Village Whiskey – Iron Chef Jose Garces Does It Right!

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Wandering around the Revel this past weekend we were trying to decide on which place to eat but many had a long wait. When we saw Village Whiskey we decided to give it a shot and were seated immediately. So glad we did as this place rocks!

Loved the atmosphere as the design and decor reminds one of a speakeasy as it’s dimly lit, retro-Edison lighting, subway tiled walls, worn looking mirrors, and there was even old time music playing when we entered (even though it switched to modern rock and pop later on). Even though not overly spacious there is plenty of booth seating for large groups and single tables for couples. Large candle lit bar area. You can tell some solid thought was put into designing this place. Also, we were seated across the open kitchen and it was cool to watch the chefs at work. Every plate looked wonderful that was put up.

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The bourbon list here is terrific, along with the scotch, whiskey, and rye offerings. Nice selection of craft style beers. Small wine selection. Nifty cocktail list that we decided upon and had the Bee Charmer and a Whiskey Sour. Had to be one of the best Whiskey Sours I have had in a long time! It was a perfect prescription to cure the hangover I was nursing!

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The food was delish! What more can I say? Great burger that was huge, awesome duck fat fries with a cheese dip, well made fish & chips, and a blondie buttterscotch brownie that we shared and fought over. Oh, and we started with a terrific pickled appetizer of golden beets and jicama. Stuffed after this meal. Is it a bit pricey here? Sure, but remember this is a celebrity chef place in a casino. You go here to have fun and treat yourself with a good meal. Plus, the service was impeccable. Our waiter Luis was great and really offered perfect suggestions. Even the manager came over a few times to chat with us about the drinks and to see if we enjoyed our meal. I never mind paying a little extra to be treated so well.

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This place is the shizz! Iron Chef Jose Garces did it right here!






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30 thoughts on “Village Whiskey – Iron Chef Jose Garces Does It Right!”

  1. Nice shots. Though I’m not much of a fried food freak, I’m all about that Fish and Chips as displayed above, golden crunchy. Looks like a nice place to get a meal in AC and worth checking out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a cool place. I’m really enjoying reading your post about Atlantic City since it’s one of those places I’ve never even considered going to, but after getting a glimpse of what it’s actually like, I think I actually want to see the place one day:)

  3. Sounds like you found the perfect fit for what you were looking for.

    I often go by the rule that other places are packed and a nearby restaurant is quiet it is usually quiet for a reason. Normally it tends to be bad food and bad service. However that does not sound to be the case here, maybe prices scared the others away. All the more to your advantage. It seems like you refuelled in a great setting.

    1. Hey Guy!

      It definitely was a good call for dinner. Reasonable prices and good food/drinks. Maybe we just got lucky because it was packed when we left!

  4. Oh Chef Jose Garces is amazing. He has a home here in PA, along with some fine eateries. I just love his style for making food fabulous! Is that some sort of amazing, super chunky salsa in that glass jar? I want it!

  5. For someone who doesn’t eat burgers, that one is beautiful! I’m reading this at breakfast time so I was trying to make the first picture be french toast. You didn’t say. Is it just an appetizer? Okay I just scrolled up in the comments. I guess that wasn’t some fancy peach syrup and you wouldn’t be eating french toast with pickled beets.

    1. Hey Kenya!

      It was a big tasty burger! Yes, envision a monster french toast that could put you in a food coma.

      French toast with marcapone cream filling, syruop, and pickled beets? I’d try it!

  6. That burger looks freakin’ amazing! Holy smokes. The fries, too. How were the prices at the place? Looks like a place I’d love to try!

    1. Hey PJ!

      It was pretty damn good, and filling. The fries kicked ass. Made with duck fat.

      I bit pricey but not horrible. Have to consider that it’s inside a big new fancy casino.

      1. What’s pricey but not horrible? Say for the burger? I am going to be not too far from AC this weekend… I may have to make a trip. 🙂

        1. Hey PJ,

          Check out the menu link –

          I had the Village Burger – $14 (with added bacon), Duck Fat Fries – $7, and a Whiskey Sour -$13. Fair prices considering it’s in a casino and run by a celebrity chef. I really enjoy gastropub type spots like this and the cocktails are fabulous. Heck, after living in NYC so long these prices are cheap to me! It’s worth it if you can afford to splurge on yourself.

  7. That burger and those Fries look incredible!!! Once again, I am jealous of the NYC Food scene. OF course if I lived there, I would probably be either BROKE from spending so much money eating out every night or I would be about 100 pounds overweight and probably in the hospital having suffered my second heart attack!

    1. Hey Matt!

      If I don’t watch it I will be broke, fat, and in the hospital! This was a damn tasty meal. Good thing it’s far away at a casino in NJ! Good thing I still have my gym memebership!

  8. Everything just always looks so great and huge. WISH I was there right now, my belly is rumbling like mad. I was just about to ask what was in that glass jar, but you already answered Lanthie. but what’s ‘jicama’, never heard of it before?

    1. Hey Rum Punch!

      Not only was it huge it was tasty! (that’s what she said!)

      No wonder we are a bunch of fatties over here.

      Jicama is a sweet, root vegetable that looks like a turnip. It can be eaten raw and is often found in salads.

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