The VDay God of Heavy Metal Love in NYC!

Saint Vitus was the God of Heavy Metal love on Valentine’s Day!

In my never-ending search for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Venues in and around the NYC area, I can now at least say there are a few who still wave the headbanger flag proudly in Brooklyn.

Based in an unassuming spot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this darkly lit bar and live music venue does it right. Reasonably priced booze as compared to most NYC bars, super friendly bartenders and staff, a heavy metal DJ spinning a killer mix of old and new rocking tunes, some great memorabilia behind the bar, terrific photos and posters along the wall, and the prerequisite graffiti strewn bathroom.  (OK, even though the loo was a dive, it was surprisingly pretty clean. Even the ladies approved – always a plus.)

There are even some Gothic-metal pieces scattered throughout such as stained-glass Jesus pictures, and a vintage votive candle stand as you would find in an old church. The outside of the venue is all in black, and has little lettering or signage to let you know it’s there. Pure metal.

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We found ourselves here for a Valentine’s Glam-Metal concert. Yeah, that’s right. My gal is not about the mushy card, overpriced flowers, or tired chocolates. She was down to rock out on VDay and didn’t want any of that cheesy stuff. We caught the band Tragedy on this night. A heavy metal Bee Gees cover band. Oh yes! They truly rocked and put on a terrific stage show. Even though the live music room is a bit tight and the stage small, they used the space just right and it offered an intimate “personal concert” feel. Smoke, lights, sirens, glitter, and confetti!  They played their metal versions of many famous songs by the Bee Gees, Prince, John Denver, Grease, etc. It should not really work but it does!

It’s as if Poison, Barry Gibb, and Spinal Tap had a three-way breeding orgy with a glitter cannon, and this Frankenstein’s monster was created. A lot of fun, with a metal tongue in cheek vein. They are also very talented musicians I might add.

In fact, they have a weekly line-up of bands. They do a nice job of showcasing mostly local talent with a more well-known band mixed in on a monthly basis. All genres of metal and hard rock. Very affordable ticket prices. On this night they were $15 each. Way cheaper than an overpriced and limited VDay dinner menu being offered at most restaurants. We’d rather spend the extra cash on drinks anyway!

Damn, I will admit it is loud in here, and will set off a good case of tinnitus. Never to fear though, as they sell earplugs behind the bar for a $1. The bartender threw us a few pairs at no charge. Always tip your bartenders well, kiddies!

Speaking of the bar, Saint Vitus offers a nice mix of brews on tap, some specialty cocktails, drink & shot combos, and canned beer such as Trooper by Iron Maiden and even Strongbow Cider, among others. Oh, and many are in tall boy size such as PBR. Throw up those Devil’s horns in appreciation!

In a tepid NYC music scene where tired talentless pop, overplayed clichéd rap, over-produced hip hop, and monotonous sounding dance music is shoved down our throats nowadays it’s not only refreshing, but reassuring, to those of us who prefer the harder edge that a place such as Saint Vitus exists. Real musicians, writing and playing real instruments, and singing live with no auto-tune or pre-recorded vocals. Just raw talent, and raw power, letting it all hang out on stage.

Up The Irons! \m/


Saint Vitus Bar

Tragedy – A Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond –

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  1. You know, the lead guitarist plays at Loser’s Lounge with Joe McGinty who owns Sid Gold’s where Julian Vellard plays piano who also plays in The Jewbadores with Colin Smith. Three degrees of separation.

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