Winter Storms, Beer, NYC, and Cupid!


I have to say I am a pretty happy dude living in Manhattan right now. With the recent winter storm Nemo dropping by for a visit dumping over 30-38 inches of snow in areas such as Long Island, Boston, Connecticut, and parts of New England it has caused a major headache. People are still snowed in their homes. Roads are still closed. Airports are playing catch up over cancelled flights. People’s cars are still stranded and buried under mounds of snow. The morning commute for many will be a nightmare as people try to get to work and back to normal. We actually lucked out and only received around ten inches of snow here in the city. Seems like most of the streets were plowed and sidewalks were shoveled pretty quickly by Saturday afternoon. With the temps above freezing and sunny skies out this weekend a lot of it melted here already. So how did I deal with this snowy weekend? I went out for some drinks with a friend!

535757_10200652005170935_1149848393_nHeck, everything was open in Manhattan on Saturday, so why not hit ย a bar after getting my workout in at the gym? It was a great way to revitalize my sore muscles – LOL! I did get some Chinese food first, for as we all know these places never close in NYC. Even in a blizzard Chinese restaurants seem to stay open and will deliver. After getting my fill of steamed chicken and broccoli I headed out to meet up with my buddy Melissa to down some cold brews over good conversation at a few of our favorite beer and food haunts on the UES – City Swiggers and the Heidelberg. Craft beer, big mugs, and potato pancakes! Prost!

Good times.

Now here it is Sunday night and I’m watching The Walking Dead and Bar Rescue. Winding down the weekend, and getting my head ready for a long work week ahead. Just thinking about it made me snicker at some of the things I will probably observe tomorrow.

1- Monster slush puddles at every street corner that clueless people will step into. It will be mid-forties and rainy tomorrow. Everything will be a slushy mess. There will be plenty of soaked feet tomorrow. I’ll be giggling.

2 – Idiot store owners and staff that refuse to shovel the glop off the sidewalk. Even though it is the law to keep the sidewalk clear there are always those lazy-ass businesses that will refuse to keep it clean. Normally I am the one who almost falls on my butt in front of them.

3 – The subways will somehow be delayed and behind schedule. The MTA will probably blame the snow. That happened two days earlier, and wasn’t all that bad here. What a shock! Not.

4- People getting blasted with wet slush by passing cars. I always get a good laugh out of that – unless it is me taking the slushing!

5 – Morons who refuse to carry an umbrella even though the weather reports are calling for rain. Not only will they be soaked from the rain, but also wet from the melting snow. Maybe they are too cool to carry an umbrella – or too dumb. I get a kick out of these fools!



Here’s to a new week. Almost forgot – it’s Valentine’s Day in four days. Aye carumba! The pressure is on!

26 thoughts on “Winter Storms, Beer, NYC, and Cupid!”

  1. Glad to hear most of the snow has gone. Whilst we got a bit here it wasn’t too extreme where I live. Thankfully it clears soon enough. It was even not so bad when I went to Norway a couple of weeks ago.

    Mmm, gym then beer; I like your thinking Phil ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Guy!

      Gym and beer is always a good way to replentish the muscles!

      Yeah, the snow in Manhattan is disappearing already. Good riddance!

      Have a great week!

  2. Hey Phil,
    We didn’t get much here in Philly or its surrounding areas. Of course, on Friday, events were cancelled and we stayed in, only to be greeted by 1.5 inches of snow that melted by Saturday afternoon. Feel pretty bad for those that were dumped on, but I’m happy it wasn’t us. Cheers!

    1. Hello Carica!

      You and me both – happy it wasn’t us here in NYC either! Manahattan got around 10 inches but it was plowed quickly and sidewalks were clear. Almost gone now with the rain. I would kill myself if I was trapped in the burbs with 30 inches of snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Phil. We don’t get snow here in Johannesburg. Sometimes we get some up on the mountains during winter but not to the extent that is disrupts life in any way here. Been dealing with a huge amount of rain in South Africa this year though and we get some serious thunder storms.

  4. No snow at all for sure in Dallas. It was warm and a few rainstorms but nothing crazy. I miss having real winters with snow but i dont miss the slush and puddles as you described. Gym and beers with good friend sounds awesome. Have a great week!

    1. Hey Holli!

      We have family in San Antonio so we know what nice winters you Texans get!

      Believe me, you’re not missing much. It’s raining now and a big puddle of slush now!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i love snow as its falling. But hate it hours after it stops. it turns brown/black, Its soupy. its disgusting. I am blessed to have a hefty maintenance squad who were up all night throughout the storm shoveling and salting as it fell so the sidewalks were clear around my building. and no half ass jobs to slip on like in Queens. My dog got the most out of the snow and it made me smile. Winter can cease now. I ve had my snow.

    1. Hello Monique!

      I hear ya. Let winter end now. One snowfall was enough. We really did not get hit that hard in the city here. and it’s mostly gone now. I would kill myself if I lived in the burbs where they got 30 inches! Eff that!

      Mickey must have had fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It could have been so much worse for us in the city. I was ready for it, so of course, we got less than expected. This was not a blizzard in my eyes, but I’m glad! The rain is washing it all away now. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hey Tracy!

      Hey, you live near me so you know how it goes. People panic and mob the supermarkets. Then it snows, and we don’t get that much. It’s plowed quickly and the sidewalks are cleared. We did not really get that much, but the burbs got hammered. Better them then us! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!

      1. Now, here in southern Brooklyn, people not only mob the supermarkets but the GAS STATIONS as well, since “Sandy”, which is idiotic. People are so traumatized. Hope they get over it and this doesn’t become the norm.

        1. Hi Shoutfire!

          Yeah, it’s like they fear the end of the world if we get some snow. People here in NYC need to chill put. These are mild winters we get now.

  7. I feel like the winters in New York have been exceptionally mild the last few years. But this year it’s been colder than cold. I can take the snow, but only when it comes when I want it- preferably when I have to go somewhere I don’t want to go, lol.

    1. Hi Holly!

      Looks like we have a messy week coming up with more snow. Damn that groundhog! He said it will be an early spring – now we get this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. And that’s just one more thing I don’t miss about living up north. On a side note, it’s nice to know that in your world grown men are not too cool to giggle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Frugal!

      Thanks. The snow here in NYC is pretty much gone. The suburbs were hit pretty bad, and I’m glad I don’t live there.

      You just reminded me I need to go out and get a V-Day card before I get into trouble! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nothing like a good beer (or three) after a workout. Glad to hear you survived the Nemo Storm. My friend in Boston got blasted. I might be heading to NYC in July. If I do, I will hit you up for the best beer bars. First round is on me!

  10. Love the Walking Dead! The season premiere was great. This season looks like it’s going to be a good one. We got 15 inches in Ridgfield, CT. Some areas got 40 inches. Unbelievable.

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