The Gluttony Files



Bob White fried chicken gluttony –

Au Jus gluttony –

Breakfast burger gluttony –

Belgian mussels gluttony –

Korean BBQ gluttony –

Gordon Ramsay AC gluttony –

Atlantic City Italian gluttony –

Pasta Gluttony –

Fried Chicken & Pickles gluttony –

Ichabod’s meat & cocktail gluttony –

Polish Food Gluttony –

Maya booze brunch gluttony –

Del Frisco’s Steak gluttony –

Pudding & Cupcake gluttony –

Queens kabab gluttony –

Bite me gluttony –

Sweet Shop gluttony –

Shorty’s cheesesteak gluttony –

Fogo de Chao meat coma gluttony –

Shanghai Cafe gluttony –

J&R steak gluttony –

Feroza’s oxtail gluttony –

East Japanese conveyer belt gluttony –

Ferrara bakery gluttony –

Buffalo wing gluttony – Duff’s vs Anchor Bar –

Cooperstown burger gluttony –

Chef Vola’s gluttony –

Veniero’s pastry gluttony –

Drunken Munkey gluttony –

Tea & Sympathy gluttony –

Mamoun’s Falafel gluttony –

Petite Abeille gluttony –

Georgetown Cupcake gluttony –

Malaysian gluttony –

Schnitzel Haus gluttony –

Libertador Argentinian gluttony –

Junior’s Cheesecake gluttonyhttp: –

Cupcake gluttony –

Russian Tea Room gluttony –

Amy Ruth’s chicken gluttony –

Ricardo Steak House gluttony –

Dinosaur BBQ gluttony –

Junior’s Cheesecake gluttony –

Beard Papa’s Cream Puff gluttony –

Pinch Beer Bar gluttony –

Lefteris Gyro gluttony –

The Islands gluttony –

Heidi’s House gluttony –

Cask Bar gluttony –

Kaia Wine Bar gluttony –

White House Sub gluttony –

Village Whiskey gluttony –

Sprinkles Cupcake gluttony –

Gilligan’s Clam Bar gluttony –

Jim Ramen gluttony –

La Tarte Flambee gluttony –

City Island gluttony –

Peanut Butter gluttony –

Hurricane Club gluttony –

OM Indian gluttony –

Essex brunch gluttony –

Belgian Frite gluttony –

Rosamunde Sausage gluttony –

Traif Brooklyn gluttony –

2nd Ave Deli pastrami gluttony –

Big Gay Ice Cream gluttony –

Snocone gluttony –

Don Pedro’s gluttony –

UVA gnocchi gluttony –

Bon Chon Chicken gluttony –

Crif Dog gluttony –

Joy Burger Bar gluttony –

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden gluttony –

Butter Lane Cupcakes gluttony –

Levain Bakery gluttony-

Le Churro gluttony-

Cienfuegos rum gluttony –

Mac & Cheese gluttony –

Island Burger & Shakes gluttony pig out –

The City Bakery gluttony –

Clinton Street Bakery gluttonous feast –

Alice’s Tea Cup tea & scone gluttony –

Keen’s Steak House massive meat gluttony –

Upper East Side new resto’s gluttony –

Pretzel gluttony –


5 thoughts on “The Gluttony Files”

  1. Happy, happy 2014 wishes to you, filbio!

    I am afraid. I am very afraid to visit your spots in NYC. I am very afraid to visit your gluttonous spots in NYC, and then take my MasterCard for slide-and-rides to purchase larger clothes.

    I have no self control.


    1. Hey Gloria!

      Sorry for the late reply as I did not realize you commented here.

      Hope you had a happy New Year and wishing you a gluttonous 2014!

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