Why Make The Rat Race Worse Than It Is?

Photo credit - Trainpigs.com
Photo credit – Trainpigs.com

As I travel back and forth to work each day it never ceases to amaze me the things I see on the NYC subway. In just these past few days back at work after the Easter weekend I have viewed Subway Douchebaggery at it’s finest!

Here’s a quick rundown of some things that people have done or keep doing that boils my blood –

Stepping on my just shined shoes. Really? At least say “excuse me” and don’t pretend like you didn’t do it!

Eating food that smells like dirty ass in the train. Of all the spots in NYC that you could plop down to eat your meal you choose the dirty subway and a crowded rush hour car to do it? Yuck.

Photo credit - Trainpigs.com
Photo credit – Trainpigs.com

The subway is packed and there is no room on the bench and yet you still force-squeeze yourself in between us? What – you can’t stand for a bit until the train empties out after a few stops? Now we are all uncomfortable sitting here, and you’ve taken a cologne bath. Thanks.

OK, here is the deal. If you already see two people standing in the space in front of the doors do not just barge in and stand between us! WTF? There is enough room across us. Personal space dude.


Again, the subway is packed with hardly any room between us. We are standing here like a can of sardines. Is there any reason your pretentious ass has to open up your extra large NY Times or Wall Street Journal and lean it against us or into the back of my head so you can read it?

You see the old lady and the preggo chick standing there. Don’t pretend like you didn’t see them with your head down and ipod on. Give up your damn seat!

Dudes, use your superpowers to give that old lady a seat!
Dudes, use your superpowers to give that old lady a seat!

Again, what is it with the music and video games? Turn off the damn volume. We don’t want to hear your crappy music or stupid games that early in the morning. I need my damn coffee!

People barging through the crowd coming against them on a stairwell after a train just unloaded. Can people just wait a minute until the crowd moves by. Will it kill them? No, so instead they almost knock us down pushing through.

Photo credit  - Gothamist.com
Photo credit – Gothamist.com


As much as I love this city there are days I really really hate some of the people who live here! I guess that is the price to pay when living in a city of millions. Douchebaggery is everywhere. Do you experience it where you live? Does your commute compare?

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  1. I remember the only time I ever took the subway in New York and I gave up my seat for a pregnant lady. Not only was she very grateful but she was also in great shock that someone had the manners to give up their seat for her. I did it in such a way that no other douchebag (as you’d call them Phil) nipped in and stole the seat.

    I’m afraid that when it comes to using the subway you have to sacrifice your personal space.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Living in NYC persoanl space is at a premium. Some people just have no sense and invade it at times!

      Nice to see there are still men of chivalry out there. Keep doing it. Maybe one day some of those d-bags will get a clue!

  2. Damn Douchebaggers and their Douchebaggery! LOL! Why would anyone eat in a subway. Yuck! The odor is usually bad enough to make you york. Hence, the name, New York.

    In the burbs, we have to deal with stupid drivers or Douchebag drivers committing Douchebaggery. There ought to be a law against it.

    Sorry I missed your last several posts. I’ve been hiding out on earth. Too much over stimuli in cyberspace. But, I can’t be an earth hermit forever.

    1. Hey Lauren!

      It’s true right? We are surrounded by idiots! Especially in NYC where there is so much ethnic foods. I love them but not when trapped in a subway car!

      Douchbaggery should be an automotive offense! Off with their heads I say! How do some people even get a license?

      Hope you enjoyed your hide out break from the net!

  3. Haaa. I really want to know what’s going on with that onion chopping picture.

    I agree with you on the stairs thing. If you see a whole crowd of people coming up the stairs, you already missed the train, so just wait a second.

    1. Hi Jill!

      I think she was preparing a salad?

      As for the stairs, I usually put my shoulder down and into them a bit just to let them know I ain’t moving over!

  4. I have rode the subway numorous occasions on NY and Boston and what i hate the worst is the silent deadly farts on the packed cant breathe subways. Pisses me off so bad!

  5. I really hate it when people don’t get up for pregnant women or older people on public transit. When I took the bus to work when I was younger people would act like they didn’t notice that they were sitting while an elderly woman almost fell over when the bus lurched. I think public transit brings out the worst in people 🙂 The thing I hate the most is that back home people would spit on the floor of the bus, which to me is beyond disgusting!

    1. Hello Frugal!

      I agree, public transit at times brings out the worst. People act all rude and feel it’s ok, when it’s not. I always give up my seat when appropriate.

      Ewwww, spitting on the bus floor? That is nasty. Nothing like stepping into a big loogie! 🙂

  6. Oh man. The subway. My pet peeve is the eating–I do NOT want to smell your food in a small, confined space. To me that’s worse than bumping into me.

    I am always amazed at the crap normal people put up with, with grace–I see idiots in Chicago ram into people, say ignorant stuff and do generally rude things but with little arguments and/or fighting. I guess that’s humanity. I hope NY is ok like that, I guess you guys have to be a little tolerant given how crowded it can get on a train.

