The UES is the next foodie haven! Kill me now!


I swear the Upper East Side area that I live in will the the death of me. It seems as if Yorkville is quickly becoming a foodie hot spot north of 80th street. As much as I try to keep on a sensible eating plan along with frequent stints in the gym, the food in this hood now is like a bad habit! Sure, I love good food, and it doesn’t have to be all fancy-schmancy.  I don’t have to pass the Grey Poupon to enjoy a good meal. Just give me some solid tasty vittles along with good service in a clean environment and I am a happy camper.

It seems as if we are receiving an influx of bars and restaurants popping up here, with more on the way from reports I have read. With the Second Ave Subway line getting closer to completion  (planned for a 2016 opening) there are a bunch of new hot spots that have recently opened, and a few more I have passed by that are close to opening. When this new subway line arrives I gather we will see many more new businesses come up this way and take root. After all, we do have one of the most heavily populated residential areas in Manhattan, along with an ever growing younger crowd and gay community. It’s not just an area that has been falsely stereotyped as being where all the older generation lives. It’s way more diverse than that now. Plus, it’s still one of the more affordable areas to find an apartment in the city. Just head east of Lexington Ave closer to 2nd and 1st Avenues and there are deals to be found. Sure, it still needs some work around here, but it’s up and coming. Part of me hopes that it stays a secret and hidden gem!

My inner fattie is rejoicing that we finally have so many good spots here that I don’t really have to trek out to the Lower East Side, or Brooklyn nowadays, and can just stay local to fill mah bellah! Here are a few quick picks that are on my food crazed mind today.

The Burger Bistro

Where do I start with this one? Just look at the picture and drool. I have been to their Brooklyn location, but now that this one is close to home I can stumble home in minutes all fat and happy in a burger coma. Good specials each day and beer too. Tater tots are the food of the gods.


Earl’s Beer & Cheese

It’s all about the Beer Cheese here. On buttered toasted crispy bread slices. Along with one of their craft beers on tap this is highly enjoyable, and addicting. It’s a tiny spot but so worth the wait for a spot. Another reason to stumble home fat and happy. Who needs the LES when Earl’s is up here?



Another nice burger joint that is a chain here in the NYC area. Big, juicy, delicious burgers and some killer cole slaw served up in mason jars. So glad they took a chance on a Yorkville spot. Beer, burgers, shakes, onion rings, oooohhhhh myyyyyyy!


 Jones Wood Foundry

It’s like a piece of Britain just plopped down into the UES. Wonderful spot to grab a proper pint and full your belly with delicious deviled eggs, crumpets, and wonderful fish & chips! I don’t think I will ever be able to stick to a diet!


Speaking of all this food and tasty eating it’s now time for another NYC mainstay – brunch!


That is a future post for another time, as I have enjoyed many booze brunches living here. I’m off to enjoy a few cocktails, eggs benedict, and pancakes!

30 thoughts on “The UES is the next foodie haven! Kill me now!”

  1. Now I’m hungry again. At least in NYC you walk a lot. Out here in the burbs, you get in a car after a meal and drive your fat ass home.

  2. Note to self: read your blog AFTER lunch and not in the mornings. I love good ol cheesy burgers and yes Tots rule! I seriously love good fish and chips too.
    We’ll need to meet for lunch next time i’m ever in NY!

  3. I gotta agree with Holli. I should not have read this before food. Now I’m really hungry for a burger and tots (tots ARE god food!)

  4. Now I’m starving, all that food looks so good. It’s a good thing I have a big habit of cooking most of my meals at home. Now I look forward to going to NYC in June knowing they have such delicious food choices and so many restaurants to pick from.

    1. Hi Susana!

      There are so many places to eat here it’s crazy. Just stay away from Times Square are eateries as most of them are mediocre and tourist driven.

  5. Ok Phil–guess I’m going to have to take the bloody M86 across town and check out some of these places. I hate that bus–lol! Glad Yorkville is thriving. I escaped because I couldn’t take the Second Ave. subway construction. Beyond that, I liked the neighborhood. Have you been to Reif’s and Biddy’s? Those are two of my favorite spots.

    1. Hey Tracy!

      Yeah, the subway contruction is a crazy mess, but it’s also bringing new biz up here. A bunch or new bars and places to eat are opening soon along 2nd ave. Another new burger joint, and a crepes place are a few. Reifs is a block away from me, and Biddy’s is across the street from my place! Good bars.

  6. Wow, that looked so good! Comfort food is the best. I say, enjoy it while it’s still cold out. You might not crave the hot and greasy when it’s in the middle of summer and it’s actually you that is hot and greasy.

    1. Hello Kari!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! It was delicious! Yeah, always better in cold weather. My fat waist line will also agree! 🙂

    1. Hey Astro!

      There is a lot up here now on the UES / Yorkville, and more to come. When the subway is finished we can see a lot of new biz up here.

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