UVA – Delicious pillows of truffled gnocchi Heaven in NYC


Photo credit – UVA website

One of the best meal experiences I had this past year. We have lived in this UES neighborhood for many years now, and this was the first time we had ever eaten at UVA, and now I want to kick myself for not trying it sooner!

As you walk in you are tranported to a rustic style Italian villa. You feel as if you are eating in an Italian family’s dining room. Totally warm, cozy and candle lit. The diners eating here on this evening ranged from couples on a date, to groups of friends, to families, and it was quite crowded. Thank goodness we had a reservation as we had heard it was hard to get a table without one, and that was the truth! The front has a small bar and seating area, and is a nice spot to enjoy a glass of wine and relax with a plate of cheese and fruit. The main dining room is followed by a second dining area on an enclosed back patio that is nicely decorated. Terrific ambiance in both rooms with a lot of seating. The place was packed, and I was to shortly find out for good measure as to why.

Photo credit - Kimberly K - Yelp

Photo credit – Kimberly K – Yelp

They have a wonderful wine list to choose from with prices ranging from fair to eye popping, by the glass and bottle, but with enough choices for everyone’s wallet. There is even a diverse little beer list. We started with a bottle of full bodied and robust Montepulciano. Basket of bread with olive oil was also placed on the table. This was just the start to a fabulous meal to come.

As an appetizer we chose the Bruschetta – sundried tomato puree, pesto and pine nuts. Just a nice light crispy start to the meal with a tasty spread on each piece of bread served on a wooden cutting board.



The entrees we enjoyed immensely as both were outstanding.

Photo credit - Kimberly K - Yelp

Photo credit – Kimberly K – Yelp


Gnocchi Di Ricotta – home made ricotta gnocchi in a creamy black truffle and chive sauce. Just terrific! Delicious pillows of truffled gnocchi goodness. I really wanted to lick the bowl dry, but since we were in a crowded restaurant with people all around us I had to show a little bit of class!



Photo credit - Hannah S - Yelp

Photo credit – Hannah S – Yelp


Cavatelli Al Pesto – home made pasta shells in a creamy pesto sauce with shaved ricotta. Another delicious treat. Their pesto sauce is just right and did not overpower the delicate pasta. You could tell with both plates the quality of the pastas being home made. I could have eaten double portions of both!


Of course we had to try out a dessert, and it did not disappoint. Chocolate salami!



Salame Del Papa – chocolate salame Venetian style. Not real meat salami but a hard chocolate covered cookie type cake shaped and sliced like a salami. A perfect sweet ending to this fabulous meal.

Photo credit - UVA website

Photo credit – UVA website

I have to mention that the service here is terrific. Very attentive staff and manager that were friendly and kept making sure we were well taken care of. The menu choices here are very diverse – wines, cocktails, pastas, cured meats, cheeses, breads, chicken, veal, seafood, desserts and more. Brunch menu on weekends. There is a very cool downstairs wine celler dining area too, and clean bathrooms.

One of our best meals in the neighborhood. Again, just outstanding. A wonderful place if trying to impress a date, bring friends and family when visiting, or just for a nice night out. I am still kicking myself for not trying out this place sooner!

Photo credit - http://tastefully-delicious.blogspot.com/

Photo credit – http://tastefully-delicious.blogspot.com/


UVA - http://www.uvanyc.com/


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16 Responses to UVA – Delicious pillows of truffled gnocchi Heaven in NYC

  1. My husband buys truffle oil so he can have it whenever he wants. He’d go insane for that gnocchi!!
    Coleen Patrick recently posted…Busting a Wallow and Spinning the Wheel of KindnessMy Profile

  2. Sounds amazing! Thank goodness you clarified that the chocolate salami wasn’t actually salami. You never know these days, what with bacon ice cream, etc. There’s a place in Oak Lawn, IL (South Side of Chicago) I like going to for the Italian food and ambience. In fact, it’s where Tommy Lasorda used to eat when he’d be in town. Nothing quite like good Italian food when you’re wanting comfort.
    Kitt Crescendo recently posted…How’d You Find Me?My Profile

  3. Lisa says:

    Fo the love of god you are killing me! Gnocci photos at 6 in the morning….it’s like food porn for god sakes. I will admit I only stared at the pictures at first, but then I went back and read your wonderful review. Well, I’m off to have a smoke after all that…ans I don’t even smoke.

  4. Foodie in WV

    I’m half Italian :) This looks great, I love gnocchi! Looks like a great place to eat and the atmosphere looks awesome!

  5. Jules

    I LOVE delicious pillow of gnocchi. Too bad it doesn’t love me (or my thighs). ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture
    Jules recently posted…Vintage St. John SweaterMy Profile

  6. Karen

    I need to learn to stop reading your blog when I’m hungry. I love little authentic Italian Restaurants. The north end of Boston has some of my favorites. This one looks like the real deal.
    Karen recently posted…AntiviteMy Profile

  7. Wow. That place looks beautiful. The food looks good too and I’m hungry now.
    Jill Pinnella Corso recently posted…Project Optimism: My Unsurprise PartyMy Profile

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