We were not in any Misery on Broadway in NYC!

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16 weeks only. A must see! Wow, that was terrific!

As I had seen the movie so many years ago I had almost forgotten the actual storyline. I have also never read the book so this incarnation of Misery was pretty brand new to me. As a three character play spanning over 90 minutes I was enthralled for the whole ride. We were lucky enough to have been invited to see this while still in previews. The perks of living in NYC, being a blogger, and Yelp member. Comp tickets for the win! The night we were there it was a full house, and I can gather it will be for every future performance.

Bruce Willis is, well, Bruce Willis. He just has that “it factor” and knows how to milk a roll whether it be dramatic, action, or humorous. He has a knack for ironic comic timing and did quite well portraying Paul Sheldon. The dude is a star.

Yet, the real shining star of Misery is Laurie Metcalf. She basically steals the show and almost every scene she is in. As a multiple stage and screen award winner she basically embodies the psychotic character of Annie Wilkes to a T. It is fascinating to watch her go deeper and darker into crazy obsession as the play progresses. She is a fantastic and underrated talent.

o (3)I’m a fan of dark humor and this did not disappoint. As a story with such bleak overtones there was a lot of humor spread throughout. One of the best moments was not even planned such as when Bruce had a prop malfunction with his wheelchair during a pivotal scene, and then another one in succession. The way both actors handled it as if it was a natural flow and never breaking character was amazingly funny. They earned a riotous round of applause for that moment! It was live stage magic!

Most everyone knows the story here, so lets just say there was one major scene everyone was waiting for that did not disappoint. Ankles – OUCH! There was another that also involved Sheriff Buster that “blew us and him away”! Not going to describe every scene so as to give it all away. What I suggest when seeing this is to judge it on its own merits and not compare it to the book and/or movie. Might be hard but that is the fair way in my opinion. Each are very different.

Also, the stage set was inventive as the rooms and outside setting of Annie’s house rotated in a circle. As some scenes moved to another room, it was a unique way to view it as if watching a movie being made and panning from shot to shot. Bedroom, to front porch, to front door hallway, to kitchen. Very entertaining. Sitting in the orchestra section close to the stage made for a wonderful viewpoint. It was like having the director sitting close by and orchestrating the scenes.

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed this performance. The power of live theater never ceases to amaze me!

As Annie kept creepily proclaiming  –  “I’m your number one fan”!

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Misery – http://www.miserybroadway.com/


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