White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City! That’s a meaty feast!



Now that is a submarine sandwich! Absolutely worth a visit of epic calorie consumption, and totally worthy of the hype. As we entered the hallowed halls of this tiny yet famous sandwich shop I immediately started salivating.

We took a spot at one of the age worn booths and marveled at all the memorabilia, pictures, and signs hanging on the wall by us. It’s like a who’s who of celebrity days gone by – Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., former Miss America’s, former NJ politicians, Mr T, yellowed newspaper clippings, family and friends, etc. We were handed menus that are short but get right to the point. No frills here. Just go for it!

Went right for their original famous Italian submarine. Even though they claim it is 80% fat free it still felt like a weeks load of calories! I ordered a whole sub as I was starving and did not want to share this massive sandwich with anyone!

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Now, a whole sub is $14.50 and a half sub is $7.25 – both worth every penny! The whole sub is gigantic! Like two feet long and stuffed with amazing tasting Italian meats, onions, hot pepper relish, vinegar, and all this inside a tasty hard but soft sub roll. Just delicious!

I actually felt pregnant after eating this thing. I was stuffed, but oh so content and happy. Almost euphoric. Sat my fat ass down at a blackjack table after eating this and did not want to move for a long time. I couldn’t if I tried.


Even after all this time the portions are still huge here. Been around since 1946. The place is still a dinky grimy old school hole in the wall with faded pictures plastered everywhere of celebrities, politicians, and famous folks who have enjoyed a sandwich here over the years. I love these kinds of spots. Cash only so hit the ATM machine before you arrive. Also, surely not for those calorie counting, or if a vegan.

It’s always better to order your sub, eat half as you will be stuffed anyway, and bring the other half home to sit overnight and let the dressing and juices marinate into the meats, bread, and ingredients. It’s even more amazing to feast on the next day as that is what I enjoyed for dinner the following night!


If you are in AC a visit to White House Sub Shop is a must. The place itself is nothing fancy. Just an old beat up down and dirty legend. A few tables to sit at and lots of sub options to choose from. Those that poo-poo on this type of place and food should not eat here or review it. Ever. Because they just don’t know what they are missing. This is history, the way our grandparents remember it.

This is an epic submarine sandwich. Period!

White House Sub Shop – http://whitehousesubshop.net/


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  1. Beautiful sandwich!

    Out here I get my subs from Jimmy John’s. For a chain, they do okay and I can have 2 sandwiches delivered in 20 mins for the price you pay for the whole sub. It’s not as good but, it’s almost as good and it’s quick.
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