The glory of being alone in NYC on big game Sunday.


I had a pretty good Sunday night all things considered. I know that most of the country were sitting in bars, attending parties, or perched like zombies in front of their TV’s while drinking beer and eating high caloric snacks. There was some sort of big game on that evening. I don’t know as this is one of those nights that I look forward to all year to go out. In peace and quiet. Let me explain. I purposely don’t even pay attention to the game. The commercials now pretty much suck. Two teams I could care less about play in it. The half time show is an abomination and features crappy pop acts that make me want to gag. Seriously, it’s a waste of a whole night for me. I’d rather hit the gym then wash up and head out to a nice restaurant followed by seeing a good movie. You have to understand that living here in NYC we are constantly surrounded by a population of 8 million people who are everywhere. There is hardly ever a time that we are truly alone out in public. Add in the thousands of tourists that jam into the city all year long and it’s a total clusterfuck of humanity here. I sometimes daydream about having this all turn into a zombie apocalypse where I roam the streets hacking off their heads. Also, it’s the slow zombies not those crazy running video game zombies. Eff that. The more I kill the less people there are crowding into everything. I score extra points for lopping off the craniums of undead tourists too!


What was the point I was trying to make? Oh yeah, going out on this Sunday night. It’s a rare treat to be able to go out to dinner and have the whole place to yourself. Such a relaxing meal when there are no other diners sitting elbow to elbow on your left and right, in front and behind you. Or on your lap. No loud music. No TV’s. No annoying people or parents with their irritating kids being bratty or crying. Just the quiet din of soft background music among the low chatter and conversations of the few other patrons in the restaurant. We were able to pick from any choice of tables and have no one near us. It was glorious. We sat there and took our sweet time over tasty eats and had more than enough time left over to make our movie. Since the theater is right across the street it was also very convenient. Call me lazy but I call it having a plan.


Now I have to admit I do enjoy going to the movies. There is just something so cool about seeing a blockbuster, or low-brow comedy, or mindless action film across a big screen and a powerful surround sound system. Even though I can’t stand the product endorsements and commercials they make us sit through while waiting for the flick to start the previews are always fun to view. Especially if it’s an upcoming film you want to see. The one major thing that irks me are the crowds. The movie theaters here are so packed that usually every seat is taken, and it’s usually Bigfoot sitting in front of me blocking my view. The seats recline so the person in front of me is sometimes in my lap. The person behind me won’t shut up the whole time. The person next to me has gas and keeps looking at their cell phone all night. Some idiot parents brought crying babies and little kids to an R rated movie. On top of that we all know what a ripoff the concession stands are. Like most, we will sneak in our own candies and snacks but I still need my large popcorn and Diet Coke. Hey, I’m watching those calories somewhat! Don’t judge.


Now back to why I love going to the movies on this night? It’s totally empty! I mean no one there. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. When we walked in with our free passes, which we had been saving for this night, and breezed through to our theater it was almost surreal seeing that we were all alone. Imagine having every seat in the house all to yourself and being able to pick anywhere to sit knowing no one else will be near you for once. It’s amazing, and a bit creepy at the same time. As I wandered over to the concession stand there was no one on line, and only one person working who looked like a reject from a B-grade slasher movie. As I walked the halls back to our theater I was like the sole survivor of some horrific virus or accident that wiped out all humankind. Still, I would not trade in this night for anything as it’s a joyous experience to have the whole place to ourselves which is almost unheard of in NYC. Also, it’s almost impossible to have the whole bathroom to yourself with it being spotless since no one is there. Take advantage of the little things in life I say, and enjoy.

French inspired restaurant. Watching Liam Neeson kick everyone’s ass in Taken 3 and being enthralled with the violent beatings he doles out, then walking arm in arm home on a cold but comfortable evening. It feels as if we have the city to ourselves. Perfect date night to me. Already looking forward to next year on this same Sunday.




I think there’s a game on that night or something?

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  1. That is a pretty genius plan! The crowds are exactly why the older I get, the more I know I’m happier in the boring suburbs. It gets crowded at times here too but nothing like Chicago city proper or NYC. Good for you for making smart plans! The game & all the hoopla is not nearly as good as what you guys did!

    1. Hey Joy!

      Honestly, even though I like sports, I just can’t seem to buy into the SuperBowl hype. Even if my team was in it I think I’d still go out and take advantage of the night doing something else. So much more here in NYC to do that night as everything is open.

  2. Sounds like a great plan!! I cant even imagine seeing some close to empty places in New York! We went to a super bowl party and there was zero traffic on way home. It was perfect!

    1. Hey Holli!

      I love this on night to go out and avoid the Super Bowl hype. I turn down all the parties and avoid the bars. We have our choice of great places to dine at that are empty along with the movies. Winning!

  3. That’s funny. I cannot imagine NYC with no people. But, I too appreciate grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon. Just a few frantic people racing down the beer and potato chip aisle. The rest of the store is mine.

    And I so totally agree with you about the half-time “entertainment.” What a pathetic waste of air time that is. The musical artist always seems to be someone a tween idolizes. Can’t they get musical talent for grown people?

    Have a great week, Phil.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Ha! The grocery store looked a mess that day. Especially the beer and chips aisles. Yeah, the half time show always sucks. Lame music for the masses. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I would have been one of the throngs watching the Super Bowl had the Packers not blown the last few minutes of the NFC championship game. Instead, I watched Star Trek and ate a salad. Not as exciting as your dinner and a movie, but better than watching two teams I don’t care about. I wanted them both to lose. Do I sound bitter?

    1. Hey Mary!

      Maybe a bit bitter, but to be fair, your team is always good and wins. You can’t complain too much. Then again, now it’s just another cold bitter winter there. Stay warm.

  5. Hey Phil, wow, this is not what I had expected, sounds good though, but Bob, who read your post before I, says to tell you that you still missed the worst play call in the history of the Super Bowl. A quiet night, nice meal and empty theatre in NYC opportunity, understood.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      In a way, I am so glad I missed that bonehead call. It was bombarded on every TV sports and news for a week after anyway! Looks like I didn’t miss much. I think I still had a better night spent with my gal on a date night having the city to ourselves. The SuperBowl to me is just boring as are the commercials now.

      Anyway, I’m more of a hockey and baseball fan.

  6. Sounds like a great plan. I didn’t watch it either doesn’t seem right when hubby is working. There isn’t anyone there to yell at the TV and look sexy. lol

    1. Hey Christy!

      Go out to a restaurant or movies when the Super Bowl is on. You can literally lie down on the floor or across the seats and no one is around to annoy you!

    1. Hey Chrissy!

      Meh. For me it was two teams that I don’t care for so it still would have sucked for me. From what I heard the commercials were bad, and the half time show was lame anyway. My dinner and movie was a better use of time!

  7. Although I can see the value of having a restaurant and/or movie theater pretty much to yourself, especially in NYC, you stabbed this Bostonian in the heart with that “two teams I could care less about” comment.

  8. So funny. The craziness of the Super Bowl. Being European, I haven’t a clue what it’s all about. Singing & dancing perhaps!
    Oh yeah, the best time to get an empty cinema in Berlin or in any other German city, is in the summer. Totally empty. Everyone is outdoors you see, drinking wine! Or dancing in the beer garden!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Don’t you just love having those places to yourself? Sometimes the beer garden crowds are fun, but once in a while you need your own space.

      That’s ok, as I also don’t get the allure of soccer/futbol with it’s scoreless games and guys just running up and down a field and hardly ever scoring or shooting on goal. You Europeans are a funny lot.

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