Urban Mudder NYC tomorrow and Make A Wish charity!


We get to play Batman on this one! Photo Credit – Urban Mudder!

I can’t believe it’s going to happen tomorrow!

That is, of course, me making a fool of myself again for a good cause. Miles of running broken up by jumping, climbing, crawling, and hanging over and through a dozen or so obstacles created by a bunch of evil madmen.

Seems like I just can’t give up doing stupid stuff to my body and putting it through some sort of hellish physical ordeal each year now. After my experiences these past few years completing a Warrior Dash and a Tough Mudder you would think I’m pretty well versed with obstacle course and mud runs by now. I thought I was. Here I am entered to participate in an Urban Mudder happening right here in NYC on July 25th and I still feel all anxious and nervous a bit! I have been hitting the gym and getting my running game in gear these past few months. Funny thing is I normally hated running, but after going out to jog 5K’s multiple times a week I think I am actually starting to enjoy it after all these years. Shudder the thought, right?

Good thing I’m not scared of heights! Photo credit – Urban Mudder

Throwing caution to the wind once again I am participating in the Urban Mudder here in NYC on Randall’s Island and running this for charity. Very cool that it’s right in my own backyard playground too. The charity I chose is the terrific Make A Wish foundation. I like to do these events to give something back. Heck, if I’m going to wreck my body it may as well be for a good cause, right?

I hope that you can support me and my team as I put my body on the line again, and it doesn’t matter how big or small a donation you can make. It all helps support this wonderful organization’s efforts. After all, it’s for the kids!

Heavy lifting. I need to lift a beer already! Photo credit – Urban Mudder

From the folks that brought us Tough Mudder

“The city that never sleeps has another reason to keep moving. We’re taking over Randall’s Island on July 25th with brand new, innovative obstacles, music on course, and an all-day festival. This is not your climb a net, do a burpee BS. Up until now, the only way to experience obstacles of this size, scale and pure awesomeness was at a Tough Mudder. Now you have them right here in NYC. Course details – About 5 miles, 12-15 obstacles, 3 water stations.”

I haven’t climbed a fence in years. Like cutting class in high school! Photo credit – Urban Mudder

So glad there will be a cold beer waiting for us at the finish line. I’ll need it! Plus, a full day event with food, music, and assorted mayhem. It will make all the bumps and bruises worth it!

Run across while these are spinning. Nope! Photo credit – Urban Mudder

Now this sounds like a great time! Time to man up and put away my skirt again. Link to the NYC event page to see what it’s all about –


A little info about Make A Wish and their involvement here –

Urban Mudder is honored to support Make-A-Wish® in granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. A Make-A-Wish experience can help kids cope with – or even overcome – their illnesses. At every Urban Mudder, participants will have the opportunity to raise funds for local wish kids. Urban Mudder doesn’t just create life-changing experiences for participants – it helps create life-changing experience for wish kids. http://wish.org/

I hope someone will catch me! Photo credit – Urban Mudder

Here is the link to my donation page. Any amount will be greatly appreciated to help support such a fine cause!


I hope you can dig into your pockets and spare some change for this great charity. Thanks to all so far for their donations and wonderful support! You all rock! With one day to go we have done quite well but there is always more needed. It’s good karma points too!

Wish me luck!


26 thoughts on “Urban Mudder NYC tomorrow and Make A Wish charity!”

  1. I love not only that you do this but that you do it for charity.
    But OMG it’s broiling out this time of year. Hope there’s more than one beer at the end of that rainbow.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much! Will be sunny and 80’s tomorrow. Hopefully it will be nice out. We run at noon. My team is just two people and we are hoping to stay in the top 5 teams as Make A Wish does some nice things for those teams at the event. They also have us all run together at noon.

      Perhaps you can help spread the word to your readers? Any help is appreciated!

  2. Good luck, Phil! The beer will be worth it and so is the knowledge that your participation is putting smiles on the faces of Wish Kids throughout the country. As a Wish Granter, I can’t thank you enough. Go get ’em!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Much appreciated! Might as well support a great cause while banging up my body, right?

      My team is just two of us and we are trying to stay in the top 5 fundraisers for the Make A Wish charity at the event. Thanks!

  3. Phil, you are awesome! Have fun tomorrow and don’t hurt yourself too much. Enjoy the food and beer afterwards and I think we all expect another story and photos when you are done applying ice to yourself.

    1. Hey Mary!

      Thanks for the well wishes! I am sure it will be a great day. Oh yeah, lots of pictures. Depends on how I do and how many beers I have!

    1. Hey Marcia!

      Thanks! I had a big bowl of pasta for dinner tonight. As ready as I’ll be for tomorrow. Did well with fundraising for my charity so far. Still hoping to get some more. It’s a great cause!

  4. I know you’re doing it for charity, but it is also a competition. Push people in your way if you need to. Bring the thunder, dammit. This race is a metaphor for life.

  5. Cant wait to hear how it went!!! You are so awesome for doing these every year. They look like a lot of work but fun and rewarding at the end.
    So proud of you!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Thanks. These events are a blast. I really like doing them. Sure, I get beaten up a bit but it’s for a worthy charity. Such fun too!

  6. Good luck, Phil, and what a great cause to support. I’m an avid runner and cyclist… but I’m a pampered at-home gym rat. My air’s full blast when I’m on the treadmill and then it’s a fave movie in the background while on my stationary bike. Wow… I really sound like a wuss! Ha ha. What I’m trying to say, *while attempting to pick up the shards that was once my self esteem 😉 * is hat’s off to you for doing this in the summer. We wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    1. Hey Inion!

      Thanks for the well wishes. Yup, a bunch of gym time, sweat, and running out on the streets to get ready for this. Nothing like the sweaty summer. I’d would rather always be in the AC!

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