    You find the best pictures! Nice one.

    1. Hey Jean!

      I hate when people eat smelly food in the subway car. It’s just nasty to see people scoffing down a whole meal on their laps, and worse when they spill it on the floor and leave it there.

      NY is similar to Chicago when it comes to subway douchebaggery, except here we will let them have it at times. We are tolerant but to a point. I hate idiots.

      Glad you like my posts and pics!

  7. People can bitch about the South not having public transportation all they want, but I don’t miss it at all.

    When I take MARTA, our public transit system, it is with fear and dread.

    But, at least there are no rats!


    1. Hello UP!

      I have taken the MARTA. It is pretty clean actually and no rats. I kind of miss the rats. Not when they are jumping up on the platform though!

  8. The worst part of my commute is walking up the stairs. Getting back out of my chair is the hard part…. I used to commute by bike. I loved that ride….but not in the house…
    It is amazing how rude some can be.

    1. Hey Susie!

      Ah, working from home? At least you can work in your pj’s.

      I do love bike riding, and who says you can’t do it in the house? Rudeness – it’s a generational and parenting thing I think.

      Time for coffee – get out of my way!

  9. Yeah, you’ve got it Phil.
    I did notice the eating thing a little more in NYC than here. Otherwise, pretty much the same here.

    For me, the thing that really takes the cake is when the train pulls in & the doors open, with those waiting on the platform intent on pushing their way in, running down those trying to get off. Like you said – Can’t people just stand aside & wait a moment?
    Cheers, ic

    1. Hello Ian!

      Oh, I know what you mean about thise barging into the train. I have yelled at people to move and let us out first! Especially during rush hours. It’s like people will die if they don’t get a seat or certain spot to stand in.

      Hey, thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Here when I take the metro rail train to get to the city, I have to deal with other things. They don’t allow any eating on that train though. There’s often kids fighting on the train when we are trying to just sit there and get to off our stops safely. And they make a lot of noise and it’s annoying. One time I had to move to another seat because of the two kids pushing each other around and nobody came to stop them, and I wanted to get out of the way and be safe.

  11. LMAO Don’t feed the rats! When my family and I took a trip to New York my son and I counted the rats while we waited for the subway. We were in aww on how big they are. I hate rats my first apartment had a mouse problem I only stayed for a month. You could hear them in the floor running around. Just saying that out loud still freaks me out. I love when you are in a grocery store trying to go down an aisle you say excuse me. The person looks at you like you just kicked their mom or something most of the time I just go around and come back later. I hate the driver’s here in Florida they ride your ass when I’m going the speed limit then give me the finger as the cut someone else off and speeding. People kill me they are always in a hurry. No one has any kinds of manners anymore.

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Rats are a fact of life here when it comes to the subway. They are like our adopted pets! Along with mice and cockroaches – yuck! I sealed up every hole in my apartment to make sure we don’t get them.

      Ha – I had that grocery store thing just happen to me. I know what you mean by FL drivers. My parents live down there and the drivers make me nuts!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  12. I was catching the train here in Philly one day and fell on the steps. As I lay on the steps that’s all I saw was the bottom of shoes. When I finally managed to get up a woman came over to me as asked what brand of panty hose I was wearing. Why? Because I was BLEEDING and they didn’t have a run. Sadly Douchebaggery is universal. Good luck out there in the jungle!

    1. Hey Lisa!

      OMG! Sorry, but I had to laugh at that one! That has to be one of the worst douchebaggery cases I have heard.

      Hey, you might have been a bloody mess and injured but at least your legs looked sexy!

  13. Okay, so it really upsets me when people (especially able-bodied men) do not give up their seats for elderly or pregnant women, or even women with 20 bags and 3 children to manage. It’s disappointing.

    That last pic is ridiculous lol. Why would you ever want to prep food on the dirty subway? That’s a case of food poisoning waiting to happen!

    Btw, radishape.wordpress is no more so make sure to check out my website: roxannestokes.com. Thanks!

    1. Hey Roxanne!

      It agree, and feel the same way. Unless you have some sort of injury or disease give up the damn seat!

      That last pic is crazy. People are crazy!

      Will check out the new site.

  14. I have major anxiety on the train. Particularly where I live, there are a lot of F.O.Bs. Culturally, we don’t see things the same. They shove. They pick their nose and flick what they get from their nose. They hack loogeys. And they yell. with morning breath.
    I love living in BK. as does BR but thats the draw back for us. The inconsiderate ninconpoops.

    1. Hey Mo!

      Ewwww – nose pickers! Wonder if that is worse than the nail clipper people?

      Loogeys, yelling, and morning breath too? This sounds like the most gross commute ever. I would end up raging on someone!

      Thanks for commenting! Now I just lost my appetite for breakfast.

  15. NYC people are rude!

    They are all like children trying to get attention.

    I suppose the competition in this city makes people behave like idiots.

  16. Or the people getting off the train who ALL walk up the entire stairway so the people going down the stairs have nowhere to walk.

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