What a subway mess up here on the UES


Living on the Upper East Side in NYC offers it’s pro’s and con’s.  There is an abundance of bars and restaurants up here to choose from. It has more of a residential “neighborhoody” feel up here as compared to the concrete jungle vibe of midtown, or the crazy party scene of the Lower East Side. Sure, maybe it’s not as much of a nightlife destination spot as downtown is, but we like living up here just the same. Plus, the opportunities to find decent apartments to live in with lower rents are a worthy of checking this part of town out. Now, with the MTA smack dab in the middle of the Second Ave subway construction project underway we have seen an influx of new trendy bars, restaurants, and businesses open up within the past year. From what we have heard many more are on the way. Just hope the rents won’t go through the roof here when all is completed.

Still, just waiting for this project to get done is such a cramp in our lives up here. Sidewalks are closed off, businesses have shut down all along the construction route, and enormous ugly structures have been built to house the machinery and equipment. Take a look at these pics I snapped to get a feel of what we have had to put up with for years now. Their target completion date is around 2016. I won’t hold my breath. It is the NYC MTA after all.

Duh, what am I supposed to do now?

I do hope that once this mess is done it will make the area more vibrant, as it really is a nice part of town to live in. After all, it really is just a quick subway ride away from other parts of the city. Plus, it will make the subway commute in the morning not as crowded and will alleviate the congestion as the 4,5,6 line is packed each day. I myself am looking forward to all the new spots to eat and drink coming. My liver and waist line is definitely not going to be happy though!

What the heck is this thing?


All these poor businesses are losing customers.
A wonderful walk by every day!


Terrific new ugly structures!


What a mess our streets are up here.
There is actually a supermarket under here!


Such a lovely view every day!


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