The Burger Bistro – The Joy of Tots & Unicorn Farts in NYC.


Tater tots ease the pain of life’s follies and miseries. Tots make life happy and worth living. Biting into one makes me see unicorns and fart rainbows. Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

When I heard that a Burger Bistro was opening up shop here on the UES in Yorkville NYC I was ecstatic. I had been to their Brooklyn location and really enjoyed what they had to offer. This part of Manhattan is undergoing a tremendous change with terrific bars and eateries finding homes up here. More and more I really don’t see the need to schlep downtown, or to another borough to partake in good food and quality cocktails, especially now that I can get a craft beer and terrific burger a few blocks away from my apartment!

This location is a bit on the small side, and can get kind of cramped when busy which it has been many times I have been here. Yet, I find it a relaxing joint when I crave some tasty burger goodness. The service is on-point and very friendly. The music they play here is a mix of kick ass 80’s rock, classic rock, and even some new wave thrown in. I dig the ordering style which is a check-off list of burgers, meats, toppings, and sides on a laminated menu with a grease pen. You basically build your own meal from scratch the way you want it. Sure, if you’re not careful and go all out gluttony mode the cost will add up so be aware of what you are doing. I don’t mind paying a bit extra here as the quality is well worth it for me.

I just love the burgers here. Thick. Tasty. Juicy. Piled high on a brioche bun. Cooked just as ordered. The tater tots are perfectly made. Nice and crispy the way a tot should be. Even the plating presentation is well done. Washed down with a cold craft beer makes it even better. I have been here many times and have never had a bad experience. I’m craving it now as I am writing this review and drooling all over my keyboard.

Also, they constantly offer weekly and daily deals. 2 for 1 beer nights, free toppings nights, lunch and weekend specials, etc. Look for occasional Groupon deals too. For those on a bit of a budget these kinds of offers helps stretch those meal dollars.

Tots. Always get those damn addicting tater tots. Then ride out on a unicorn farting rainbows into a burger meat coma.



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44 thoughts on “The Burger Bistro – The Joy of Tots & Unicorn Farts in NYC.”

  1. You know, I’ve never been hooked on tater tots. I’m more a potato wedge or fry girl. I do love a well made burger custom designed for me, though….and all that melty cheese? Looked like a foodgasm!

    1. Hey Kitt!

      I love a good crispy fry myself, and even the sweet potato kind, but tots for some reason just call out to me. Oh, the burger was orgasmic! Gooey cheese rules.

  2. I love a good tater tot. Sometimes places don’t cook them right and they turn out too greasy or crunchy. But, I trust your judgement on this one!

  3. Nice. Everything’s coming up Phil. We have a place the next town up but worth the ride because of their awesome beer garden and tot-chos, or tot.nachos. They’re a bear hug for my colon.

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  5. Having raised 4 kids, there are a few child dietary food staples I just can NOT face–apple juice, chicken nuggets, and (alas!) tater tots.

    It’s probably for the best that the kids didn’t regularly consume Godiva chocolate, mojitos, and espresso…

    1. Hey Shelley!

      Bring home a bag of tots from the supermarket, make the whole bag in the oven, then sit in front of the tv with them and a bottle of wine in gluttonous glory!

  6. Never been to Burger Bistro, but I’m a sucker for a good burger, so it’s probably just a question of time before me and my big mouth find our way to that place:)

  7. Napoleon- give me some tots!!! ( a line from Napoleon Dynamite). I love love love good crunchy tots and add a thick burger in the mix- now you’re talking! Yummy.
    I love it when good places are in a great location close to home.

    1. Hey Holli!

      Napoleon Dynamite reference for the win! Yes, this place is either a blessing or a curse being afew block from our apartment! At least the gym is also close by.

  8. Well there’s a new and interesting description for a food item. However, while I was dining in a “fine” establishment a couple of weeks ago in Juneau Alaska – The Red Dog Saloon to be exact – I observed an item on the bar menu that begged to be ordered: A Duck Fart. It’s a real drink and is apparently a favorite with the locals. (More about this in my blog later this month.)

    Another great post. I especially liked the sidewalk tent sign advertising the “cold beer.” Working for a divorce lawyer, this sign is especially meaningful to me.

    Take care and have a great week. Enjoy those tots.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. I sometimes wish I lived in New York – although if I did I’d probably tout the physique of a Sumo wrestler.
    And be careful with those rainbow farts; they sound highly inflammable!

  10. Do you subscribe to Time Out New York? They have an annual (or is it semi-annual?) best burger in town issue. I don’t always agree with their pronouncements, but it’s great source material. Personally, I think city burgers are on a “too-big” kick. Quantity doesn’t mean quality. It never has and it never will.

    1. Hey Exile!

      Yes, I get the mag and see it time to time. I also don’t agree with everything they say but it’s pretty good. I agree but I also hate getting a small burger. Unless they are top quality sliders!

  11. Sounds like a delish place. The setup sounds like a place I was at near Pittsburgh — Burgatory — in January. Love making my own burger. Yum! And tots? Awesome! Sounds like another place I need to put on my consideration list when in NYC.

  12. YUM! Those tots look good enough to eat. This place sounds a lot like The Burgatory out here in PA. Except our check off list is a pencil and a piece of paper.

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