Time for some “adult fun” in NYC? Head to Rick’s Cabaret!

Photo credit – Rick’s Cabaret

Looking to have some adult entertainment in a relaxing “no-pressure” environment? Head on over to Rick’s Cabaret in NYC. Do it! Now! Don’t forget to bring those dollar bills! 

Of course, being the “manly man” that I am I have to admit to frequenting a strip club for some adult fun on occasion. Whether it be with the guys for a night out, or with a recent bachelor party I was in, a classy joint like Rick’s is always a pleasure to spend some time at. I know that strip clubs are not for everyone, with some women and those more puritanical in nature finding them offensive, but for guys and gals like me it sure is a whole lotta fun! It’s one of those places to go, spend some, cash, and let your hair down. After long day at work, or after a stressful week, some like to hit up these establishments for some innocent enjoyment and let some steam off. I find nothing wrong with it. If you do, then just go somewhere else. No harm, no foul.

Photo credit - Rick's Cabaret
Photo credit – Rick’s Cabaret

It’s one of the few strip clubs I have been to over the years where you are greeted with a handshake by the bouncers and treated like a regular even if you are not. A really chill place to kick back in with a drink and enjoy all the “talent” around you. The girls here are actually very pretty, sexy, and nice too. Many of Russian descent I have noticed mixed in with some other countries and locals from the good ol’ USA. Never once did I feel the “hard sell” approach here, as many dancers I have met in the past attack you as if they are Arnold Schwarzenneger on a mission as money “Terminators” to suck every dollar out of your pockets. “I’ll be baaaack for your wallet!” Sure, some dancers can be a bit aggressive and suggest a trip to the upstairs VIP rooms for private sessions, but will be courteous and leave you alone when politely declining. It’s all part of the game, and it’s their job.

Photo credit - Rick's Cabaret
Photo credit – Rick’s Cabaret

Rick’s also actually is pretty affordable as far as strip clubs go. Free admission 11-7, happy hour until 8PM, low prices on a large bottle of Chimay, easy on the wallet rates for lap dances ($20), and a $10 lunch special Mon-Fri. You can also go on their website to print out free admission passes to use once in a while. Rick’s makes it easy for even the average “working Joe” to come in for a few hours and enjoy life. I also saw some couples and ladies getting lap dances too. Fun for everyone! They don’t discriminate here and the ladies are more then welcome to come in and have some fun alongside us dudes.

One time I also did sample some of the food on the menu. I must say that as far as a strip club goes the eats here are pretty darn good! From the shrimp cocktail to the beef sliders and spring rolls I was kind of impressed. Heck, they even serve brunch here at Rick’s! Take in a lap dance with that eggs benedict and bloody mary!

77d32961005c07fc23dd79eaba2c3325e38e23b412372da37a7339fcfa08f96cMultiple floors, nice waitresses, outdoor deck to enjoy a cigar, three stages, affordable drinks, moderate admission, tasty food, gentlemanly bouncers, sexy friendly dancers, meal and drink specials, all wrapped up in a comfortable chic atmosphere. What’s not to like? Sometimes you just need to exhale and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Rick’s Cabaret makes it oh-so-easy to kick back and partake in the moment.

Just remember, in the words of Chris Rock – “No sex in the champagne room!”

Photo credit - Rick's Cabaret
Photo credit – Rick’s Cabaret


Rick’s Cabaret NYC – http://www.ricksnewyork.com/default.aspx


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32 thoughts on “Time for some “adult fun” in NYC? Head to Rick’s Cabaret!”

  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Rick’s, not from anyone I actually know, but from the people on the Howard Stern Show. You lucky SOB, you’re the unofficial spokesman of one of the hottest strip joints in New York…look at you, all grown up.

  2. LOVE the diversity of your adventures in NYC, Phil.

    Skedoodling off to try yet another cure for hail damage on my butt. I want some of those dollar bills, dude!!!!

  3. Not really my thing. While living in Bangkok we checked a place out. Curiosity killed the cat. It was just sad. This one seems to be a whole world of different.

  4. We have a Rick’s here in Dallas and Houston. Cant say that I’ve been but i had a friend who worked in the one in Houston and totally Banked!
    Lots of my guy friends go to another booby bar in town for the lunch specials. Not my thing but good for them!

  5. I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs with friends when I was younger. They have never bothered me, I think they can be fun when you go with a big group. I did have one friend that found them uncomfortable, but I think that was more of a low self esteem thing on her part 🙂

    1. Hey Foodie!

      So cool that you are a strip club fan. It’s fun. Too bad your friend couldn’t loosen up. There’s always those who don’t enjoy them.

  6. Woohoo, more reviews! Not to get all serious (as this is a lighthearted post) but I think it’s nice you did this one. With sex workers/rights being a big thing in Canada, and now discussed in the US, I think we all need to stop shielding our eyes and say “Hey, these ideas and places exist, and the established ones are better than the alternatives. Let’s embrace it and talk about it.” At least my attitude towards sex work and the varying degrees of it has become much more tolerant lately as I’ve heard from voices of women making the choice to do it, rather than being forced into it. Always with that caveat.

    This places looks nice and clean. Nice when the vibe isn’t aggressive or hostile. And coming from NYC those prices seem pretty reasonable from the little experience I have. I like the reviews, it seems like you’re branching out with stuff to tell us about — very cool!

    1. Hey Jean!

      When up in Montreal there are strip clubs right on the main streets, alongside all kinds of retail, banks, businesses, etc. It’s pretty wild. Sure, here in the US and in Canada and all over there are some seedy spots, but there are also nice places like Rick’s too. It’s not for everyone, and that’s ok, but people should not look down on those working in these places. For many it’s a job that pays the bills, puts food on the table, and earns a living. Not all are forced to do it. It’s a choice.

      Thanks for the love of my review posts! Lots to talk about here in NYC. More to come.

  7. Looks like a fun place. And yes, Eastern European women are beautiful *fluffs hair*. One question: Does cabaret mean strip club? I thought that meant burlesque. It has a nice ring to it. Either way, looks like a fun place to unwind with friends sometimes.

  8. Pimp Diddy P … this is what I shall call you. Once I read that “beef sliders” were being served, my filthy mind took a sharp right.
    I’m glad to know that there is a clean environment to go get your man on!

  9. Men who pay escorts for sex shouldn’t be vilified, looked down upon or seen as losers.But rather they’re men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it.

  10. Generally, girls who make lots of money are hustlers. Which means they chase money at all the multiple scales of ‘high-class’ escorting, and they essentially make escorting their life they work full-time and are often willing to work at all hours of the day.

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