Watching the sun go down at The Oar Steak & Seafood Grill

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Yes, every once in a while we do escape the concrete jungle of NYC and venture out to the suburbs to visit family. Many times they prepare us a wonderful home cooked meal, or do a meatfeast BBQ on the back patio, and then sometimes when the weather gods have given us a great day we decide to head out and dine al fresco by waterside. Sure, I still think the burbs are a Stepford Wives kind of scary place, but I have to admit it is kind of a picturesque scene to have some cocktails and seafood on a deck overlooking sea vessels while the sun settles over the horizon. Such is the case when out on Long Island as we decided to eat outside recently at a spot called The Oar Steak & Seafood Grill over in Patchogue.

It’s a really nice restaurant to have a drink at the open air bar overlooking the marina, or to enjoy dinner and frozen cocktails at an umbrellaed table by the water. Life is good!

There is just something to be said about enjoying a few cold libations and some eats while sitting on a deck checking out the boats motoring by, or fantasizing about the yacht you’ll one day own. Powerball – when will I hit those numbers?

Frozen Razz Ma Tazz Lemonade, Frozen Pina Colada, Baked Clams, Shrimp Cocktail, Salads, Coconut Shrimp, and Catch of the Day special. Just a terrific meal to feast on with a great view while watching the sun go down. Damn, I feel fancy. Like Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island. More champagne, Lovey?

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A live band was playing here too over by the outside bar. Very diverse mix of suburbanites gathered here on the Saturday before Labor Day enjoying the perfect weather. Prices are ok for a spot like this, and can be a bit more considering it’s mainly a seafood menu, but that is the going rate for seafood dishes nowadays. Worth it if just for the enjoyful relaxing atmosphere here.

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Was pretty busy when we arrived, but after about a 20 minute wait for a table with an umbrella on the outside deck we were seated quickly. No problem, as we grabbed a spot by the large bar off the deck area and enjoyed a few drinks while waiting. Also, they have free valet parking here which is much-needed as the parking lot fills up quickly at dinner time.


They do take reservations and it would be a good idea to make them, especially on weekends. We sauntered on in and lucked out on a late Saturday afternoon without one, but it did get pretty crowded by the time we left and we saw some folks cars being turned away as there was no space left. So glad we got to enjoy a meal here on a perfect day. If ever in the area give them a shot. At least have a cocktail and pretend you own a super yacht docked close by, and regale those around you with outlandish fishing stories.

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22 thoughts on “Watching the sun go down at The Oar Steak & Seafood Grill”

    1. Hey Chrissy!

      You get kind of a pass, as you work in the city. Still, that would depress me so much heading back to the burbs every day. This is a nice place to check out by the water, but not in winter.

      I did the commuting thing for eight months on the Ronkokoma line until I almost lost my mind and wanted to kill someone. Been in the city ever since.

  1. There’s something amazingly awesome about being able to dine near the water and watching people go by on boats and such. Always have loved it. The food looks quite tasty! Yum! Those shrimp look huge!

  2. Hi Phil, this place looks terrific, love the atmosphere and the food and cocktails look pretty nice as well. Was that sea bass in the top pic? Nice shots. I love these places surrounding boats in water often times in Annapolis or the MD Eastern shore. This looks like a nice stop off in your area during the warm weather months, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I forgot waht the fish special was. I think it was sea bass. With white asparagus. Pretty tasty meal with a great view. I’m not a fan of the burbs but these kinds of places I have a soft spot for.

  3. Why can I never remember to not check out your blog when I’m hungry? Damn it, now I need shrimp and a frozen libation instead of the left over enchiladas.

    Once again, looks yummy and thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. In my neck of the woods I see! We’re not all Stepford Wives and yacht owners out here lol but I would agree that the Oar is a great location, although I’ve only had drinks, the food looks great. Glad you had a great time out in the burbs. Once the cooler weather hits, the crowds lessen a little, and it tends to be a little more relaxing.

    1. Hey Paula!

      Oh, so I see you have been here. It’s such a nice scene to have a drink and some eas at on a summer day. One of those spots in the burbs I enjoy! Port Jefferson was my old stomping grounds too back in the day.

  5. Nothing better than dining by the sea, and I’m sure that beautiful view of the yachtes made the food taste even better:)
    PS: that first dish looks interesting. Is it saffron rice?

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Yes, on a nice day with the sun setting and a cocktail in my hand I really enjoy this kind of spot. Yes, I think that was saffron rice. I inhaled it!

  6. This makes me wish I was somewhere warm with my toes in the sand, sipping an umbrella drink and stuffing my face with seafood! Although I’d join you in the ‘burbs for it any day!

    1. Hey Captain Cowboy!

      I am sure you have imbibed many umbrella drinks in your day! I’ll be in the Caribbean come December and have one for you!

  7. My dad’s from Central Islip and to this day he says he’s never had seafood as good as what he had on Long Island. Funny enough, he married a eighth generation Floridian and had two Italian/Irish children that grew up in the swamps. Though sea food is a staple in our family-meal repertoire, dad still says none of it could be compared to Long Island sea food. Great post, Phil.

    1. Hey Inion/Mathair!

      So cool he’s from Central Islip! Yeah, so much fishing off of LI that it’s very fresh. He’s a proud Long Islander I assume. We get great fish here for sure.

  8. I give the place 5 stars!! As I sat reading this and looking at the pics, I realized I did not have a drink in my hand! I quickly got some wine and finished reading (and drooling). Why oh why do I love food so much?

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