quick look at the menu. I’d probably go for either the Sabih (sauteed eggplant, hard boiled egg, salad and hummus) because that reminds me of something my Grandmother used to make (she was French Egyptian so cooked a lot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes). If not that, then the salami sandwich – you can’t go wrong with a good salami sandwich right?

    1. Hey Vanessa!

      You know it’s crazy but I keep ordering the same things when I go there. I really need to branch out a bit!

      Oh, salami, don’t get me drooling….

    1. Hey Marcia!

      Maybe I can smuggle a gallon of it out and mail it to you in an unmarked envelope. People will think you’re ordering sex toys that smell like vegetables…

  5. I love the title of your post Phil 🙂

    Ah, we love that lunchtime break don’t we? I must admit there’s little need for me to venture out at lunch unless I want to. We have offices in a rarely populated area so have lunches brought in.

    Nice to see bad Santa back on your header again 🙂 It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas….

    1. Hey Guy!

      Yeah, it’s pretty catchy and can be used in multiple ways!

      Where I work in NYC there are a ton of places within walking distance. Problem is I don’t want to walk back to work afterwards! Yup – Bad Santa is here again!

    1. Hey Brickhouse!

      I have too many of these “sessions” – that’s why my pants are getting tight! At least sex burns calories!

      In winter I’m all about good soup. It’s a must.

  6. The tuna sandwich is making my mouth water. You have so many fabulous places to go in NYC, I get a little jealous at times. 😉 Enjoy your new-found eatery and have a nice warm bowl of soup for me!

    1. Hello Jean-Philippe!

      Thanks for dropping by! I have been tempted to try those sandwiches. Maybe next time I walk in I’ll try something different for once. It’s a great little spot.

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