The Counter NYC – create your own burger feast!

Doing it my way with a veggie burger and salad combo. Pineapple for the win!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Here’s a guy who has quit eating red meats, steak, pork, bacon (my one regret), and burgers penning an opinion on a burger joint. In the godforsaken land known as NYC’s Disneyfied Times Square. How can he be so brazen? Really dude? Really bro?

Hey, don’t judge. I still like what I like and have an opinion. I am a New Yorker, so you know we all have one. Don’t know about all those giving this little joint sub par reviews on internet sites, and don’t really care, as I have to say during my visit here just recently in the tourist hell-hole known as “The Crossroads of the World” I kind of enjoyed my meal at The Counter in NYC.

Quick, courteous, and friendly service.

Clean and nicely air-conditioned. (Always a plus with me as I hate eating in swamp ass conditions.)

Small dining area with plenty of seating crammed in, and some counter spots by the tiny bar, but do-able overall. The high ceilings, large windows, and modern decor make it a chill looking spot and offer some cool views of neon signs at night. Makes it feel like a larger space than it is. Plus, weirdo people watching is a guilty pleasure. 

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Modern looking interior and a bar in here too.

At first glance I thought this might not be the spot for me but as soon as our waiter gave us the drill I knew I could feast here.

Many options on the menu to build your own burger, have a salad bowl, try different dressings, mix and match, and there is even a decent beer list. Shakes, floats, malts, and even boozy shakes offered. Awesome! A guy was standing outside with coupons for a small order of shoestring fries for free was a nice perk too. Hey, they know how to market and get bodies in here. We love freebies in NYC.

Of course, I had to try a Veggie Burger here which was pretty solid. Had the option to place it on an Asian Salad with a grilled pineapple on top. Really good choice if eating healthy, or if doing the vegan thing. Had some ginger soy vinaigrette and overall it was a tasty meal. You can tell by all the ingredients in the veggie burger it was freshly made, and one of the better ones I have eaten. The fries here are kind of an afterthought, even forgettable. At least they were free. Maybe onion rings next time.

Considering it’s in Times Square the food prices are acceptable, but be aware of the over-inflated cost for a beer here. Can of Shiner at $8.50? WTF??? Ouch! Next time I’ll get a Diet Coke. Still, I would come back here again if in the area for a show or event. It’s a nice option to have for some decent quick and healthier eats. Just be sure to have an escape plan out of Times Square pronto!



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8 thoughts on “The Counter NYC – create your own burger feast!”

  1. Build your own burger is my guilty pleasure. But I’m going to need you go back for another veggie burger so you can tell me if the shakes and onion rings are any good.

  2. You had me at Create Your Own Burger! Yours looks delicious, especially with the added pineapple …. yum!

  3. I’m not that big into burgers Phil, but I do like the sound of making it yourself, so that you can decide how much of this or that, you like. Sounds awesome!

  4. The Counter is one of my favorite spots on the island! The atmosphere is so clean and fresh, and the food is just as impressive. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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