Yorkville Creperie NYC – Feta, Chocolate, Nutella, FLUFF!

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Could not begin to describe how yummy this meal was. Yes, I am a guy and I said the “yummy” word as it was that good. It’s one of those meals that makes you feel as if you are eating dessert no matter what you order. Yet, that’s a good thing!

Yorkville Creperie is one of those spots in our hood on the Upper East Side NYC that we knew about but never really ventured over to. Finally decided to make a go of it. We arrived here on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was after brunch hours and since it was a summer season weekend we had the place to ourselves at around 5PM. Grabbed a seat by the opened front windows and there was a nice breeze blowing in. Looked over the extensive menu of crepes and panini’s and decided to go with the Roma crepe – Chicken, Mozzarella and Tomato Bruschetta, in an Herb Crepe.

Hot damn! Was this good! Just the right amount to fit my appetite this afternoon. (Personally, I could have eaten two of them. Shhhhh…….)

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I’ll take two of these please!

We also ordered the Greco Crepe – Spinach, Tomato and Feta. For a few dollars more grilled chicken was added to it. Tasty and savory for sure! Feta makes everything better.

But of course being the gluttasaurus animals that we are we had to try a dessert crepe. How could we not? We happily ordered the S’MORE – Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker Crumb and Fluff.

Yes, freakin’ FLUFF! I used to eat jars of that stuff as a kid. Fluffernutter sandwiches were a part of my normal diet! FLUFF! FLUFF! FLUFF! Yes, I was a fat chunky kid. 

(They also do have a Fluff -A- Nutter crepe which includes Peanut Butter, Fluff, Nutella, Banana and Graham Cracker Crumb. OMFG! I must return for this!)

OMG! CREPEGASM! Photo credit - Yorkville Creperie

OMG! CREPEGASM! Photo credit – Yorkville Creperie

Anyway, the dessert crepe was warm and sweet. Just right for two people to split. The dark chocolate reminded me of Bosco. Maybe it was Bosco. Double Yum!

This place itself has a nice decor. Clean and homey like. Service was attentive. Lots of options on the menu, and you can also build your own crepe from scratch if you want. They have some pretty decent specials each night of the week. I remember seeing a list and one of them was “Wed Date Night” deal for $50 you get a bottle of wine, two crepe entrees, and a dessert crepe – not a bad deal at all! On certain nights they even feature live music. Brunch on weekends. Half price wine. It’s a great local spot for a low key meal for two, a first date, or a fun dinner with friends.

Photo credit - Yorkville Creperie

Photo credit – Yorkville Creperie

Will definitely be back to try out more crepes here! FLUFF!

Yorkville Creperie – http://www.yorkvillecreperienyc.com/


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34 Responses to Yorkville Creperie NYC – Feta, Chocolate, Nutella, FLUFF!

  1. You’re killing me. You know that right? As I gnaw on my raw veggie “lunch” and plot my Escape to New York for a Nutella crepe. OMFG.

  2. Karen

    I grew up on Fluffernutters. I actually made myself one a few months ago when no one was home for dinner. Now I think I need to try to recreate some of those crepes. I’ll be starting with the dessert ones!
    Karen recently posted…Funny FridayMy Profile

  3. Emily

    I love crepes in fact this weekend I’m going to a food truck rally and will be on the hunt for the crepe truck!
    Emily recently posted…Happy Memorial Day!My Profile

  4. Holy Crepe! I would not have been able to leave after dining on the delish sounding dessert crepe because I would have ordered and eaten two, ending up in a food coma.
    Cowboys and Crossbones recently posted…How to Pass the Sparkle OnMy Profile

  5. Liv

    this looks amazing! i’ll have to put it on my list of places to go next fall.

  6. Foodie in WV

    Now I want dessert or crepes or something as good as what you ate 🙂 I love that they have savory crepes, I have never tried those!
    Foodie in WV recently posted…Slow Cooker Black Bean and Chicken CasseroleMy Profile

  7. Not much on the fluffer stuff… but crepes… ooolala… love it! Loving the feta and chicken and spinach combo too. Place looks great.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Ciabatta Lasagna, Fresh Herbs Medley, A Burpee Presentation at Delaware Valley College Farm MarketMy Profile

  8. I make FABULOUS crepes…..but you had me at Nutella.
    Menopausal Mother recently posted…10 Reasons Why I Love The Midlife YearsMy Profile

  9. Beth Teliho

    crepegasm is right! Holy lord that looks amazing. Eating it must be a religious experience. *licks lips*
    Beth Teliho recently posted…I SMELL CAKE!My Profile

  10. Shelley

    Looks so good. Japan loves les crepes aussi! As for “FLUFF” I don’t think that yummy stuff ever made it into my house as I have no idea what it is. I was obviously missed out! 🙂
    Shelley recently posted…NAMASTE MTHRFCKRMy Profile


    When I was visiting in Puerto Rico last year, this Argentine restaurant had the most amazing churrasco with chimichurri sauce, of course, AND for dessert, crepes filled with dulce con leche! IT.WAS.SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!
    brickhousechick recently posted…I Gave You Wings, Now I Am Watching You FlyMy Profile

  12. My Inner Chick

    btw, you can say YUMMY all you want, dear. x
    My Inner Chick recently posted…You Rise Over & Over AgainMy Profile

  13. The Guy

    Ah I love a good crepe (got to be careful how I say that out aloud). I really enjoyed eating them particularly in Paris, most definitely yummy.

    Fluff? No idea what you mean by that. Here in the UK fluff is that stuff you find in your belly button at the end of the day.
    The Guy recently posted…Is There Wifi On Planes?My Profile

  14. We’ve had a crepe thing going on in our house over the last several years. This place looks right up our alley and I love the decor. :))
    Hazy Shades of Me recently posted…An AssMy Profile

  15. Mitzie Mee

    Crepes are the best! That one with feta and spinach sounds, you said it, yummy! But what is Fluff?
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Dubai :: Tomo: Japanese dining in a pyramidMy Profile

  16. I will take one of everything. Please.
    Coleen Patrick recently posted…Just A Little More Time PleaseMy Profile

  17. P.J.

    My kind of place! Not sure my blood sugar would handle that sweet one, but everything else sounds pretty damn awesome. Would love to try it!
    P.J. recently posted…Living with Diabetes: Hard work nets good resultsMy Profile

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