The Great Big Bacon Picnic in NYC. Pork it up in Brooklyn!


There is nothing like a warm Spring day in NYC. Sunny skies. Warm breeze. Birds chirping. The smell of bacon in the air. Bacon you say? Yes, BACON! I’ll gladly throw down a blanket and kick back with copious amounts of crispy sweet bacon and unlimited drinks. I just so happens there is a new event being planning to take over Brooklyn on May 16th and 17th for all those pork loving aficionados out there. The Great Big Bacon Picnic is an indoor/outdoor gourmet bacon festival with over 100 chefs, brew masters, and mixologists showering you with unlimited bacon, extraordinary cocktails, and local craft beers!

I think I just had a bacon and booze foodgasm! This is like a party in my mouth, and you’re all invited! Wait, what? Whatever, just make sure to keep this one on your Spring hit list if in town. If you love, or even like bacon, and enjoy a cold beer or quenching libation on a warm afternoon surrounded by like-minded peeps this is a must go to event!

So what is this bacon extravaganza about and who are the brainiacs that put this porky shindig together?


Who –

Created by a group of people who love bacon, the event is an indoor/outdoor gourmet celebration of the most amazing food item ever created – bacon! Over 100 chefs, restaurants, food trucks, brew masters, mixologists, and culinary experts from all over NYC will be serving you inspired bite-sized bacon dishes and the best in craft beers and specialty cocktails.

What/Where – 

The event takes place on Saturday May 16, 2015 and Sunday May 17, 2015.

They are featuring three different sessions:
• Saturday Afternoon 12:00pm – 2:30pm with VIP access from 11:00am
• Saturday Night 6:30pm – 9:00pm with VIP access from 5:30pm
• Sunday Afternoon 12:00pm – 2:30pm with VIP access from 11:00am

They have chosen the incredibly vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and will be using the old Pfizer Factory and it’s spacious parking lot to host this event. It’s a very short cab ride from Manhattan, 2 blocks away from the JMZ line, and the G train is right on the corner.


The Deets – 

A General Admission ticket will get you all of the following:
• Eat all that you want until you are stuffed!
• Enjoy copious cocktails & beer – without becoming too obnoxious!
• Chat with some of NYC’s top chefs.
• Take home free goodies from some of our sponsors.

Early Entry tickets will get you all of the above, plus:
• Enter 30 mins. before General Admission guests.
• Private Bar
• Seating Area

VIP ticket holders will get you all of the above, plus:
• Enter a full hour before General Admission guests
• Private Lounges
• Top-Shelf Private Bars
• Exclusive Tastings
• Exclusive Access to Chefs
• Free Parking
• VIP Gift Bag

Now if only there was a little more bacon on this sandwich.
Now if only there was a little more bacon on this sandwich.

More Bacony Inf0 – 

Will there be turkey bacon, soy bacon, etc. at the festival?

Hells. No. Though we may certainly see soy bacon at The Great Big Veg Out (coming soon), the influential ingredient in all festival dishes must come from a pig. It can be cured and/or unncured, and can be from any cut from a pig that might be prepared as bacon including Slab Bacon, Back bacon, Collar Bacon, Cottage Bacon, Picnic bacon, Irish Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Pork Belly, Pork loin, Fatback, Lardon, Pancetta, Rashers, Ham Hock, Jowl, Guanciale, and good old Sliced Bacon.

So sorry vegans and non-meat eaters this is one you might have to sit out. More bacon for me! Yay!

Some Extra Deets – 

Does the event support a local charity?

Absolutely! 10% of net proceeds will be donated and they have already formed a partnership with City Harvest. The organizers are strong believers in giving back to the community and supporting local suppliers and farmers who focus on sustainable and organic practices. They will announce additional charity partners shortly.

Will There Be Entertainment?

Heck yeah! They have already hired Brooklyn’s own High & Mighty Brass Band who played Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Crawfish Fest, and Wanderlust in 2014. They are planning many other wonderful distractions, so stay tuned for announcements.

Can I bring my kids?

Not unless they are 21 – sorry this is an adult event. So please leave the kiddies and baby carriages at home. Party like an adult among other adults. Find a babysitter or head to Chuck E Cheese instead. You can also always leave your kids with the grandparents. After all, parental units need some bacon and booze fun too!

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20 thoughts on “The Great Big Bacon Picnic in NYC. Pork it up in Brooklyn!”

  1. Whaaaa? Is it time for this already? I remember your post on it from last year …that’s how big an impression it made. I try to eat healthy most of the time but … you know … sometimes we just need bacon. It’s that simple! Thanks for giving lots of advance notice to those who might just be able to book a trip around this!

  2. I am extremely jealous that you are able to attend this festivity and I am not. So, PLEASE, eat several pieces of bacon for me and down at least one adult refreshment in my name. AND, if anyone has chocolate covered bacon, well, you know what to do.

    1. Hey Mary!

      I will be sure to consume enough for both of us. As for the chocolate bacon, well, I might get arrested for what I’ll do in public!

  3. Baaaaaaaacon in my tummy-bunny! Sounds like a riot. ‘Pity I’m on the other end of the world. This sounds like an American institution that one ought to see LOL!

  4. This might be the one pivotal event that finally inspires my ass to visit The Big Apple.

    Or, I could sit at home and eat bacon in solidarity that weekend. Either way, BACON.

  5. Great headline for the article Phil.

    I’m so used to bacon sandwiches for breakfast it seems a little odd yet very exciting to think of an all day bacon event! 🙂 Need one of those VIP access passes haha.

    I’ve never quite figured it out but bacon here in the UK is somehow different to bacon in the rest of the world. I’m not sure if it is a butcher’s technique or the parts of the pig they select. Either way we love it. Since you have Irish bacon on that list I guess you’ll have a taste of what we are used to too.


    1. Hey Guy!

      I’ll try out all kinds of bacon. American style, Irish, as long as it’s bacon it’s fine with me. Mmmmm…..bacon sandwich. Now I’m hungry.

  6. I’m covering this event for my blog! Bacon and picnics = 2 of my FAVORITE THINGS EVER. I’m not sure which day my press pass is for yet, but we should meet up if we’re there at the same time!

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