Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!

Photo Credit - Dorian P - Yelp
Jerk chicken – Photo Credit – Dorian P – Yelp

Ya mon! Dis be an epic hole in the wall for tastee Caribbean food!

I felt like I was back in The Islands, as I was washed away to Jerk Chicken goodness. As we were at the nearby Brooklyn Museum on a Saturday night for a few hours our group was famished and needed some nourishment – stat! It was recommended by a friend that we hit this place up as the food is off the hook, and she was more than right!

Yes, there always seems to be a line at this place, and a hustling take out business going on. We waited for over an hour to get a table in the small upstairs dining room, and it was well worth it. The whole place is the size of a shoe box. It’s the epitome of “hole in the wall”. I love these kinds of spots. The upstairs attic dining area has about four tables in it, and a low ceiling that you almost bump your head on. The kitchen is a small spot up front manned by a few people who pump out terrific plates of love.

Photo credit - Valery C - Yelp
Upstairs dining area – Photo credit – Valery C – Yelp

All I wanted was the Jerk Chicken and I heard they were running out. The cool dude working the front made sure there was a plate set aside for me for when we finally got a table, and what a plate it was! Seriously, for only $12 I was treated to a large plate of spicy deliciousness! The chicken was fall off the bone tender, and the jerk spices were finger licking good. The rice and beans in the center of the plate were fabulous, along with the cabbage that accompanied it. The portion of food they give you is ridiculous, and you feel all kinds of full after finishing it, but in a happy blissful way. I really think they should re-name this Crack Jerk Chicken, because I immediately wanted more after I was done!

Oxtail platter - Photo credit - Sean W  - Yelp
Oxtail platter – Photo credit – Sean W – Yelp

Oh yeah, we had to try some dessert – Rum Bread Pudding. Amazing! That’s all I can say. The five of us were literally fighting for each piece and there was nothing left – not a crumb.

Others in our group ordered plates of Calypso Shrimp, Curry Goat, Curry Chicken, and Oxtail. Everything was totally delicious. They could do no wrong here. It was just a perfect way to chill out in The Islands for a few hours. Prices are cheap for the amount of food you receive, and easy on the wallet. Good thing the subway stops are close by, because if they had a hammock here I would have been whisked away to a peaceful nap smelling of Jerk Chicken delight.

Photo credit - Korye L - Yelp
Photo credit – Korye L – Yelp


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18 thoughts on “Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!”

  1. Man oh man, I wish they had food like that around here (and if they do, I NEED to find out where to eat it!)… that looks too amazing for words!! The curry chicken sounds good too, but I’d have to skip out on the shrimp since I’m allergic to shellfish. Glad you had a yummy time, man 😀

    1. Hey Sammy!

      It’s a great spot! So many like this all around the NYC area. I’ve been up to RI near where you are and have enjoyed some great seafood too!

  2. Oh how I just love Caribbean food. Oxtail soup, curry goat, jerk chicken, escovitch snapper, I love it all.

    You always seem to have such great prices over there. You have to break the bank just to sit in some of our restaurants. If you like jerk seasoning then there is a great guy called Levi Roots who has a couple of cookbooks and he has a wicked jerk sauce you can make from scratch. I’ve got a batch in the fridge so it’s going to be jerk Sunday night tomorrow. It will blow your head off because he uses enough scotch bonnet peppers but that sauce is tasty mate.

    And I just saw roast beef and yorkshire puddings on that menu, now that’s a strange touch for a Caribbean restaurant.

    1. Hey Rum Punch!

      I love it too. Such great flavors and aroma. So many places to eat from all lands in the NYC area. I’ll never hit all of them!

      Sounds like I need to fly over to your house for dinner one day! That jerk sauce sounds amazing.

  3. I’m part Jamaican (mother’s side) so I LOVE Caribbean food. My mom and I are planning to go to Brooklyn soon, so maybe we’ll have to swing by this place.

    1. Hey Holly!

      I am sure then you would love this place! Give it a shot. Maybe go early before the dinner crowd gets in to snag a seat upstars.

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