There’s a hurricane coming?


New Yorker’s are a funny bunch. Sure, we are bombarded by information sources all day warning us and updating on Hurricane Sandy – internet, social media, twitter, newspapers, tv, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, etc. Yet, many of us seem oblivious to heed the perils of this upcoming Frankenstorm.

Our mayor has been telling us to stock up on essential supplies, have a “Go Bag” ready, pay attention to the emergency weather updates, and basically just stay inside safe and dry. So, what did we do today? Like many of our fellow citizens we went out for brunch! Heck yeah! With big ole’ bloody marys! Burger with the works and eggs benedict. Mini muffins too! Sipping on my spicy cocktail while peering out the window at the dreary sky and whipping winds we just sat in bliss and enjoyed our boozy brunch. It’s what we do!

Of course, after we were sufficiently lubricated we headed over to a few supermarkets to buy a few things but found the lines ridiculously long and unbearable. What the heck people? Many on lines had carts overflowing as if people were preparing for total Armageddon. Sure, this will be a powerful storm but as usual it will end up being a lot of rain and wind. I can see people reacting this way if out in the suburbs or near the waterfront but we are in the concrete jungle!

Anyhoo, we abandoned the markets to head over to a few local bodegas and small grocers to pick up some vital needs – Fritos, tuna fish, milk, bread, cookies, potato chips, candy bars, and peanuts. Much smaller lines there. Even more important was to hit up the liquor store for beer and wine! Now that is essential during a storm! Fritos, wine, candles – sounds like a plan to me. What else is needed?

In all seriousness, we should not take weather emergencies lightly. It’s just that New Yorker’s have a sense of aloofness to these kinds of things. It’s our hardened shell, our bad-assness, stupidity, or life experience dealing with these types of things over the years – blackouts, terrorist attacks, heatwaves, hurricanes, rats, alien attacks, bed bugs – that make us feel impervious to these events.

Well, here we are now after midnight and not even a speck of rain has dropped yet. Other than some wind, nothing. Guess I’ll pop another bottle of wine and break into the Oreos while awaiting Sandy’s arrival.

If we lose internet capability tomorrow that is reason to panic!

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