The unspeakable things I have done for pie in NYC

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The things I did to that pie. So shameful…..

Yes, it was my cheat day off from training. I wanted pie dammit! With ice cream. So go sue me!

We walked into this small little pie shop and immediately became engulfed with the sweet aroma of butter and sugar baked goods. Breathe in deeply as you can inhale 200 calories just from the wonderful smell alone. Get on line to order and look over longingly at those devouring their slices of Heaven by windowside. Glance at the menu and wonder what to order. Can I get one of each? Such is the life here at Petee’s Pie Company in NYC.

The pies here are homemade right from scratch. I think the ice cream is too but supplied to them. All I know is that I wanted it all inside me. Stat!


Slices are a bit on the smaller size for what they charge. A larger portion would have been nice. They offer a variety of flavors, fruit based pies, icebox, and some classics too. Something to satiate anyone’s burning desires.

The staff is super friendly. Not much seating save for a few spots by the window in which we hunkered down to feast on our desserts once those there scooped up their last crumbs and departed.

Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream for me all the way. It never had a chance. It was like an orgasmic party in my mouth. I’m not sure what happened during those minutes after the first forkful entered my mouth, but I don’t think I’m welcomed back here. It’s all a blur.

I think I did unspeakable things….

Petee's Pie Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I, too have done shameful horrible things for pie, Phil. Haha Pie is never in short supply in the South though I have to say that unless G-ma’s making it, I haven’t seen a pie shop making them from scratch since I was a little girl. The place sounds awesome and the pics are drool worthy. Food/Pie Porn has made my night.

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