Vosges Haut-Chocolat in NYC just screams sex and candy!


Sick chocolate concoctions at this luxury specialty sweet shop.

Can I say BACON & CHOCOLATE?!!! Give me a HELL YEAH!!!!

Vosges Haut-Chocolat located not too far from my apartment on the Upper East Side of NYC is one of those spots that makes your mouth drool and your eyes widen as soon as you walk inside. If you are a chocolate aficionado of any type then get your butt in here. Such an inventive selection to satisfy anyone’s chocolate gluttony desires!

Applewood smoked bacon and chocolate! What mad genius is behind all this? Peanut butter and sea salt bon bons – what??? OMG! Marshmallow, toffee, caramels in all kinds of shapes and combinations. Hey now!

Spicy chocolate yumminess with ancho, guajillo and chipotle chillies in dark chocolate, butter-soft caramel, and more. There are so many flavor combinations to choose from. They are well thought out and taste fantastic! This chocolate just screams SEX!

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Walking in this nicely appointed shop you see all types of chocolate bars, gift boxes, seasonal treats, and more to choose from. It is a bit pricey but you are paying for high quality merchandise here. Big fan of anything dark chocolate and they don’t disappoint. Honestly, most everything here is awesome. Much better then Godiva in my opinion.

So many chocolate and flavor combinations here. Dark chocolates with ash and coconut, curry flavor, caramel toffee, even some chocolate bars made with stoudt beer! BEER! This small little shop on the UES features some amazing chocolate flavor combos. All so mouth wateringly delish and the staff here is extremely helpful. Plus, there are usually samples to try. So much win!

So much chocolate. So little time. I need a bigger mouth. Sugar coma. Holy crap they have bacon chocolate that actually tastes like smokey bacon! ORGASMIC!

If only I could accidentally be locked in here overnight! That would be trouble! The Beetus be damned!

l (3)Vosges Haut-Chocolat – http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/


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16 thoughts on “Vosges Haut-Chocolat in NYC just screams sex and candy!”

  1. I have tried that bacon-chocolate. Even though my prize arrived completely melted (I won it in the beginning of the summer), its faithfully sealed wrapper held it intact as I immediately deposited it into my freezer to reform in whatever configuration it would hold. I would have sucked it through a straw, if necessary, but fortunately it solidified enough to consume as nature intended – as one deliciously whole piece of chocolate-bacon heaven! Albeit without those convenient markings which allow you to measure out equal servings by easily breaking it in pieces. Carb-counting be damned! That shiz was awesome… 🙂

    1. Hey Lorien!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yeah, that bacon chocolate is da shizz! Maybe try and snort it through a straw next time for a different kind of sugar high!

  2. My husband would be in heaven in that place, anything that involves bacon makes him drool 🙂 I love chocolate so this looks like a place that I would enjoy as well. Love that they have interesting and delicious sounding flavors, yummy!

  3. Oh my lordy lou! It’s 8.15am here in the UK, I haven’t had breakfast yet, and now all I want for breakfast is bacon chocolate! How quickly can you rush me over an urgent supply of this? (Our clocks go back tonight, so you have time on your side here).

    1. Hey Vanessa!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Bacon and chocolate sounds like a breakfast plan to me! I don’t know if I could ship some in time as they might not make it past my mouth!

  4. You’re killing me here. I think I would weigh 300 pounds if I lived down the street from a store like that. Now I’m going to need to find chocolate for breakfast.

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