Why Is It That These Things Happen To Us? Why?


Why? Why me? Why now? Why Dammit, Why?!!!

You ever wonder why certain things happen to certain people. During certain times of the day, or when it is most inconvenient? You just want to throw your hands up in the air and scream. Or give up. Or start crying. There is no way to tell where or when these things will occur, but just be assured they will happen to any of us when we really don’t need it.


Why is it when you’re a in rush to get somewhere you get a very slow cab driver?

Why is it when you need pants your one size is never there when shopping?

Why is it when you go out to eat the special of the day is sold out?


Why is it the bathroom is out of service or being cleaned when you have to really go?

Why is it you get up early and rush to airport only to find your flight delayed or cancelled?

Why is it when you hit a sale what you want is all sold out or your size is not there?


Why is it pouring rain and windy the one day you need to look good for an appointment?

Why is it that you have to take a crap as soon as you get out of the shower?

Why is it no one seems to know directions when you ask someone who works and lives there?


Why is it that the cop pulls you over for a ticket when everyone else around you was going just as fast?

Why is it that as soon as you get to work your boss wants a meeting before you have even sipped your coffee?

Why is it that your sports team totally sucks the year you get season tickets?

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Why is it that you can start falling asleep on the couch but when you hit the bed you lay there wide awake? For hours!

Why is it that the one week you go away on vacation it rains all week long there?

Why is it that you have volcanic hellacious farts the night of a big social event or date?


These are the questions of the universe. Do you agree? Are there any “why me” instances that I have not listed here. What are your favorite or hated “why is it” moments?

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  1. Your boss falls down a flight of stairs (or something equally pathetic) the morning before you’ve planned to give your “take this job and shove it” speech.

    1. Hey Elizabeth!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! Now, that is a “why me” situation! LOL! Hope that did not really happen to you.

      Hope you decide to follow my blog and sign up for email alerts. I love new stalkers!

  2. Why is it that four days before you’re supposed to be executed for a crime you didn’t commit, the guy who did commit the crime, and who you’ve finally convinced after 37 years to turn himself in and confess, hits the Pick Six and instead of turning himself in, sends you a cake with a file in it and a photo of him and a beautiful woman sharing some sort of coconut cocktail while laying under a palm tree on a beach in Costa Rica?

    Loved this post, Phil!

  3. This made me laugh so hard. Especially because I have teenagers and you can guarantee that I say “why, oh, why” about 5 times a day every day when there are teens around.

    1. Hey Angel!

      That is always the way it goes it seems. Sometimes though those that are good do have some good happen to them. Keep the faith my friend.

  4. I used to live in Jacksonville FL. and one season my boss had given me box seat tickets to see the Jacksonville Jaguars. The games were so terrible it was embarrassing to be there. I was in awe of seeing a live pro game with such a good view and stuff to eat but I swear the excitement was lost on losing so bad.

    Now you may or may not know how much a pain of a butt it is to go in Walmart for a few things. I have to go there because the commissary doesn’t carry certain things. So I’ll go to Walmart and shop there just because I need Almond milk or I need to fill up my 3 gallon water jug. I’ve learned my lesson and will go the either the milk to see if they have any or the water to see if it works BEFORE I fill up my cart with any groceries. I have pushed an empty cart right out of the store.

    1. Hey Kenya!

      I know what your mean as I root for a few sucky ones.

      We try to avoid Walmart over here and there are none in NYC, but there is a Costco that I love. I usually leave with a full cart every time, and a hefty dent in my wallet.

  5. This is so funny, Phil. The falling asleep thing is so me. Apparently I can only fall asleep easily one time. If I wake up for any reason, that’s it, I’m staring at the ceiling!

    1. Hey Coleen!

      So glad you liked this one! That happened to me last night. Fell asleep on the couch by midnight. Went to bed. Thought about everything and every song I heard that day until around 2AM. Need a lot of coffee today! 🙂

  6. Hahahaha very funny and so very true!! When I’m in a hurry, every grocery store check out line is 10 people deep, but if If I have plenty of time all lanes are wide open–happens every time. Same thing with red lights. It is crazy how the universe works, eh.

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