These libations are killing me softly at Dutch Kills in Queens, NY

Photo credit - Dutch Kills
Photo credit – Dutch Kills

The best speakeasy in Queens! Came here with a bunch of friends not too long ago for the first time and realized it’s the kind of cozy, dark, and mellow place that can suck you in for hours and not have a clue as to what time it is before your stumble out. It’s not often that I venture out to Long Island City for a cocktail, but would happily go on another adventure to this little hideaway for another libation.

Love the classic hidden speakeasy vibe Dutch Kills has going on here. It’s in a desolate strip along Jackson Ave that can get kinda sketchy late at night. At least the subway stop is only a block away for quick access. You wouldn’t know it’s here at all except for a small nondescript white neon sign that says “bar” above the door. It’s in a small building surrounded by a few other businesses. Once you open the brown metal door you enter into a terrific hidden den of mixology.

Photo credit – Dutch Kills

The first room features a long row of booths and tables to sit at in dark brown woods, and dimly lit lighting. I immediately notice the music playing is more punky and punk surfer rock. Sounded cool and was a different selection from the normal speakeasy 20’s-40’s classic tunes. We passed through and entered the bar area where we were greeted by the bartender who handed us a beat up brochure of cocktails to choose from. The bar is long and impressive. Behind it on blackboards written in chalk were lists of their liquors and prices. Nice touch and wonderful ambiance to get all close and personal with your drink of choice, or delve into quiet conversation with your partner in crime.

Classic Gold Rush
Classic Gold Rush

Oh, and just tell the bartender what your taste buds are craving. Bartender’s Choice is the way to go. Just trust. I said bourbon and was treated to a Gold Rush. A few in our group tasted mine and immediately ordered it. For $11 it was an expertly made cocktail that tasted delicious. Bourbon, honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, over ice and just so simple. Our group took a booth and one of the staff brought us silver cups of ice water with cucumbers in them. Another classy touch. This is one of those hidden gems that is perfect for a group, a date to impress, friends out for a drink, after dinner cocktails, or if you just want to hang out at the bar by your lonesome sipping a quality drink while pondering the mysteries of life.

I could have pounded down about ten of those Gold Rush’s but was dragged out as we had to go to dinner. Sitting at Dutch Kills is like entering a black hole of wonderful drinks in an environment that makes you lose all track of time – but it’s a good thing! Did we really have to leave? Le sigh…….

Photo credit - Dutch Kills
Photo credit – Dutch Kills



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23 thoughts on “These libations are killing me softly at Dutch Kills in Queens, NY”

  1. You and your speakeasies! This place looks very cool and vintage, but yeah, just like in Chicago, there are sometimes diamonds in rough areas. Sucks when that happens, but with a group or not too late at night should make going to these places easier.

    Never been a bourbon drinker, but I like when a bartender can try and make you something new. Gold Rush looks like something my guy would drink. Fun place!

    1. Hey Jean!

      It’s definitely a great spot off the beaten path. Even if you’re not a bourbon drinker you would like this cocktail. That, or just ask for the bartender’s choice and tell them what you like.

  2. I love “hidden den of mixology”. This place looks like a Glasgow neighborhood pub (except here the test matches would be playing on the telly), but I’ve never had a Goldrush here (or anywhere for that matter). I’ll have to ask if they know how to make them.

  3. It looks really dark, but the Gold Rush sounds awesome. I’d definitely give it a try. Not sure about the music selection, but sometimes you’ve got go with the flow.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. A place to lose track of time and ponder life’s mysteries while sipping cocktails? Yes please!

    Damn it. I need to go to New York someday. The farthest east I’ve been in recent years is Holbrook, Arizona. Before that it was Chicago a couple months after my 15th birthday.

    1. Hey Kim!

      Funny, as I lived in a town on Long Island called Holbrook years ago. The suburbs are so boring. Now I live in the big city where I kill my liver at these places.

  5. Love this: **or if you just want to hang out at the bar by your lonesome sipping a quality drink while pondering the mysteries of life***

    …you are a man with much depth, Phil!

    I also love the idea of the bartender surprising me!

  6. Usually when I come over here, I get hungry. Now it’s after midnight and I’ve decided those drinks look (and sound) mighty tasty. I need to get over my fear of flying and check these places out!

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