Tough Mudder / Wounded Warrior Project – putting my body on the line again for another great cause!


I have officially signed up to enter Tough Mudder on July 12th in Andover, NY. Yup, I’m putting my body on the line again for a terrific cause. I’m taking on Tough Mudder to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Serious running, gym sessions, training, and conditioning is starting this week. 10-12 miles and over 20-25 military style obstacles encompass this event so I better get in shape. Now, I know what people are thinking. It’s the holiday season coming up. There will be all types of evilly delicious bad foods and sugary delicacies all around and ready to ambush me at every turn. Dude, half your blog is food porn! Actually, for me it’s the perfect time as it will offer a good reason to not be lured into all the bad eating and drinking. I am sure I will be enticed along the way and succumb a bit. I am a sucker for seduction! Thanksgiving and vacations are coming up. Hey, I still have to enjoy life you know!

Please join in, and help me reach this goal.

As a relative of those who have served and are currently serving it is an honor to help with this amazing cause. We need to support our wounded servicemen and women who have given so much to protect and fight for our freedom. Tough Mudder is all about overcoming obstacles, together. Your support will help me reach this fundraising goal and help others overcome their own obstacles.

I salute all those who have served and overcome so much, but know that many still have a long ways to go. The Wounded Warrior Project is a wonderful cause and does so much to help these people who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Please find it in your heart to give, even if it’s just a small amount. In case anyone wants to donate to this tremendous cause here is the link to my event page  –

Some info on these organizations –

WOUNDED_WARRIOR_PROJECT_-_F__50521_zoomWounded Warrior Project –

Our Mission: To honor and empower Wounded Warriors. To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history. To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members. To help injured service members aid and assist each other. To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.


Tough Mudder –

Tough Mudder events are hardcore obstacle courses designed to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, over one million inspiring participants worldwide to date, and more than $5 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.


34 thoughts on “Tough Mudder / Wounded Warrior Project – putting my body on the line again for another great cause!”

  1. Good luck, Phil! From my perspective Tough Mudder is a serious beast and I have the utmost respect for anybody who takes it on not to mention the wonderful cause. I hope you will have someone there taking pics for you, trust me you will want it documented. I am already looking into volunteering for next yea’s TM in the North Texas area….apparently a volunteer position is hard to come by because everyone wants to do it…I am guessing because there are so many of us that are afraid to actually attempt the beast!!!! You will do great!

    1. Hey Julie!

      Thanks so much! I appreciate you dropping by to comment and throw your support my way. I’ll be sure to take some pics. I’ll do my best and hope to make it to the end!

  2. Tough Mudder is just as intimidating as it sounds. I know a large group from my gym participate as well…I’ll keep you posted if I’ll be one of them this time around. I have gotten so strong in 2 months, but I’m not sure I’ll be “Military” strong by April. I will certainly donate to your cause, because you are the one who inspired me to be where I am today.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      You’ll never know unless you give it a shot. I’m not sure even if I’m in good enough shape but there is almost 5 months to get ready!

      I am humbled that I inspired you. Keep up the great work. I appreciate your support!

  3. Phil I just completed my second Tough Mudder in Mid-October, so I know exactly how “Tough” it actually is, and Dude, you have my UTMOST respect! You will kick its ass!! Watch out for the Berlin Wall (one of my teammates refers to it as the Berlin Ball, because he lost one of his there).

  4. Phil! You are true testament to support and dedication. And, for a very noble cause.

    P.S. You may only need to cut out the odd corn dog. You already look pretty buff…? Ha ha!

    1. Hey Hazy!

      Thanks so much for your donation! It’s much appreciated.

      I need to cut out all the pizza, beer, burgers, etc. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Good for you for tackling this! Next time there is a sit-on-your-ass-and-think-deep-thoughts marathon, you will see me at the front of the line. Until then, I will be on the sidelines supporting, much like I am for the members of our armed services. Go Go Go!

    1. Hey Jill!!

      Thanks so much for your support and donation to my charity cause! It’s much appreciated!

      I’ll be at the front of the line for beer and pizza after this!

      1. I may try the Princess Mud Run next year. It’s not as challenging at the Mudder, which is what I need for my old self.

  6. You have a big heart, Phil. Great cause! Sounds grueling but immensely rewarding. Helping yourself while helping others. You go, guy!

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